Pangkor Laut Resort, luxurious weekend gateaway

Greetings to all viewers!
Before boarding in to the boat to go to the island
We checked in our hotel in the office
located in the Marina Island Jetty
Boat to Pangkor Island departs from this jetty
4 times everyday
It takes only 15 minutes from the jetty
to reach Pangkor Laut Island
Rock formations that emerged from sea
since 2 million years ago
to create an island which is called Pangkor Laut
You have to remember
Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut Island
are two different islands
Let’s check the room that I have stayed
The room decorated with South East Asian style
The reason we chose a hill villa instead of sea villa
were because we were a bit afraid
sleeping directly on the sea
we’ve rewarded with a stunning view direct from our balcony
Our presence were greeted by an oriental piked hornbill
which stopped over on our balcony.
Most parts of this private island
are covered with green tropical forest.
To go to restaurants, I need to go down
using stairs or special elevator
built in this tower-shaped building.
Feast Village is a main restaurant which serves
breakfast and dinner in buffet style.
There are 7 other restaurants and bars with various themes
to fullfill your appetitite or quench your thirst.
Before beginning our jungle tracking around the island,
an experienced ranger gave us a small introduction
about the nature on this island.
Tropical forests on this island are rich
with various flora and fauna
I gained a lot of new knowledge from the ranger
who accompanied us during the hiking.
Finally we reached Emerald Bay
This white sandy beach is suitable
for swimming and sunbathing
Immediately I took the chance to have lunch
at Chapman’s bar
It was time to return to mainland
Relaxing during weekend on this Island
felt like only seconds
That’s all from me. Hope to see you in other locations.

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