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Welcome to this how-to video.
Today, we’ll be providing you with our guide
to “Online Blackjack Strategy”.
There’s a difference between “tactics”
and “strategies”… a strategy is an approach
based on your longer-term goals, while tactics
are the short-term decisions that you make
to carry out that strategy.
How to play an individual hand of blackjack
is a tactic.
How to play all the possible hands you’re
going to receive in order to minimize the
house edge is a strategy.
The first thing you need to do when mapping
out a strategic approach is to determine what
your goals are.
Are you trying to make a living playing blackjack?
Maybe you want to try and break even and enjoy
your time at the casino and enjoy whatever
comps you might earn.
Or you might be a player who just wants to
play the game and doesn’t care about winning,
losing or breaking even.
We don’t judge whose goals are superior…
it’s all individual choices and preferences.
But your strategy will need to reflect your
If your strategy is going to be built around
trying to either break even or make money
while playing blackjack, that might involve
learning how to count cards at least at a
basic level.
For online play, however, that’s not a tactic
that you can use.
Online casinos typically use continuous shuffling…
either a machine or simply because the deck
is shuffled by a Random Number Generator before
each hand.
If you’re goal is to get an edge over the
casino, you can probably forget trying to
do that online.
That said…
there was a time when that was possible, though
it’s incredibly rare right now.
Online casinos offer free money to potential
customers in order to motivate them to sign
up and make their first deposit.
An early example of this was a $200 sign-up
bonus on a $100 deposit, which meant you got
to start with a bankroll of $300.
However, they might put a restriction in-place
where you’d have to wager at least twice
that amount before you could withdraw any
winnings, meaning you’d have to wager at
least $600 before you could cash anything
A strategy that used to work was to play 600
hands at $1 per hand at a table with a 1%
house edge.
This isn’t as unusual at an online casino
as it is in traditional brick-and-mortor ones.
If you expect to lose 1% of your wagers, that
means you’d expect to lose $6 of the $600
you’d have to wager.
Since you deposited $100 and got $200 in bonus
money… you’d expect to end up with $294
in your account when you’re first able to
withdraw the funds… a nice, tidy profit
of $194.
Once that strategy became apparent to the
online casinos, however, they quickly found
ways to prevent it.
Now, blackjack wagers may not count towards
the wager minimum, or may count at just a
fraction of their dollar value.
Some increased their wagering requirements
to something like 30 or 45 times the value
of your deposit and bonus.
Others still made the bonus “non-cashable”…
meaning that the bonus value would be forfeited
and removed from your account when you go
to cash out.
So what strategies CAN you use online?
The first is the easiest, and that is to play
and have fun, and not worry about the house
Play with money you can afford to lose and
just enjoy it.
This fits more with the strategy of slot machine
players, but they’re gamblers, too.
Another approach is to find the online casinos
with the best bonuses and the most reasonable
wagering requirements.
Combine that with the casinos offering the
best rules options to try and limit the house
edge as much as possible.
Anything under 1% is good, and anything less
than half of 1% is amazing.
A third option is to try hard to use basic
blackjack strategy to minimize the house edge,
but don’t stress out over finding the absolute
best mathematical choice.
If you have a choice between playing a game
with good graphics, strong customer service
and quick payouts… that’s probably worth
more than sacrificing that and hunting around
to save one-tenth of 1% on the house edge.
When it comes to online Blackjack, players
from the United States may have their options
and strategies limited due to legal restrictions.
So, if you’re an American gamer, make sure
to check out our video and article on playing
online blackjack in the United States.
… Regardless of where you live, we have
plenty of additional videos and articles for
you to make sure you are the best blackjack
player you can be… including more within
the “Online Blackjack” section… so make
sure to check out for even
more on the game.

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