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well the thing about the Old Diplomat Hotel is that there’s a lot of things that go bump in the night Can we just go and see if there’s something
there I think if you do something to get them accurate and then probably do
something that you’re facing this was a place that people were
tortured and died hi guys thank you so much for tuning in
to Amy’s Crypt today I am taking you to the most haunted place in the
Philippines known as the Old Diplomat Hotel I’m going to be covering it’s
gruesome history ghost stories and we’re also going to be sticking around for a
nighttime paranormal investigation but before we get to it I just wanted to let
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Facebook below let’s jump straight in to the Old Diplomat Hotel all right guys so I’m currently in the
Old Diplomat Hotel this place is fought to be one of the
most haunted places in the Philippines was actually built back in 1913 through
to 1915 as the dominican hill retreat house and that was for a lot of local
friars and nuns to be able to come here from the city of pine here in the
philippines as of world war ii sort of came about this place experienced a lot
of dark events it was actually taken over by the Japanese who made it look as
though it was a place for refugees trying to escape them and they literally
drew people here to torture and murder them so there was a lot of really
terrible crimes that were committed by this special Japanese police force that
occupied this building and that includes rape violation torture murder Massacre
it’s even said that a lot of nuns and priests that refused to leave this place
during that time were also executed here so also during the war as the
Philippines were being liberated this place was even bombed and it did sustain
some damage and it said that the Japanese people who were currently
occupying the space and didn’t want to surrender or be captured committed
suicide here within the odds of them at hotel after the war this place was
actually left abandoned until it was taken over by a man in the 1970s who
actually had it converted into a hotel of about 30 odd rooms and he used it as
a place to draw people with terminal illness came to be a psychic healer and
set about healing them though a lot of his techniques didn’t really work and he
was a little bit of a con artist he actually
managed to gain quite a following from them and even gains a cult-like status
the hotel was actually abandoned again in the 80s when this man died of a heart
attack within the hotel and it’s been left abandoned basically since then and
has since accumulated many many ghost stories and they’re supposed to be
paranormal activity to happen here all of the time it’s certainly one of the
most allegedly haunted and notorious places in the entire Philippines a lot
of the paranormal activity said to occur here includes sightings of apparitions
some of these without a face some of them without a head very common are
priests and nuns to be seen as well there’s also a lot of disembodied voices
a lot of these are usually in pain so crying or screaming has even been the
voices of children heard here as well which is particularly disturbing I am
gonna be coming back here at night to do some paranormal investigations so make
sure you guys are subscribed and stay tuned also need to apologize for the
sounds this by day is a tourist attraction so there are a lot of people
coming through here making a lot of noise alright guys I am currently inside
the Old Diplomat Hotel and I am joined by Anton who runs ghost tours here
all throughout Baguio they’re called Pine City Fright Tours
excellent he covers all of the best parts of vacations here especially the
Old Diplomat Hotel he’s been coming here for years and he’s very well versed
in this places history as well as its ghost stories so I really just wanted to
ask you a bit about the ghost stories all of those president wanting with this
building like who are at residences in it well there are a number of different
sightings here in the building the most famous one would be supposedly
this priest or they know I’m a big basically call him the black priest it’s
a very dark shadowy figure phantasm that has been seen actually on the third
floor he’s also been seen roaming the second
floor as well well claim to have actually captured pictures or
photographs or videos of him roaming the place and then also very different you
have also the priest that goes that the priests who are also see you on the
first floor and then the person you have a number of nuns were also seeing in the
first floor as well and of course there are different multiple other sightings
were what they hear like sounds and what seems to be like people crying or the
sounds of children or the sounds of some Japanese soldier just talking for
themselves in one of the rooms it’s it’s basically pretty common actually here
and by for this thing to happen especially here in a diplomatic time so
you run the Ghost Tours and you bring people through at night yes yes we start
like in the afternoon that’s really between four all the way up to like 7:30
up to a p.m. and these reports come from a lot of people who have been here
before look like tourists or primarily on
chimera Hawk she just you know like like goes honorary supporter and there are
cases of like famous or known groups that actually under before the
paranormal investigators from many countries they also claimed to have
captured evidence of these kind of activities so you would tie me a really
pricey good story that I could out the front of the hotel teenages sure well
there’s actually interesting story I was actually conducting a tour this is about
2008 hurricane 18 I was with a group of people where roughly between 25 and 30
people that we were all outside now it’s basically including the torte and I was
saying we might devise a mess of things just by showing them out of the Sun
without any warning whatsoever my guests started to be hot and they were
