My Pastor and I Play a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Do I give off hot pastor vibes?
– Oh, Jesus.
(orchestral music)
– [Cameraman] What are
you guys here to do?
What’s the topic?
– Oh, it’s truth or drink
with a religious leader
which is you.
– That’s me.
Thanks for calling me a leader.
– Oh, you’re welcome.
– And religious.
– My name is Marie.
– I’m Iver.
I’ve been at Church of the Apostles
seven years as the pastor.
It’s Lutheran and Episcopalian.
– [Cameraman] Who’s gonna go first?
– Oh my gosh, I will.
I’ll go first.
Name the most common
sin people confess to.
– That’s gotta be like lust.
– Lust?
Just lust?
– What’s more to lust?
– I mean, that’s just in your mind.
– That’s right.
I think that’s what people confess to.
– Really?
They’re more worried about
what they think about
than what they do?
– Yeah.
But that’s, you act on it.
– Do you act on all of your impulses?
– No.
But everyone has them.
Except me.
– No, no, because you’re holy.
– That’s right.
– When was the last time you were tempted?
– When was the last time I was tempted?
– It’s probably your
turn to ask a question.
– Thank God, okay.
All right.
(clears throat)
How much does the church make?
How much do you make?
– Our church is not, I
wouldn’t want to say it’s poor
because there’s a bunch of white kids and
– Me.
– And you.
Yeah, close to 180 thousand maybe.
I make about 65 thousand.
– [Cameraman] Is that low?
Is that a small amount?
– Yes.
– I’m in ministry
basically for the reasons
of money and power so it’s
not working out for me yet.
Do I give off hot pastor vibes?
– I feel uncomfortable.
I take that question, I don’t know
because you’re like my brother.
– You can be attracted to a brother too.
(disgusted groan)
– Oh, Jesus.
– Right.
– Oh sorry, did I just say that?
Well for me, the answer is no.
– Okay, all right.
– Okay.
All right, let’s move on.
This is so awkward for me.
– What?
You get to ask me.
– I can’t ask the question.
– You can’t ask it?
– Wait, am I allowed to drink
to not ask the question?
– I don’t know, is that a rule?
– Is that a thing?
Can you read it?
– You want me to ask you?
– No, okay, oh my God.
I’m so getting confused here.
Do you M-A-S
– Do I masturbate?
Well you know
– I think you should drink that
because I am uncomfortable with
you answering that question.
– I’ll just nod my head.
I masturbate to pictures of Jesus.
– Oh, God!
– Why is that question so hard to ask me?
– I never say that word
out loud very often.
I don’t know why.
That’s so weird.
But like with the pastor, I
think I just don’t want to know
anything that happens.
Okay, it’s your turn, it’s
your turn, it’s your turn.
– Have you had premarital sex?
If yes, why didn’t you
wait until marriage?
– Okay.
I’m a virgin.
– And you’re not married.
– I’m married to Jesus!
I am married to Jesus!
– Why are you still single?
– Ugh.
I don’t know.
I’ve never been able to have
a relationship with somebody
unless I really felt connected to them
intellectually, emotionally,
spiritually, physically.
– Do you want to cheers to a single life?
– No.
I don’t want to be single forever.
I should ask you.
Why do you think I’m single?
– Why do?
– No, you, no!
– I’m not gonna answer that.
– Iver, no tell me the truth, honestly.
– No, that’s not.
– Why?
Do you think you have an idea?
– I don’t have opinion about that.
– But you’re okay with
talking about masturbation
but you’re not okay talking about that.
Um, yeah, huh.
Oh, what’s the closest you’ve
come to losing your faith?
– All the time.
– Yeah.
– Well in college, I wasn’t sure.
I say I believe in God like
75 percent of the time.
– What do you think the
other part of the time?
– That I’m just not sure.
It seems kind of like weird
stories about some guy.
– Do you think it’s real?
Like okay, do you think it’s like literal?
– Maybe but I guess I don’t care.
I don’t really believe
in miracles that much.
– That’s what you say.
– I just said that.
– I know.
Aren’t there things
that you can’t explain?
– I think there’s usually
a natural way to explain
most things that happen.
How would you improve my preaching?
– Oh, less rapping.
– That one time, that wasn’t preaching.
That was just me being silly.
– Can you just do the rap?
– [Cameraman] You’re gonna rap for us?
– Oh, what is it?
– Freestyle it.
♪ Church of the Apostles is
according to my hypothesis ♪
♪ A cognizant homogenous a
non apocalyptic populus ♪
– Something, I don’t know.
I have no idea.
– [Cameraman] That’s it, guys.
– All right, yay!
– [Cameraman] Should people buy this game?
– Oh, yes.
People should buy this,
especially if you go to church
because it sure would
be interesting to know
what your pastor really thinks.
– We need more truth in this world.
– We do.


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