welcome to another episode of minecraft bingo we’re doing teams this time and we have two new people Harrison harrybo II and then it’s me and tasty bacon team meet he as he already named us vs Omni and Harrison okay so are we ready to start we’ve already got a new card yeah why does it show five it shows a bunch of arrows on my map yeah I don’t know why it does that I didn’t actually reset the map okay alright so just click start yeah okay let’s do it start the game oh oh I think we’re getting a new map maybe yeah well turns it’s oh it’s just seemed that Forks yep okay alright here we go so it’s teams tasty Bacon’s so you know you gotta like carry us here I know we’re very close you were very close so apparently last time I actually could have won really easily and I didn’t even realize just didn’t even realize the pressure got to me Phil oh you read the comments big mistake are you already looking at the map they’re tasty Bacon’s how’s it looking is it gonna spot us in the same place or different place okay okay there’s a jungle beef yes oh I know the water yeah open it to the jungle jungle go yeah oh we’re done already yeah we’re going okay so we want to go toad generals actually close are you looking at the same one yeah the map is to say horse well yeah I was saying like are we looking at the same Road oh you’re talking to your teammates oh that’s true you know what’s gonna be tough to talk strategy mmm-hmm okay this is our first one right here so we’ve already got the first one right there there we go pretty easy one there do you think so you punched up three you punched up I are going to tell them what’s up yeah exactly that’s the problem all right I’m gonna go over here start punching these trees he’s already got wood in it like that thunderstorm I know I know it is bad it’s really loud it is really loud I’ll turn down here hold on a sec aid friendly creatures we’re weather zero get out of here all right we don’t need weather we don’t need the lawyers upset oh hey look I got one it’s like an item or yeah not an item oh okay a dog straight down to gravel it fells still be both got it that’s it there’s a question if you updates the map because last time Joey had to do it oh oh oh oh I think that’s what it does okay all right I threw one but you you you’re teleported yeah sorry I won’t throw any more people you know what let’s is that chicken or mushroom soup in the middle I don’t know I think it’s be through too you know Oh Stu thing okay well here’s another one we can get look come over here come on mr. Bacon’s oh yes I want to communicate to you via a hand gesture you can use signs I know that’s true speaking of signs that’s one of the ones on the map but I don’t think we should go for that look come over here this thing right here you see this and I’m gonna make yeah yeah do you want to do that bro I think that row is probably gonna be the easiest yeah yeah yeah yeah good all right let’s get to work on this is gonna be tough I feel like we should be in our own calls yeah maybe for a second round we have to do yeah because this is like I want to push things this is very of me I’m not seeing a good plan that we’re going for here yeah okay all right you know what I’m just gonna I’m just gonna grab a bunch of things that I can immediately get and then we’ll see what we are in good shape for Oh only I know are you doing yes solid one what are they doing that’s I don’t like that no no not at all there’s just gonna be one that’s gonna be a problem oh thanks for my iron that’s good fantastic I’m gonna be working on surface things I can’t really tell you beef is a surface dweller I am I love the surface I’m all about the surface Oh shout out Microsoft I’m just kidding this not a big no not yet anyway there’s something well I don’t know just just do your own thing definitely need communication in the second one just do you I know yeah that’s the problem I need some more wood wood instant regrets are you gonna die no regrets so we only have one thing so far I just noticed yeah yeah we’re doing great yeah that’s not it’s not great mr. bacon we got to do it for the meat crew did you get some of that sandy stuff the sandy snow yeah there’s sandy stuff over here I’m not even worried about the sandy stuff I’m just doing surface things don’t bother me okay okay okay geez Oh slowly they got another one so let them get their confidence high and then we’ll just crush their dreams he got another one he said oh dang it I need some some of this oh that’s gonna be a hard or not yeah yeah sure it’s uh I’m gonna get the fourth one in that in that row all right please the fourth one in that row okay on me I can get another one okay what is going on oh we got a night oh wait so how do you update the map hey you throw it yeah okay oh I’d have to like threw all my god okay going for infantry rescue yeah okay I didn’t want to throw all of them I don’t know if that matters yeah okay oh we got that one right okay yeah that’s good that’s uh that’s good ish that’s all right I guess did you want to go for the other one did that no no no do you do your thing you’re gonna do it it’s gonna be fine everyone’s gonna be trained to know what you’re talking about yeah yeah yeah he said the fourth one on that row I’m like oh okay I may or may not have collapse and on myself oh good I mean oh okay hello another is a zombie sounds like they’re having a little bit of a double oh I think that I’m