Omni Frisco Hotel Room Reveal- Opening Summer 2017

Anderson: At the Dallas Cowboys, we have world class standards.
We built what we think is one of the finest stadiums in the world.
When we broke ground on the Star,
we knew we were going to bring equally high standards to the development.
Anderson: Omni Hotels and Resorts is that partner.
A partner that will fulfill the potential of the Star
as a leading destination for business and leisure travelers.
McKoy: When a guest opens the door to their room,
they will continue to see the color palette
woven throughout the hotel and their guest room.
You will see the custom furniture,
especially designed for the Omni Frisco Hotel.
The exaggerated rosewood headboard has an incorporated mirror,
making the whole room feel larger.
Anderson: From the star embroidered on the throw of the blankets
and etched glasses in the blue and light silver color palette
and football stitching on the pillows and desk chairs
and in each room, there is a nod to our great tradition and legacy
with a pencil sketch of some of our great iconic players, even coach Landry.
All of these subtle little nuances
are also available downstairs if you want to take one home with you.
McKoy: The king guest rooms feature luxury showers
that are a combination of modern contemporary design.
Every detail and every surface has been influenced by Frisco’s motto,
progress in motion.
Anderson: Omni’s dedication to providing a refined product
and the brand’s meticulous attention to every detail
will help make the Star an unforgettable destination.
We look forward to having you as our guest
when the Omni Frisco Hotel opens in the summer of 2017.

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