Ocean Front Room at Sheraton Maui (Beautiful Kaanapali Resort) 🌴

[Male speaking] This is the view from the room. it’s
about seven o’clock in the morning. [Woman speaks] Aloha!
[Male speaks] Aloha! Just to let you know what it looks like at
seven o’clock in the morning in Maui. We
don’t take anything for granted around
here. We want to share the wealth here.
Walk with us.
And I’m pretty sure you’ve seen other videos. You’re like, “Well it all looks the same.”
Correction – this is at 7 o’clock in the
morning. [Sound of birds chirping, wind, waves, and palm tree leaves]
Well, that’s our time folks. Hope that you
enjoyed it.
We’ll update you later. Mahalo!


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