Motivation – Do You Have A Gambler Or Leader Mindset? Jerry Sargeant

I’ve got a question for you are you a
or are you a leader? You see leaders have
& Gamblers hope. okay words like hope
try should be removed from your
very important if you want to achieve in
this lifetime
and you want to live a disciplined life
where you
become more that you can be because
without these disciplines
you’re gonna be dragged into other
people’s dreams into other people’s
I’m not gonna let your true purpose
Socrates one said
and undisciplined life is a life of insanity
and those words could’nt be further from the
truth you know when I’m talking about
I’m not talking about government tellin
you should do this you should do that
you should listen to them
i’m talking about you as a human being
waking up every single day and doing
what it takes to
discipline your minds your heart to
follow your true purpose by listening
to your heart
and stilling that little voice inside of your mind is very important
first and foremost that you discipline
focus your energy focus on the things
that you pay once
and not the things that you don’t want
that’s when most people fall down.
it’s really easy to let the weeds in your garden overtake the garden of your mind
overrun and and kill those beautiful
flowers and dreams of yours
and stop filling your life purpose
we seem to tend to hates we seem to tend
I be unforgiving seemed
to blame, to judge really really easily but
to forgive love focus on the things that
make us happy
that the cherish our good nature
we seem to find it a lot more difficult to
focus on those
is really important that you engage your
your heart your soul every fiber of your
entire being
on what it is that you want. okay the second
thing I want
be disciplined in the way that you
interpret life
okay reality
is held in the eye of the observer so
what you perceive
is your reality and one man or woman
perceive the same situation completely
differently from another man or woman
so it’s important that you look
everything happens to you as an
opportunity for growth and not as an
or something horrible is coming to get
you will come to crush your dreams
okay ask yourself what can I learn from
how can I grow from this okay turn obstacles into opportunities and look
for the goodness in everything
okay very important the third thing I
want to mention
is to discipline you hearts
okay and not to be trodden on
by you ego. You say, you know you’ve been
walking through town, walking somewhere
past a shop and that little voice inside
your head will say to you
you know just pop in for a for
McDonald’s a Burger or go and get some sweets
something you shouldn’t be eating if you’re on a diet
or try make you
manipulates you in one way or another
to try and get you to do something
destructive to to keep you small and
holds you
where you are but you don’t want to be.
You know you can achieve greatness
but that little voice inside your head will always be cast in a shadow
will always be cast in a doubt and its up to you
to say shut up I’m not gonna listen to
and follow your heart because your
heart’s gonna lead you in the direction
of your dreams
it always does, it always will. So start to listen to your heart
discipline yourself to listen to your
discipline is mission critical if you
want to become
very best version of you
Please discipline yourself every single day
every single second of every single
day. There’s a 84600 seconds in a day
That’s 84600 opportunities or…
84600 chances for that little voice
inside your head to say
don’t do this don’t do that you should
be doing this you should be doing that
don’t try that because
you might lose your money or
on you might lose your reputation or
people might think you’re crazy
don’t listen to it please don’t listen
to it for your sake
not mine listen to it and become the
very best version of you
is like, it’s like the police states
and the exploding of human consciousness. You
what you gotta ask yourself, why is the
police state expanding so rapidly
it’s because the people
at the top or the so-called top with
the so-called power
their perception of reality and power
of freaking acts the freaking out big
time because
They’re fearful that they gonna lose control
of humanity, of the human race because
is exploding so fast at a rapid rate
and humanity is waking up and people are not going to put up with it anymore
you know if your gambler you gonna sit
there and you’re gonna hope
everything’s okay whilst the world around
you crumbles
and you lose your freedom completely
utterly and totally
and your kids and your grandkids and
great grandkids grow up have a microchip
stuck in their arms
fed a chemical concoction of
mind-numbing drugs to
to bring down your altered state of super
and make you believe that this reality,
this five cents to reality is all that there is
Okay that’s what gamblers gonna
do… they’re gonna hope
but a leader…a leader is completely
different. A leader is gonna have faith
they gonna live their lives with courage
knowing that
love, truth, bravery, leadership
will insure that we become
caring, happy, truthful, loving, sharing
species once again
I’m going to ask you what are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
are you gonna be a gambler or a leader? Are you going to live with hope
or are you going to live with faith?
Knowing in your heart, in your soul
deep down inside that you can make this world a better place
by you becoming the very best version
of you possible and that requires
discipline. I love you with my heart and
with every fiber of my entire being. Please
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