My Racist Pub Experience

Ok so second video in the same outfit cause
it’s the same day and I just remembered I had something I wanted to tell you but I never
made a video about it before. So this is about racism and xenophobia my friends, it’s like
first hand experience of something that happened. My mum and I went out to have something to
eat at a pub the other day, well, it was about a month ago now but it was nice because we
never go out. I have a thing about cutlery but my mum was like come on let’s try and
do this so we did. It was nice, we sat down to have our meal and it’s a nice place, quite
local, it’s not posh or anything but you know. it’s okay. There’s this table of guys sitting
right in the middle of the pub like really loud, middle aged men, the sort of men who
have really loud voices. You can’t ignore them cause they’re talking really loudly and
they’re laughing really loudly and they feel like they own the place. And usually that’s
fine, you know, it’s bit loud, it’s a bit annoying, but as long as there’s nothing horrible
going on, enjoy your pints my friends. But I’m starting to get very aware, and so is
my mum and the other people around us that they’re having this really loud conversation
about immigration. And at first you think, well they’re entitled to their opinion, I
know it’s a bit loud but it’s a public place, they might as well. So we just carried on
our meals trying to ignore it. And it gets worse and worse and worse. It gets to the
point, I kid you not, where one of these guys genuinely gets his phone out and he’s taken
a picture of a road near our area, it’s sort of like a shopping road and it’s literally
a road away from where a big part of my Indian family live. So he gets out this phone and
he’s showing them the high street and pointing out how it’s not how it used to be because
basically there are brown people in the picture. This made me so angry because he’s doing this
loudly, everyone can hear him in this restaurant, he clearly thinks he can get away with doing
that. All I’m thinking is, you know what, it’s so likely that that’s my family or that’s
their friends, this is literally a road away from where they live this high street. So
this made me so angry. He’s being so loud about it saying how everything’s changed now
and you don’t hear a British accent anymore that sort of thing and I’m just thinking,
d’you know what, we’re all sitting here trying to eat, and oh! By the way, he said that thing
about the accents, behind us, he can’t see this, but behind us there’s a table of people
with, I’m not sure if they had Romanian accents or it was some sort of Eastern European accent
going on, but I thought, you know what, they shouldn’t have to listen to this. I as a half
Indian person whose family is probably in your goddamn picture, shouldn’t have to listen
to this. This whole pub of people don’t need to listen to this racist tirade. So I got
up from my seat. I walked across into the middle of the pub. I went over, very politely
though, very politely, and just said, look guys, you’re being really loud and some of
us are just trying to eat dinner and there’s kids and stuff, so if you could keep it down
that would be really great. So this guy looks at me like he can’t believe
it cause he’s middle aged pompous horrible man, racist horrible man and he can’t believe
it. He can’t believe that me, this little five ft person has come over to him and said
that. And he gets all defensive and immediately he goes red in the face and I felt really
great about that because I thought, well good. I mean I was surprised that nobody else had
said anything to him at this point because clearly it was making a lot of people uncomfortable.
I dunno, probably some people agreed with him but either way, it’s horrible and hateful
and if you’re gonna have those opinions, that’s fine. I mean it’s not really fine but you
have a right to them. But don’t do that in a public place where you’re making people
feel really bad and including everyone in that, you know? It’s horrible. Even I’m not
gonna get majorly political loudly in a public place you know where people are eating their
dinner, I’m not gonna do that, and I’m really opinionated, cause I like to think I’m polite
and I’m only gonna talk about politics to strangers if for example something majorly
racist is happening like it was happening in that pub.
So I said that to him, he went all defensive and was all ‘bye, go and sit down, bye’, why
he put that voice on I don’t even know. He started flicking his hand like that as if
to say go away little girl, and I just looked him up and down. I just get confidence when
racism and stuff like this happens, where it comes from I don’t know because usually
I’m not confrontational really, but when an injustice happens I feel like I get taken
over and I just become composed and dignified and it’s like a skill I have, it’s probably
one of my best skills. I just looked him up and down and I just said hopefully you won’t
be talking about that stuff anymore while people are trying to eat their dinner cause
it’s really off-putting. Bye then. Then I walked back to my seat and went on
having my dinner. I mean they were in a mood, they were in a mood. They were embarrassed
though and they did quieten down a bit. They did have a bit of a… they were talking shit
about me and my mum as well who was clearly on my side. They were talking some shit and
it was a bit uncomfortable, but I felt like it had to be done and I’m proud that I said
something because I wasn’t rude and to be fair I didn’t even take him up on the argument.
I didn’t even wanna engage him because this guy is really racist and horrible and clearly
he thinks the world of himself. But yeah, went over there, did that, it did kind of
ruin the meal a bit because it’s just… what people don’t understand about when people
are talking about racist stuff in a public place really loudly and horribly, is that
it wasn’t an abstract thing to me, it was like that’s literally a road away from where
my family live, that is my family. I hear you talking about, he went on about Turkish
people as well, why he was so obsessed with Turkish people in particular, I don’t know.
My stepmum’s Turkish and I’m just thinking, what the hell mate? What the hell is wrong
with you? Er. Anyway, it made me so angry. So I intervened and I felt proud of myself.
Looking back I actually wish I’d been more strict on it, I wish I’d gone in a bit more,
but it was public place and a restaurant and he shouldn’t have been doing that.
I was a bit disappointed because there were lots of people around his age, there were
other people his age there who could have stepped up and said something. Not to be rude
but just to say, could you keep it down a bit. Nobody did. They all knew he was doing
it, everyone was getting uncomfortable because they knew that this was getting worse and
worse. No one did it. So I had to do it. Anyway, that happened. I’m proud of myself
but I’m also… how depressing that we live in a day and age where a man and his friends
can sit and talk about that and actually show pictures of brown people, how the landscape’s
apparently changed because I guess there’s more black faces or whatever, or brown faces.
How that can go unchallenged for so long, that’s scary to me. That is really scary.
But anyway, Britain today my friends! Gonna go now, love you loads. I just wanted to tell
you that lil story. Have hope my friends. I’m going. Love you loads. Bye. x


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