Multi-Board Game Battle!!

-What’s up, you guys? Welcome to today’s video.
-Dude, what is that?
-I didn’t mean to do it, dude!!
i didn’t mean to do it so hard
-How did you not mean to do it?
-I didn’t mean to do it so hard
We have hundreds of board games– literally thousands. Let’s do.
All right. First up!
-Ow! Bobby, my hand!
So, this is Brian versus Joey. You have to build the mousetrap without instructions and set it off.
Whoever sets it off first gets a point.
I have to be slow and methodical, not rushing anything.
-You guys took out the instructions.
-Yeah, by memory.
-Where’s the slide thing? This is gonna take some time. Yeah, one of us is gonna be way ahead.
-Okay, okay
Okay, okay, okay
-Okay. Okay, Bobby, you get away from me.
-I’m trying to help you guys!
Bobby, don’t help him. He doesn’t want your help.
-I need his help from the likes of you.
-Ooh, I’m on a roll now, Joey
-Oh, wow, he’s way ahead of me
{One of us is gonna be way ahead}
You’d best hurry up
All right. I got this
-Where’s my marble? There it is.
-These are num-
-What are numbered?
-If you beat Joey, you beat him single-handedly
-Was that… a joke on purpose?
Ha ha ha
Hey, okay, that’s enough, Bobby. You just {garbled}
-So do I just… twist, right?
-Nope! Sorry, Bob- Joey, here I go
Mine goes! Mine’s going! No, no, that’s cheating!
Here it goes! Oh! Yeah!
-Hey! Hey! Incomplete! It is missing a piece.
-Dang it!
Oh, Joey’s going for it!
-He’s missing the ball! Up on top!
-Where’s the ball?!
-It’s down there!
-Where’s mine?!
Oh, wait, Bryan found it
-All right, it’s a race!
-There it goes!
-It’s a race!
-It’s going! No!
No, no, no, he cheated!
-Joey cheated!
No, no, Joey, you have it do it one more time
-You have to do it
-And Bryan’s missing a piece
It doesn’t count!
-I get the point!
I get the point!
{Muffled yelling, groaning, laughter}
-I get the point
Wow, okay
Look at where that landed between my legs
{Squished groaning}
-Okay, I gotta get up
-No! No!
Not the wedgie!
No! We were even!
-We were even!
-Ugh, I hate the wedgie.
-Not the wedgie!
-It’s almost there!
-Lift your head up!
-Lift your head up!
-It’s almost there!
-I’ve gotta help these guys. Pull harder!
{Groaning} -Ugh, okay
-Point for Bryan!
-Ugh, world record
-Bryan has one point
-All right, we’re moving on
-Now we’re not even anymore, Bobby
-On to the next game
-And it has nothing to do with wedgies. This is why we keep getting teen ratings
-So all of you will be playing in this round. It’s Mad Gab.
-Y’all don’t stand a chance against me and Mad Gab.
-I seen Bobby and Bobby-
-Bobby speaks in Mad Gab!
-“Mom stir sink”
-“Monsters, Inc.!” I got it first! I said it! No, we said it at the same time
“Monsters, Inc.!” I got it first!
-Tiebreaker: “Water youth ink”
-“What are you thinking?” What do you think?
-Bro, let me speak. You’re just like, so rude
{High-pitched scream}
“Ain’t shanty chip… pins”
-“Ancient Egypt!” “Ancient Egyptians!”
-I got that first
-“Ancient Egyptians!” {garbled}
-Stay in your seat! This is you:
{laughing} -I’m so excited!
-“Alba ker”
-“Albuquerque, New Mexico!”
-“Albuquerque, New Mexico!”
“Bye hog ruff he.”
-“Bone cans uh”
-That was Bryan
-Yes! Bonanza! Bonanza! {singsong}
{laughter} -What is he doing?
Next one is Joey versus Bobby
-All right, first person to put all the pieces on their tower wins. Remember when we made a whole video just on this game? -Yeah
-Ha ha! A la vista!
-All right, ready! 3, 2, 1, go! Mistake, nope. No, Joey, you can’t do more than one on-.
-You can’t?
-WHOA! {laughter}
Oh, no way!
