My Girlfriend’s Ex and I Play a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What’s the kinkiest thing you
and my partner ever did to one another?
– Oh, God.
– Come on, I want to know this
– She blew my butthole.
(classical music)
(classical music)
– [Man] Who are you guys?
– I’m Barbie.
– I’m Mario.
– Mia.
– [Man] And what’s the relationship?
– I’m dating Mia.
– I’m her ex.
– How do you feel about me,
friends, no friends,
acquaintances, something?
– We’re like acquaintances.
– I would’ve said friends.
– When we’re partying we’re friends.
– Maybe we become better
friends when we’re drunk.
– Cheers, guys.
(glasses hitting the table)
– I’m so scared.
– On a scale of one to
10, how good was the sex?
Give details.
– Okay, so, what is she bad at?
– I think she’s too rough.
– Really?
Too rough?
For you?
I hope she was rough, more rough.
Yeah, I know, that’s why
I was surprised by it,
she’s not as rough.
– With me she’s dominant.
– I’m dom to female and I’m
more like submissive to guys.
– Oh, damn.
(Mia laughs)
– Who do my ex’s parents
like more, you or me?
– They like me, they trust me.
It took them a while though,
so, I didn’t get it in one day.
I don’t think you’ve ever
met her parents before.
– I met her mom.
– You met her mom?
– She called me daughter,
the first five minutes.
That’s ’cause I’m Vietnamese,
if you’re Vietnamese
they love you right away.
– [Man] You’re not Vietnamese?
– Defaulted, ’cause I’m just like, mm-hm.
What would it take to
have a threesome with us?
– Pay my bills, all the bills one time.
So that’s like, zero percent chance.
– [Man] Why don’t you ask Mia if she would
ever want a threeway?
– Would you ever want to
have a threesome with us?
– Fuck yeah.
– Ooh, that was quick,
that was really easy.
– I, we know, we knew the answer.
– I wouldn’t bring you
guys here for a reason.
– Oh my God.
– Who’s hotter, you or me?
– You or me?
– He’s obviously gonna say him.
(Mia laughs)
– Okay fine, whatever, you’re hotter.
I’ll give you that one, shut up.
– He’s so nice for the first time.
– Okay, let’s go. (clears throat)
What’s the kinkiest thing you
and my partner ever did to one another?
– Oh, God.
– Come on, I wanna know this.
– Alright.
She blew my butthole.
She was waxing me, it
was really fucking hot,
– Like temperature hot or like sexy hot?
– Both.
– Can you tell me what it
means to blow a butthole?
– You spread the cheeks…
– Okay.
– And you go (blows air)
and she was doing that and just
Can we move on please?
– On the count of three, let’s both say
the grossest thing that comes to mind
when we think about our mutual person.
– [Man] One, two, three!
– [Mario] She farts openly on the couch.
– [Barbie] She poops
in front of everybody.
– What the fuck guys?
– I’m sorry.
– You sold her out.
– Is any part of you not quite
over the break-up, any regrets?
– No, I’m completely over it, no regrets.
– [Man] Were you guys in love?
– Did you guys ever say
the L word to each other?
– “The L word”?
– Yeah, “the L word”.
– Oh, well we say it to each other,
but I don’t think we like, meant it.
– What does your “I love
you” really sound like?
– What do you mean what
does it sound like?
– Because you say “I
love you” to her, right?
Like as-
– No, I say “love you”, without the I.
– [Mario] Ohh.
– Without the I.
“Love you” is different from “I love you”.
– Have you two come close to
breaking up, what happened?
– One time, she came back from work,
she got upset about something
else that happened at work,
then we starting fighting in the streets.
– How come I didn’t know about this?
When was this?
– I’m sorry, you know,
you know everything, damn.
– Well, I thought I did.
– No, you don’t.
– It was when the PS4 was broke, remember?
– Oh!
– Yeah, then she smashed-
– She threw the PS4 out the window.
Yeah, okay, I was aware of this.
– Are you happy for us?
– I’m so happy.
‘Cause I don’t have to
deal with her anymore.
Congratulations guys.
– [Man] You glad you did this?
Did you gain anything?
– I, well, I learned a
lot about you because,
you’re just like her sometimes.
– You’re like her!
– You’re also like her!
– You’re like her!
– You’re like her too!
– I guess we’re all like, alike.
– Yeah.
– [Both] To Mia.
– Good luck.
– Good luck to you too.
– [Voiceover] Buy the
Truth or Drink game now,
you definitely don’t
want to miss out on this.
It’s a (beep) blast.
(upbeat music)


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