YOYOYOYO Top Right corner you say? Top right corner? *Screaming* Yep see ya later Hey yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen it’s your boy and welcome back to another video today I got my boys with me. We got bongizzles here We got JustDustin here, and we got Chadwithaj what up everybody and today We are going to be doing one of your favorite Adaptations of the basketball trick shots series on this channel and that is the nerf Russian Roulette I-I tried it-it really sucks it actually hurts. I have fun. This is what I’m doing it This is a fresh gun maximum power there for Maximum damage when we shoot this in our mouths if you guys haven’t seen the last video that’s basically how it works We’re gonna be doing soccer trick shots every time you get a letter to add a bullet to the chamber you spin it around pointed in your mouth and you shoot and you pray to God that that thing doesn’t come out so am I getting no letters then you get no bullets You’re good Exactly, but if you lose, and you have horse you have five letters that means you got five bullets Which means you’re pretty much ov, but without any further ado guys. Let’s get into the first trickshot Oh, I missed actually you know what what’s a better way to intro first Alright guys for the first trickshot. It’s ye Messi’s got it… Bongo: Are you dumb bro? But anyways first trick I’m actually gonna need Jad’s help so here. I’m gonna give you this ball and what you’re gonna Do is he’s gonna throw it in the air Head into the basketball its ye Steve Nash! you ready, yeah Yeah that was a straight Dolphin here all right Guys you need to see and look good That was honestly so close, that’s a dart folks in your last Six rounds in the chamber yeah, it’s only one yeah one in six. I’ll take that yeah, yeah All right guys we’ve got only one bullet in the chamber who’s on first no no yeah Oh my god! He actually got clocked! Alright! Well you’re up buddy! One bullet in You got to load it And once again that is one in 36 shots I might see my grade alright next trick shot. What’s your trick shot all right guys for mine? You know? We’ve been doing so many shots I leave I want to do some actual skill moves Like that first things first guys and let the ball get control of it Whoa Clean okay vote control make sure you flip it up touching the neck and then hit it once with your foot Okay, all right. Well. You just did it so here all right? Oh Dustin’s got the control oh You’re doing yo-yo your wait a second, what are these bro, what are these get the Arab Ones out bro. What’s that? You’re playing yourself. You’re playing yourself Got it here. We go here. We go all the control, bro Oh my god, you know what they are buns. They’re good for power finesse. You know not so good Hit the ground first Did he get it? I was too confident sometimes. You know you get ahead of here so I can destroy that All right guys still one bullet for me, I gotta H No That’s two for you I feel like because there’s one the way powder actually is just make it a go to the Toby and I have to yeah This thing was rigged yeah, me too I mean I I didn’t bring it, but maybe they I don’t know either way next trick shot ah Alright Sou Wee’s got his trick shot. Let’s see what you got Skills to make sure we have him this don’t line up a whole ball. I know what he’s doing I’ve seen him do this Nice little skill okay, okay, all right bongos up. I’m stressed for you. Please get this oh Oh, I think he got it? No? That was nasty. Since I’m its originator. I’ll take that. Alright Jad you’re up. But nobody Say I’m gonna use the different technique, I’m not gonna put them together I’m gonna spread Alou I want you to look really I do this Is very nice to me the last round so But I’m just gonna go for the classic crossbar from the blue line over here, so it’s a little bit Use the room don’t disrespect the red ball like that. That’s why top right corner you shave top right corner. I love you Let’s hop, right You gotta load up some more nerf bullets That’s the look of pure relief ladies and gentlemen alright so next trick shot Yeah, yeah Yeah, you know I’m doing the double technique great beside each other. Oh, I don’t even come close, but the hero I might be Alright next big shot alright for my trick shot. I’m gonna. Simply do a free-kick field image I’ll tell you I believed in myself, but I really didn’t know all right I don’t do this tell mama mama buy her a car and a house All right Bongo you’re up get those ultra bzees nice and tight Okay All right guys bongos got half the chamber filled with bullets. I was also lucky man. This isn’t looking too good Why does he look even um? He’s not gonna get shot, okay? Let’s talk of nice and safe you guys, okay, spin that spin that Oh All right guys trick shot is next. Let’s see what he’s got all right guys This is the precision Corner, shop we have the nut facing the wall back there in that corner what we have to do it is basically Chip it up. It has to balance off the wall and into the net all right very little roof area This is a tough shot all right. Let’s get what’s the dust thing doing? Yeah? Oh Bongos up next here we go Bongo All right, can you hit dad in the block? He hit dad but he did not get the trickshot All right, I gotta step it up got a lot of letters right now. I don’t wanna Right now Step into my office. Hey guys, I’m up to three bullets now Bongo survived three so that gives me hope Let me give you guys a show all right here, we go Bongo survives this Next trick shot so we what’s your trick shot all right, you know I don’t want to do anything That’s too hard because I want to give you guys a chance so everything is nice and simple okay We’re gonna go with the ricochet shot into That afternoon so off this wall into this man Please give up yet another bullet Alike like the load load the gun load the gun Alright bomb goes up next yep. Oh And he survives another round it was getting close We’re gonna save the e for today all right if I missed it Get rid of my hmm Well, I’m already embarrassed enough all right Sean show yourselves show your true colors It’s so much harder than it looks no any likes light off in the straight line and it’s completely away from the Zuzu’s trickshot the world just sayin Alright guys, you know how the game goes I’m out three now. Have a go I hope I get shot, but you know what I hope I don’t What She shot. Oh, my god. All right next picture I guys what oh, I brought so much anxiety every time before you do this literally all right I Need to go buy some lottery tickets folks next trick shot all right guys bond goes up. Hi we’re doing a long-distance free-kick Well as you guys can see I put a little? obstacle on the bottom So it has to be floating kick today. It has to be airborne the entire way We can’t love top of the entire gym, so here we go Need to get this in bro you have for my floor, this is complete the horse you might have a full five dart guns Hopefully I don’t have to do Oh So what were we saying about those five shots again close though? Can I not get a free pass another game? W right now Sue ease up here Sooey oh, oh there’s your shop buddy, that’s a dart. Yep. See you later Alright, so we really do things now Oh, you’re old Has anybody seen school rock at home I don’t want to shoot it down in my face, so why I am gonna score right now cuz now I’m really ticked out ready All right guys it’s the final round you boy lost weight. Did you – no, no you didn’t lose no It’s just me. I lost okay, but for the final round everybody is going to try the nerf gun We’re gonna put as many darts in as letters. We have so for me. That’s five for you That’s four or for you that for four. Oh my god. We’re all over. There was a rough day. Oh all right first up Dustin One spinnel I don’t know make eye contact with you guys at home. Okay? Oh good ever your Dad’s not next we’re gonna go quick rounds No one got stuck that one got stuck in it Oh oh My god that has a clap All right bobbin go Mongo you got four in the chamber really cause I’m a nice guy And I should have lost the game because Suey let me slide. I’m gonna do five Oh On that first daily one all right The luck whose name you survived When that landing is no screenshots I am tweeted a via media all right Yeah, everyone got clapped hopefully I survived here we go Be sure to smash that thumbs up one for us deep throating nerf starts the entire day as always be sure to check out all My boys as well slash just Dustin slash chatter – J baby. Oh games like what? Do you say? Thank you guys so much for watching and we will catch you next


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