NASCAR Slot Machine From Bally Technologies – Slot Machine Sneak Peek Ep. 8

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in this video the American Casino Guide
travels to the Global Gaming Expo Las
Vegas which is the world’s largest trade
show for the casino gaming industry
at this show what is held in October
each year gaming manufacturers and
suppliers for all over the world display
their latest products and technologies
to casino executives
it’s a great show to attend because
visitors can try out
all the new slot machines before they’re
available to the general public
plus there many celebrity appearances
and other fun events
in this segment Steve speaks with Mike
who is the Corporate Communications
Manager at Bally Technologies about the
NASCAR slot machine which will be
in casinos throughout the US an
upcoming month now
here’s a look at the new NASCAR slot
machine from Bally Technologies
alright Mike this is one of the new
games this year could you give us a
background on this
absolutely this is on ask our games the
first game too ever feature the NASTAR
brand which is the number one spectator
sport in America
us so obviously a huge brand to bring on
the slot floor I N we also think you
racing just one of those things that
translates real nice to a gaming machine
so our super excited about it I features
five drivers couple
very very very well-known drivers you
have Dale Earnhardt
Jimmie Johnson chef court clint boyer
and Kevin Harvick
I and you can play our with any of those
as your teammates self you gotta
favorite Steve I actually my life saver
it is Ryan Newman but you don’t have him
pilots tried Jimmie Johnson by Jimmy
Johns so you go up
touch number 48 and you’ll see
Jimmie Johnson’s now the background
you’ll see on the screen Jimmy Johns
scar is one logo’s as is his number 48
again you can do that with any of the
five so you decided you want to do
Kevin Harvick or maybe just like
Budweiser I
you know and I change it to him you can
change it as many times as you want so
if you wanna
you’re playing maybe you think jim is on
lucky for you that day
change it to others so again any game so
40 cents your minimum but up to three
dollars and twenty cents is your Mac
and that’s three dollars and twenty
cents pays off in a big way
this is connected to our cash connection
laps jackpot system
same one we’ve been using for Michael
Jackson and fir trees
out okay the web is a wide-area
progressive criteria progressive system
that starts at four hundred thousand
dollars it makes its way of
of for instance in Nevada right now it’s
almost eight hundred thousand dollars
so we’re talking real life changing
money on this one and lets on
find out see what happens I strive so we
are 25 really will see Jimmy coming off
so take you to a couple other big
we will do this is the called the
stop bonus which is of the base in what
you’re hearing now this is the official
music %uh
nah scar on TV so few watch NASCAR are
at home on TV
you can recognize this music see the car
pulling the petro
see you gotta it ’cause go pick up five
these %uh log not supports okay and then
and the meantime in the background I
have the surround sound speakers in the
seat is vibrating also
exactly and so you found one so you when
you find the upgrades
you getting a little an additional bonus
so you found the fuel
I I gotta feeling there’s one there yeah
yup so
become bonus the place of the whole
theme a pit stop
a in the NASCAR race %uh sister
a classic bonuses picking only we added
a a fun element and that is the official
NASCAR championship trophy you get there
all right let’s find other bonus round
this is called
race the voice you’re hearing
here is you like all the famous NASCAR
span of than the voice and ask our for
several years
so you’re gonna have two things going on
you’re gonna have a free games
future going on on the bottom screen and
on the top screen
you’re gonna have a a race feature so
you get to choose which way you want to
drive your car and its gonna your fault
supplier within that
so we are Jimmie Johnson trying to pull
out a Jeff Gordon there
are come on jimmy
so other the results of this race is all
random so you could be
I you’re trying to move up the first how
far you get
of others a corresponding award to go
along with
your your free games award will try to
go outside
so we got four times we’ve moved up into
fourth place
it’s our free games go on now we have
four times multiplier going on on the
free games
0 there we go got enough to do it
a time small suppliers here so we a big
win on the bottom screen
no sixty-four dollar went on the bottom
screen just I it’s a big
long bonus round it is but you know we
want to give people that experience in
ask are really build some excitement are
you know and its no look if you’re if
you’re an ass car fan or if you just
like the concept of a racing hits
it’s exciting in each each time you your
cars making a move you’re getting a new
you are not too many people I all think
you’re gonna be upset about getting up
getting a time small suppliers turn
their free games
so we’ll see we finished third with
Jimmie Johnson so we got a race bonus
we got a free games bonus win for our
total bonus
ninety six dollars on this flight its
and know it’s just %uh a fun exciting
game I can show you one more quick bonus
this is gonna be another free games
bonus to recall the for now
bonus see the Bali
car on top you re actually have that at
the show out front study tour in some
casinos all over the country over the
next few months
so I’ll keep an eye out for that you
spend touchscreen
bonus will its attire in various
amounts a free games very small
suppliers three interesting bonuses here
we think they are
really play on that now ask our theme we
think they’re gonna be goodwin’s for
players and not
we think we got it here okay looks real
interesting and again this is the an ass
car slots from Bally Technologies
and again when they gonna be in the
casinos %uh sometime next year will go
through the regulatory process
our body will be on casino floor
sometime in 2013
are the cast in action wide-area
progressive with a four hundred thousand
dollars object pot
couldn’t be happier about it okay thank
you Mike don’t forget that you can see
more of our educational gaming videos on
our YouTube channel
just go to

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