Mobile Casino Depositing Guide: How To Deposit With The Neteller e-Wallet

Welcome to our quick guide on mobile depositing.
We’ll show you how to deposit at mobile
casinos using the Neteller e-wallet.
The first step is to sign into your casino
account and then head over to the deposit
screen. You’ll be asked to select the amount
you wish to deposit and then your depositing
method, in this case; that’s Neteller.
You’ll then simply sign in to your Neteller
account. Neteller requires 2 sign in details:
your Neteller account name and your Secure
ID. Your Neteller account name is the email
address attached to your account. Your Secure
ID is a unique 6 digit code given to you when
you signed up. It isn’t saved anywhere,
so you’ll have to make a note of it yourself
or contact Neteller customer services need
a new one.
Once you’ve added these details, hit the
deposit button below. After a short pause,
your payment will go through and you will
be returned to the lobby to enjoy your games.
It’s important to remember that when using
Neteller, you can only deposit using money
you’ve already added to your Neteller wallet.
Neteller cannot withdraw money from a bank
card or bank account whilst depositing. You
can add money easily by logging into your
Neteller account from their site. Neteller
charges a minimum of 1.9% of your deposit
amount to add money into your wallet. You’ll
have to check your wallet balance on your
account before depositing to make sure you
have enough. Since frustratingly, Neteller
doesn’t tell you your balance on the casino
deposit screen itself.
Thanks for watching our Neteller mobile depositing
guide. See you next time!

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