O Bingo na Viela em Pirituba

The bingo in the Viela
I – how do I say it? Do the bingo on the weekends, right? Of Natura, Avon, O boticário (Brazilian brands).
It’s a thing… how do I say it? To encourage people to play and for me to gain, how do I say it, my money, you know?
We sell Natura, we sell Avon and that stuff so we have a lot of products, so we need to make money to pay the bills.
Like, it’s 2 reals each bingo card, ok? So the person, I do the total value to end up with the product’s values.
The one on the cuff is like this, the person marks, like, “Oh look, I will play this much and this day I’ll go to your house.”
“Ah, you can get it, you can get it on Wednesday”, so the person gives it to me on Wednesday and I come here to get the money.
– Ok
Got it?
If they leave it on the cuff I’ll come after them haha
When people want it sometimes we have it every weekend, but it is mostly like, close to the payday.
We have to call people, organize it, if I am doing it in a house than I will give 20% in products to the person who is hosting, ok?
If it is at my house, how do I say it, I don’t give anything to anyone because they are my products, right?
But then I call everyone and we make an arrangement and a time, everyone comes and play.
I’ve lived here in Pirituba for 21 years, ever since they created the bingo, I’m in, I love bingo.
We call one person; we call another person and everyone comes. It’s like that, and then we get some beer, some snacks, and that way everyone has fun.
What matters to us is having fun, doesn’t matter whether we win or not ‘cause you know when you are in the game, you are to win and lose, right?
But having fun is the best part.
The people pass by and start to play, this was done a lot in bars as well a while ago.
The men also play together with us, here there isn’t the thing of it being separated with just women, they (men) also have fun with us.
I go because my wife likes it very much, sometimes… when it works for me, I go.
It has usually always happened here so… everytime it happens the people do it and we share and play.


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