Online Blackjack – A Guide to Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Welcome to this how-to video.
Today, we’ll be providing you with our guide
to “Online, Live Dealer Blackjack”.
This is a variation of online blackjack that
comes as close as possible to the experience
of playing in a land-based casino.
We even have a list of our favorite websites
to use on our website,
Evolution Gaming, considered to be the leader
in the live-dealer space, was one of the first
companies to build a casino studio… a studio
with multiple tables and dealers, essentially
mimicking a casino floor, but with webcams
set up to live-stream the action at the tables.
They also built software that lets you bet
from your computer, but have the cards dealt
on a table by a human dealer.
Today, they have 8 studios around the world
to handle the demand, and there are plenty
of competitors that have entered the market,
as well, since Evolution Gaming launched their
game in 2006.
So let’s talk about the game itself.
The rules of the game are going to be very
similar to those in a land-based casino.
You’ll choose a table to “sit” at by
going through an online lobby.
You’ll select a rules variation and a stakes
Then, at most online casinos, you’ll select
which dealer’s table you’d like to sit
down at to play.
The chips are digital, but everything else
from the cards to the felt table are physical…
they’re just on the other side of a webcam.
Once you’ve taken your virtual seat, you
use the buttons on the screen to set bets
and make your decisions… but everything
else about the experience is pretty much the
same as playing in a brick-and-mortar casino!
There are some significant benefits to playing
the game with a real dealer as opposed to
the other online options.
Whereas virtual cards in an RNG version of
the game are digitally shuffled after every
deal, the shoe of cards that the live dealer
is using is just that… a physical shoe of
Typically, these shoes contain 6 or 8 decks
of cards, and not having the cards reshuffled
after each hand actually decreases the house
edge slightly… regardless of whether or
not you’re counting cards.
In addition to that, the gameplay is slower
with the live dealer than in the RNG version
of the game.
Some players may enjoy being able to rip through
a huge number of hands per hour, but the recreational
player will probably enjoy the speed of the
live dealer more.
The other nice thing about the live dealer
is that it doesn’t have quite the same,
cold, lonely feeling as sitting at the fully-digital
online tables.
While the dealer cannot see you on your end
of the camera, having a chat window to speak
with the dealer and anyone else that might
be at your table adds a social element that’s
missing from other online versions.
The introduction of live dealer casino games
in the online space has completely changed
the landscape of the industry, as players
search for ways to replicate the emotion and
enjoyment of being in a land-based casino,
and online casinos work to bring them that
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