MY FIRST BIG WIN ON THE SLOT MACHINE (en subs) | Highlights Livestream 203 #2

Eh, 2,4,6 Spins… Wtf is going on?
Not another bug or disconnect…
Oh god, it didn’t react, holy sh*t
Can you remove the snow? (modded lobby)
Yes, that was pretty close
Half a spin more and i would have had three anches
But three anches are kind of bad
What is the highest value? Three pharaohs or three sevens
If then the jackpot
Pharaohs are the most valuable
How much are three sevens?
625,000 Jetons!
Now i own two million Jetons
I just called it, three pharaohs or three sevens would be great and i got it!
(Just can’t believe my luck)
Sorry. RIP ears :/
(Just can’t believe my luck)


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