Joey, you got to pick up the ones that you drop-
-What are you talking about?
If you knock over his tower, he wins automatically
-If you knock over his tower-
-Oh, what are you doing?
-What are you talking about?
-I dunno; I think we’re going to have to DQ you
-Oh! {laughter}
-Oh! Oh! Eyes! Eyes!
-Bobby wins!
-Ow, dude, it hurts!
-What is this?
-“Eye Found It!”
-Oh, it’s like “I Spy”
-Mmm, guys– We’re above the age limit
-Stop it!
-I will call out certain items-
-Items in here!
-The first one to find the item gets a point. Okay the first item: a mailbox.
-Oh, great
-Mailbox! Right here!
I found it. Okay. Yes. The next item is a broom. Oh, gosh, I’m never gonna bother Hey
There’s no brooms and karsland then when I’m armed you see a DK that was just zooming any zooming in somewhere over here
Maybe if this thing wasn’t so cluttered I’d be able to find some things
It’s right here somewhere
I found one right there
Are you wearing tearaway underwear or something like that a
Week i’ma tucking my shirt, how long is this joke gonna last
The last item is a fire hydrant
That one dang it. Are you serious? If I heard it, right? That’s not a fire hydrant
That’s a fire hydrant. What that’s not Margaret. No, that’s why the kids like yeah. I’m not looking at it Oh,
I’ma kill all y’all this is Brian versus Bobby. Oh you’re going down son
Now we’re talking scattegories, baby. All right, so if you guys don’t know how to play this game, I roll the die
There’s a bunch of letters on the die H
I have to think of H words that abide by the topic that we suggest you don’t start until E
Time time time. Alright number one things with balls elephant. Let me put a whole bundle here cut it out
That’s a haven’t you ever seen an elephant in a circus balancing the ball on their face do that egg with double yolks
I play their balls
Elk really the shot Bobby you have one electronics. That’s not a reason. I want to go by electro
That’s sure that’s not that a reason I put emotions people shop on their motion. No
Yeah, number three things you mix up. I have nothing. I’m not put envelopes. What how do you mix up member walks? Yeah. Yeah
Yep. Yeah what I got the okay. All right number four
People in uniforms I get nothing. I got elderly
Do the elderly where specific a my grandpa a lot of grandpa like the exact same thing? It’s the New Balance shoes from Costco
it’s the
That’s the big giant ABS. It’s that button up that’s wrinkle-free. You know you carry boy
In the bvz and the giant wallet and the khaki stainless pants. Ya know doesn’t count. I put EMT
Emergency medical technician
*the more u know*
Items you keep forever and lists fries from Islands
Nope I got endless bro, Bobby bro. Don’t you know what endless means it’s forever on the menu. It’s a binding contract
I say no because this is gonna come back and bite me in the butt and I’m gonna lose this
There’s no disclaimer at the bottom. I
Put in motions, but that’s not an item. You keep what no, it’s not hot places Ethiopia. What are you talking about?
Oh, I’m on the wrong side
Ellis Arizona, you just made that up. There’s no places Ellis
*guilty bobby look*
Nice try sounds elephant that’s not a sound elephants make that sound
*wild brian noise*
what sound was that?
*wild brian noise followed by a heard of brian elephants*
I Put echo
Yes, yes I put egg
Okay, I don’t think no I didn’t I didn’t write anything found in a grocery store
I put eclairs in class doesn’t start with an e such as an S and they’re called eclairs
Number 10. It’s kinds of candy gummy eggs. No
Okay exist. I didn’t write anything number 11 names for a girl emmalin Erica
– so I get the point number 20. We’re at night eggs. No
All right count up your boys. I got one – I got one point six three
No, you got zero. You got like one. I got – yeah Ethiopia and elephant and I should have got endless fries from Island
Oh, yeah, y’all are haters point totals, please
So there is a tied for first place Brian Bobby I
Knew it. I didn’t write anything. So you guys we’re gonna joke Joey’s gonna have this auditioning
Joey’s gonna have to take his punishment on a future video
But in the meantime watch this video right here that YouTube recommends and go watch this play this right here
I don’t know what it is, but it’s gonna be fun


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