lightning just struck right next to me I know the creeper oh okay never mind that never mind then that’s what it was do this and covered my furnaces oh I hate it when that happens all the time right um good oh you don’t know there goes that is what haven’t grown yes it’s fine okay didn’t see it’s all right right here I got I got one good I’m going to find a cave or right soon because I think only have oh okay never mind rotten flesh oh wow look at the law granting the corner yeah no kidding right they need that last one’s gonna be tough for them to get though another one oh man oh my god yeah yeah okay all right oh so we basically won what what already there’s no way come on guys we really have no we have no plan Oh skeleton Oh what is this no no don’t do this to me how this you underwater I’m gonna drown I heard a no case yeah I’m looking for a couple things down here but I can’t I can’t even I’m just there’s not even oars I’m just getting stone real here we go here we go this is something thank you okay all right I’m going back up how do you even get beats in this game you gotta get in from villages don’t you yeah happen I can get the second – laughs oh man okay Steve a kinnor we can totally win this on the last one oh I’m do I need to come back to you um not really we just need to do here I got another one oh that’s reassuring oh did you see which one I got I’m oh yes can you the other things I have all the materials to get the other things like I’ll just yeah I just need more time you just got it if we could just get the wheat to grow that would be arranged I feel like a certain badge here yeah yeah exactly we just need that to grow badly there’s a skeleton oh there was a skeleton over there we could have killed her there banging on random ticks you all quiet your face don’t bank on anything okay I need more wood go away three skeleton cool come on come on let’s get some wood everything’s gonna be fine we could totally win this this is gonna be easy this is gonna be easy I got the second to last thing okay I’m gonna work on the last thing I know I found some good sources did he say sauces man I would love some good sauces right now I’m really hungry all right ngo5 we need more okay okay do you need more iron beef uh yeah – mo I got not a lot more but like just a little bit more and we’re good yeah okay yeah I don’t know nothin come back to where I’m at do you know where I’m at have you done I’m right until justice let’s put it in the I’m trying to get some coal – or if you could put that wood in there that’d be great oh my god the guy needs a second to last for that should I cross T helper yes yes and then the rail and then all we need is that wheat what are you talking about oh man there’s no way you guys are gonna kill a creeper and get all the iron necessary for that demon anchor well I got some real okay Oh Oh me this isn’t good this isn’t good good stop I wanna serve that no that’s all we need okay we gotta go kill here guests get a sword ready I have a sword okay I don’t have a sword oh you go and do your thing try to try to find a skeleton it’s nighttime it’ll be perfect perfect timing for that I need more wood yes we can find two you guys shut your mouths you’re not finding anything I gotta win one of these at least I found one of the their needs over here did you yeah there’s a creeper over there your if you want ends and the monolith on one okay I’m bout to a party oh no skeleton where are they at oh that’s one here that’s one here okay go go go go let’s take a wander no it didn’t operate droppin II did he drop it yeah I got three good you know three bones but oh yeah three okay but okay so okay still not great it’s still not great but it’s getting there one more I think yeah I’m let’s see let’s see what we get from that oh okay I have the cocoa beans on me but there’s cocoa beans everywhere over there so in case you find one and and and you I’m not around you feel free to make yourself one I’m gonna cross this water that’s a creeper okay come on my days come on man I don’t see are you guys just hunting creepers we’re hunting skeletons I’m not afraid to say it it’s good obvious what we need so yeah in the meantime it might grow didn’t you I get to bone me or one of them though I used one on the second patch okay good stuff it might actually grow my but we can’t count on it chickens chickens so many chickens Oh skeleton come on where’s the skeleton polar bear this is like whoa this is like finding a jungle all over again hey found a skeleton oh nice so hopefully I can kill him I blame my pain oh there’s a creeper or a zombie here too stop it nope he’s dead now no he didn’t drop anything he dropped a bone he dropped a bone okay I’m cooking it out if I could find my way back oh there’s so many skeletons over here I would give you coordinates but it’s like 1 million come on come on mine suckers we’re gonna win this this is gonna be another team yeah yeah I’m here okay come on okay Oh nope here we go folks rebel attack I’m panicking okay we did it all right throw that other of wheat in me we got a victory fantastic how do you return to the lobby you have to click that thing oh these shameless fighter great finish awesome GG bros that was fun um wanna play another one let’s play another one just later that’s nice thank you guys so much for watching see you the next time see you next one bye bye


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