basically surprised they were like sobbing take your like you know 20 out
there and they were like and they’ve kind of indicate that they were seeing
something up there and then on the second floor in one of the windows and
then I don’t have been a doggie but I didn’t want to
and you know I didn’t get to see it but everyone started taking pictures so
finally I turn around then I I miss it by a few but a second or two and I saw
something would look like a figure on the second floor in one of the windows
looking down at us and then it disappeared they step back and it’s
completely vanished now in the first fact everything was blocked I made sure
the second floor was nobody go up there anymore and then you know and I hope
that the pictures that everybody captured but they got two shots the first one
being a figure of a man standing near the window looking down at everyone at
us and in the second shot and what it did wasn’t actually wait like it raised
its head and said Here I am and it was interesting and I saw it as pleasantly
surprised I said okay I didn’t expect that and that’s you know and this ain’t
got it I have to put an ad that goes friendlier he has tried to acknowledge
that it’s there and these kind of things do happen
most times or occasionally on the tour there will be multiple sometimes and
then we’ll actually see something or some
I thought someone or it would physically interact with with the guests
yeah that one I think is amazing it just is really compelling because it was
multiple people yeah that’s all right it was cool on camera yeah and you know
that the building was not just one camera everybody together yeah that’s
sort of crazy do you feel like telling us a story earlier about how they’re
going to be diving from there are suppose it wasn’t thing about the
diplomatic tell us that there’s a lot of things that honestly there are a lot of
most definitely yes most of them are relatively friendly some are neutral of
the other ones are generally occasionally if you don’t if you do
something to get them accurate and then probably do something for you physically
it does happen like there was like I was mentioning the history about the house
building and especially a guy named Tony about all the of power the guy who
actually ran a place from in the 80s in the 70s to the age and then he died in
one of the rooms in a room that he kept himself and what happened was mr. Obama
basically while upon the night of his death he recorded a story that he had a
heart attack and was being attacked by some unseen and a force
something reached to his chest and basically crushed his heart and none of
his workers we got should get to it because what happened
unless he tried to go through the door there was something behind the door
pushing back and so they put their I’ll make it a Pentagon before they get even
this much the door just a little bit and they saw that he was on the floor again
basically convulsing and you see you know having finally an operator to stop
moving and he died the door swings open and all these befall inside they get to
him they trying to resuscitate it let’s delay and that he was basically
pronounced dead dates later on while they were doing the autopsy the person
who was doing the autopsy basically cut him open or we call this heartless to
prepare for the funeral and then what happened was he noticed something
peculiar gone everything was normal there everything else except for his
heart which was looked like someone physically held it at the time of his
death and physically what seems to be that perfect life like squeezed him and
that could have been what – she killed him
yeah yes I think personally he might have had it coming because he was not
exactly the nicest of sorts and I think about a lot of people yeah his victim
support – super me here as it was the ghosts that we’re going to treat about
in theater you know well it’s a mix you have you have to
understand that that even before it and even before the 70s and the 80s the
places actually occupied by the chap during World War two from 1942 all the
way the 1945 it was absolutely the Japanese’s main Garrison’s the people
have occupied this place from they were known as the camp they thought a
Japanese secret police they were actually in charge of this place back
then and then what they did was the lure refugees they open it up as a refugee
center so that they can trick people into coming here and they would get them
and they visited me torture and something we’re locked in the in the
seams to what that I’ll actually be like the basement or sort of like the rock
lava or basically the catacombs which is underneath this entire structure and
what happened was these people were tortured and most of them died in the
some of the priests and the nuns were captured as well and bail society
structure and then in by the end of the war this is one of the last places that
the Americans attacked because it was heavily guarded by the Japanese this is
where those enemy forces retreated so what happened was you have a lot of
Japanese soldiers were here and they fought back with the Americans so it was
basically like a battleground yeah so he’d have a lot of America
you say spirits could be yeah anyone who want to let any one of those times
yeah that’s crazy this place has so much history behind us now in so much dark
history into and I know you that there’s a love guy sleep planes and so you spent
so much I needed you through that there’s any Fox spots of particularly investigation well there are like for
example the room in which mr. and Paula died in our paths and that’s a popular
hot spot I’d like to go there and try to conduct an investigation see they can
actually get something there’s also downstairs in the fountain area that’s
also another no hot spot because that’s where it supposed to be the Japanese
drama babies or children in common area that’s also where you can find a lot of
the priest or the nonce especially been there seen roaming on the first floor so
