New Arcade Claw Machine (Ticket Ring) Smith Sisters Win Huge Bonus & Monster Jackpot big win

New ticket ring claw machine at our local arcade. How many tickets can we win?
pretty good other one might be in the
way those
gonna drop them over
now it’s on top
to bring our machine it’s a new one at
this earth arcade
I think you I get to the side of it but
that just gets into one
a little farther lady right there I
think you just want to get one claw and
close around just like that close just
around that one hopefully
do it again it’s buried though it’d only
take one at a time otherwise it’s gonna
drop see now you might slip off and grab
that 100
there’s too many in a drop
you know grab one now it’s open though
you’re right
go for one this loose don’t worry about
the students
see it’s around I got around to a
see how they’re just a single 132 again
sigit that one I think another one it’s
going to fall out
get to have fun
that looks pretty good that looks pretty
No are you got trash
they got the hundreds in the way again
buddy get the hundred though to grab
that one okay
you try that one again
seemed like you had in the perfect spot
by the weekend on you and it came up oh
you just missed that one they even turn
side and up as I’m gonna hold it like
this it fell back in the same spot you
keep going for ones that are in bad
you got the hundred in there true though
I think
come on come on you got a hundred they
give you over that and then we’re going
because they’ve been staying here been
waiting for a while we go there all the
time so we’ve been I just yeah we put a
hundred I usually put up see this you
got it
which should be a fountain
first try see we’re back at the ticket
ring this is a new pharmacy at our
arcade we’ve already gotten a few
see what we can do go for that 100 right
there and there’s a 900 under it so oh
it just rolled right off of that one hit
the other one you might get the 150 it’s
gonna drop it though you got it in there
it’s gonna grab it like
oh this barely already got the card
Oh monster
yeah jackpot and then I got the mustard
fi right after the bounce that right
through the hole
all right what do you when dude into the
noose on the first one
this one I thank you aim for the one
right after the Miss
and then this one you want to aim for
like right after in-between the mist and
like kind of aim for one of the things
sitting out there you go alright now see
if we can get the bonus
then we got to hit it this right to get
the bonus I got it
180 toothpick there’s two of them right
there all right that one’s open now
painting one of each color I have a 225
hold that many how do we got two in one
in a really tough spot
I might pick that one 50 out of the way
that in their droplet that’s and away as
they got around 150
head all the way alright got that one I
left three sunny is pretty much wide
open get this one
right maybe maybe maybe
yes all right you got all the different
colors now
might get the hungry
all right that’s a good way to finish
off on a hundred
mrs. a Samantha captain if you liked
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