MOST FAMILY-FRIENDLY RESORT IN THE MALDIVES! Kandima Maldives | Newlywed Diaries Vlog 03

Hi guys!
Hey guys.
Oh what are you doing?
So we are at our final…our final.
So Karl and I are at our third and final Maldives
home for our 1 year anniversary trip.
Very sad day because that means that we will
be leaving the Maldives soon.
But basically in order to get here, it was
a little bit different from the first two
places that we stayed.
So the first two places that we stayed, we
got to the island by speed boat.
This was different.
So we checked out of our last resort and we
headed back to the city of Male where we then
took a boat to the airport.
And then hopped on a domestic flight to this
And then we hopped on a bus that took us 5
minutes to where the speed boat was that took
us on an approximately 20 minute boat ride
to this resort Kandima.
Hi, welcome to Kandima!
Hello, welcome to Kandima.
Hi how are you doing?
Thank you!
So with that said, I want to go ahead and
give you guys a tour of where we’re staying
and it’s so cool!
I think you guys are going to like it because
I know I do.
I love it.
So let’s go look.
So we actually don’t even need a regular ket
to get in.
What we do is we use these like little watch
looking things.
We put it up on this and it opens it.
Pretty convenient.
Alright so welcome guys.
Very very cute and vibrant.
Feels very much like an island.
Got like these bright reds and blues and whites.
Definitely an island feel.
I feel like our trip is going by so fast.
It’s already our last day here.
We’ve really just been sitting in the room
for the past couple of days because it’s just
so nice.
With like the ocean waves crashing and just
having the pool right on the deck, I mean
we’ve literally just been swimming all day
every day.
Just chillin, yeah.
But it’s really cool so we just ate breakfast
at the buffet here so that’s kind of where
we just come to eat breakfast every day.
And also one other thing we noticed, well
one thing Karl has been point out constantly
is that it’s a very family-friendly resort
and he wants to have kids like really soon
so every time he sees kids or something that
looks family-friendly he’s like see you can
travel with kids.
So yeah we might be starting next year but
we’ll see but if we do, or when we do, this
probably will be the resort we come back to
in The Maldives.
And when I say family friendly, I’m not
even exaggerating y’all.
They will babysit your kids or you can even
drop them off at Kandiland, their massive
daycare center.
It doesn’t matter if you have a baby or
a toddler, they got your kids covered.
That way you can have a guilt-free vacation
spending time doing what adults do while your
kiddos are off in their own little world having
fun, but never too far away from you.
I think that’s pretty cool and makes me
feel a little more hopeful about still being
able to travel when I become a mom one day.
Not going to lie, having kids is something
that has terrified me for a long time.
But after seeing places like this, I’m suddenly
not so scared anymore.
I’d even go as far as saying I think I can
actually do this.
Well that’s pretty much it you guys.
Karl and I are parting ways.
I’m going on to Sri Lanka and then he’s going
back to the United States so these are our
last few moments together.
So sad.
Won’t see him for another 3 weeks.
I’ll miss you.
I’ll miss you too.
Alright this is it.
We are saying goodbye officially.
Oh my goodness.
3 weeks without seeing Karl, what ever am
I going to do?
Alright bye babe.
Love you.
Love you too.
Be safe.
I will.
Don’t have too much fun without me.
Can’t make any promises.
Bye babe!
And in what seemed like the blink of an eye,
our entire one-year anniversary trip was over.
I bid farewell to Karl and got my mind ready
for what was about to go down next.
Next up, 3 more weeks of nonstop travel to
Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Then back home to travel yet again, this time
to scoop up Karl to go on a Tesla road trip
to Chi-Town.
So if you haven’t done so already, like
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