it’s basically just biggest pond anywhere you’ve probably got a good
something and you also mentioned yeah the back has been activity
yes oppose it basically goes to one of the diamonds
near the port or it could be a long word it could be mistaken for something else
or maybe a mystery about roaming and as that was weird during the fire back in
the eighties the building was actually set up basically known as quiet looks
like this I took place in the mooring and then
it’s spread over to the building this place is supposed to be one of the most
haunted in its rarity the most haunted places in the Philippines fell in Asia
yeah it’s very notorious in the moment I’ve got a lot of my subscribers my
viewers recommends that I comment because of this so many stories like to
go but I said I think you so much photography you it’s been a pleasure
so I’m city fright to us their amazing versatility in Baguio you guys should
check out Anton’s tours I’m going to link them boy for you alright guys so I’m finally gonna take
you into the old diplomat hotel which we are standing out front of and what is
very cool is you guys would have just seen Antoni before but this is this far
left one right Anton is the window that everyone saw the apparition in at the
end of his tour Anton also told me earlier that it’s quite common for
people to pick up in photos and be a little bit scared because if out the
front here and they pick something up that looks like someone who’s been
hanged from the front of the building and supposedly priests were from the
front so I mean that’s disturbing and we haven’t even made it inside the hotel so
let’s head in and we also have the original cross at the top that might be
my favorite thing actually the cross yeah installation structure over so I’m
gonna take you into that once lookup let’s head into this one here so this is
one of the two fountains here and people have been using it as a wishing well you
can see the money and a sign in there but one of the scariest and darkest
places in the hotel actually are these fountains so Anton was telling me
earlier that this was actually a place where Japanese military when they
occupied would use the water in these mountains to drown people they also
drowned babies here I mean that’s very very sad
and disturbing sorry that’s how you super amount a tourist in here so you
can probably hidden this was a place that people were tortured and died every
so often this is like I mentioned earlier that before like you can
actually see some of the ghosts of the nuns they are seen roaming the halls
this portion over here yeah we actually have a photograph and one guest of mine
came back here during a date and he was standing over you took a selfie and
like the mountains standing over in one of this area’s over here and shit to me
right away say yes I bought this at this charity thing yeah it took me by
surprise I said yeah we’re invisible man so nuns and the priests of amongst the
most common apparition yes mostly yes all right so now we’re going to take you
up to the second floor there’s a lot of other interesting places up there and a
lot of rooms that were used during the time that this place was a hotel so
we’ll be able to see inside some of those two all right so I’m just going to take me
into this room yeah behind me this is kind of just an
example of one of the rooms that would have been used as a hotel room yeah and
then you can see the bathroom there’s the funky tiles that she smells a bit in
here but you can kind of get the feeling for the setup of a basic room so if we
look down here as well we can see the one of the water fountains from the
second floor actually a really cool site definitely probably the most
photographed things here we have another very interesting room at the back end
here so have a look okay guys so this is one of the larger bedrooms also the only
one with a fireplace and this was the place
our fake healer the guy that owned this place throughout the 70s so this was
used as his office and this is actually the place Anton was describing to us
before where he died he had this heart attack
that was it could have been a supernatural event where he was kind of
attacked by an unseen force as the unloads had described and so trying to
get through this door here and apparently though the few people trying
to push in to help this guy who is screaming out in pain but there was an
invisible force holding the door closed so they can get in and Anton told me
earlier that basically as the scream stopped that force dropped away and
allowed them to enter the brain but it was too late so that’s kind of a scary
interesting story about this room and he said there’s some paranormal activity
that usually goes on in here you’re able to describe way back when a few years
ago there’s a sheis – where are they one of the guards few years ago with
everything used to come here at night patrol place you’ve actually noticed
that there was actually a figure no standing near fireplace there’s a
one-story where the guard rustic it was a place at night and then you saw a man
standing over here here’s Dave but in the pitch so he comes out to this guy it
says sherry not supposed to be here you’re supposed to you know where he
closed the guy didn’t do anything did react or anything it wasn’t going to
like seconds later that the gardener realized he wasn’t talking to a person
there’s actually do it and the guard was there supposed to be patrols and we’re
gonna check out this mole cut down actually the mole looks really creepy the only thing that survived so this was
a lot bigger those four bathrooms like a Christmas bauble so these are bathrooms
from the morgue area with the rest of it have extended this way oh yeah kinda
thing yeah maybe that’s actually foundation yeah well there’s actually
caught fire and burnt down in the 80s and the hotel was a little bit damaged
from it too and Anton also he told me earlier that this is a place that the
