Paintball Roulette! -10°C(14°F)

yeah.. see theres your problem. yeah.. this
is why your car doesn’t run. Okay, Trent. Here we go. Explain, Trent. “Alright so, the name of the game is paintball roulette. We got ourselves some guns, we got ourselves some balls. We’re gonna put some balls in the guns. These guys don’t know which balls go in which
guns. So when they point the guns at eachother they don’t know which balls are gonna hit’em No balls or some ball.. Paintball Roulette! “Too much balls” It’s about -10 right now so these balls are freezing as we’re going. What is that Fahrenheit? That’s -57 Fahrenheit . It’s like -200 Kelvin I think it’s -17 Fahrenheit Did you say Kelvin?! Haha yeah that’s right. Official Rock, Paper, Scissors I win, you’re going first I want Tippmann to the left Tippmann to the left Watch as the Colten picks up the left Tippmann Cover your nads and your neck then. Don’t move so far forward, come on, man. Leave me alone. You chose poorly. Did we put a ball in that gun? .. I did.. Oh okay awesome haha Maybe you shouldn’t have been so far away, maybe I didn’t know this was going to be so soft.. so fuffy.. so soft and fluffy. I choose…. The Ion Somebody help :'( Hahaha There you go. Is it supposed to be leaking? I don’t know. Hopefully we get a quick shot. Fire before you run out of air Owe. Hahaha. Oh wow! Jokes on you! We put balls in every gun! You guys picked the only two guns, that’s great Yeah, we only picked two I was hoping to at least get psyched out a couple times Do we have to do our tiebreaker? You.. You’re a real ******, you know that Yeah, alright. It’ll be out of the 3 guns as well. okay, we’ll drop it down to 3 guns Go ahead if you want. I kinda want to. You gotta do this so they hear them before We should put balls in all of them. Haha Alright, so Travis has the mask on so he.. Ah okay I was just going to assume he was picking first anyways haha I hate you.. Uhh Etek Etek. Ready? Ah God! I thought you’re going to do it! I did do it He did do it, it’s empty My eyes were closed and everything That Tippmann The one on the left Alright, turn around and bend over Oh sh*t.. hahaha Looks like you’re getting shot This is the worst.. Give him the sword, and let him stand over there Since you know your doom is before you, you may try to defend yourself. Come on, jedi *many laughter* “But with the blast shield down” Ooooooh I dodged, I’m sorry Went right by my head I think Went right by your face You didn’t go into proper Tippmann stance Oh god!

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