Nicest Hotel Room in the World

Good morning, Hank, it’s Tuesday. So funny story,
Last night the Tour de Nerdfighting was in Houston.
We had a great time, and after we got done signing, it was like midnight.
and we went to the hotel and they told us that they had
accidentally sold our rooms and they were very sorry.
I was pretty cranky because I really wanted to go to bed but then we had to go to a different hotel.
And walking into the other hotel, I could tell it was kind of nice
and the guy behind the counter was like,
“We’ve reserved one of our best rooms for you”
And I was like whatever, I just want to go… OH. MY. GOD.
Armoire? More like Armoi-some
I mean, Hank, this place is literally bigger than my house.
I’m not even sure that I can sit in all of the chairs.
♪ – [Music] Song About An Anglerfish – Hank Green ♪
We just noticed this is an actual Picasso print. It’s pretty unbelievable. There’s like –
Hank: It’s not even nailed down.
I love how the things in this hotel are not nailed down.
John: You could just take it
H: There’s a certificate of authenticity.
J: Are you serious?
H: Yeah. (J: Oh my!) “Seated Woman”, Author: Pablo Picasso.
J: (laughs) Hank, you’re holding a Picasso while eating Pringles
H: First!
♪ – [Music continues] Song About An Anglerfish – Hank Green ♪
J: You’re retiring and becoming a professional art thief! No more Tour de Nerdfighting for you.
H: This is really easy. (laughs) I never really thought art thievery would be so easy.
J: All of which goes to show you, Hank, that sometimes disasters can turn out armoisome.
I’ll see you on Friday, and by Friday, I mean right now because you’re holding the camera!


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