ghost of a nun has been spotted by a couple of people just over by this tree alright guys I’m super excited because
we’ve just made it back to the old diplomat hotel at night and this place
looks insanely spooky we’re about to head inside and we’re very very lucky
because we’ve been granted a special permission by the city to go in and
investigate so we’re going to go in and just check out what it looks like in the
dark I can already tell it’s it’s gonna be a scary one right so we’re just walking into the
main entrance lobby and besides if he dogs barking like down the hill it’s
pretty quiet in here very very dark I think that we should maybe reach out
and I might just introduce myself first hello if there are any spirits around in
this building we don’t mean you any harm my name is Amy Jarrod you guys probably
already very handsome we’re going to be here for the next few hours so if you
guys want to if you would like to communicate or let us know that you are
here please feel free to do so okay guys we’ve just ventured into a different
area other than the lobby I’m going to attempt a spirit box in here this is one
of the courtyards that features this water fountain and as I mentioned
earlier this was I swear our people were tortured drowns including babies there’s
also been a lot of sightings of nuns even captured in photographs just
through these windows over here so if you like this could be an interesting
place I don’t know that we might get anything through the spirit box but I’m
gonna try I don’t know I don’t know you I don’t know
I don’t know I’m also going to try and reach out in English and see how we go
hi guys this is a spirit box session in the court one of the courtyards of the
oak diplomat hotel in the Philippines I don’t know why it’s oh yeah hi my name
is Amy are there any spirits around that one to talk and you come close and use
this device in my hands to communicate ah would you be able to tell me your
name can you say hello why were you here is there somebody back there I invite you to come closer to us if you
are there we did just hear some noise behind us I’d say it was coming from within the
building I can hear dogs barking around me but they’re down the hill did you
make a noise can you make that again can we just go and see if there’s
something there I think like a scratching noise I don’t know if there’s like animals in
here or something why were you here that I just want to
show you these you have a cardboard cutout of a nun and a priest save you
guys spot them behind me in this video like don’t be alarmed but there has been
instances of a priest being cited literally where I’m standing standing
along these US standings yeah so I mean that’s just giving me chills thinking
about it probably not actually paranormal but maybe you could go back
in and just try again okay guys so that was odd that we heard that noise
rustling in here what was also odd is how my spirit box acted like I’m not
using any different settings everything cuz before battery charged and I
couldn’t hear any of the normal noise that it makes like static it was making
the noise but really faint and quiet so ever my speaker is broken or something
is wrong though the weird thing was I did hear snippets of voice come through
that were at like a reasonable volume that they normally would be
Anton’s just gone to his car to get us EMF meter
that he has so we’re gonna have a play with that but I mean that just was
really odd we can try again but I don’t know if I don’t know why it sounds like
that alright so we’ve just walked back into the same courtyard and now we have
an EMF meter on this one Antoine’s iPad and I think I’m not going to use the
spirit box just yet because it sounds funny say I was just acting funny or
it’s broken and I might just call out and see if we
can get if there are spirits around maybe they will come close to us is
there anybody in this courtyard with us if you are trying to communicate before
or you were the one that was causing the noises behind us inside this building
can you please come close to me can you give us a sign that you are here
we the closer that you come to me or this light in front of me we can maybe
pick up that you are around are around are around are around are around okay I
definitely had that that sounded like it came from an opera floor maybe it could be something falling from
the tree I’m not sure okay there’s definitely noises around us
if you are here we don’t mean you any harm we know there’s a lot of terrible
things that have happened at the old diplomat hotel we’re not here to cause
you any more harm I can hear that again do you wanna film behind me where we can
hear the sound for a bit yard and I’ll continue pulling out there any nuns or priests around we know
that you’ve shown yourself to people before can you make another noise that would be
really great but noise sounded distant okay we are going to leave this area now
but if there is someone here who’s been making those noises maybe you do want to
communicate feel free to follow us we will be in the hotel the old diplomat
hotel for a while now with you could you make a lot of noises like you
upstairs okay I think that we need to make our
way upstairs towards where the users are happening I’m not claiming that their
paranormal maybe those some animal or something up there but we need to
investigate and try to debunk that if so it’s odd cuz I’ve also had been witness
down here as well but they seem without a rock there alright guys so we just
inside the old diplomat hotel we’re about to continue our investigation it’s
also the place where a lot of people were drowned torches executed including
children and babies Triana here may I just say something
dumb you know why have you chosen to remain here and that phantom priest has
been seen walking around this area too which is interesting if you guys do you
want to see the rest of our investigation at the Old Diplomat Hotel
make sure that you subscribed I’m gonna have a part two video coming out very
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