Million Dollars, But… The Game Announcement | Rooster Teeth

When we conceived Rooster Teeth.
We wanted to revolutionize the way people viewed comedy.
Today we want to revolutionize the way people play comedy.
Introducing Million Dollars, But… The Game.
Million Dollars, But… The Game is Rooster Teeths most inovative product yet.
Its opulant extravagance combined with nostalgic familiarity.
Concocts a stimulating recreational experience.
When we began developing this experience our first task was to perfect the game-play.
We challenged ourselves to make a game that was equal parts intuitive and enjoyable.
You play by combining a Trigger card with a Rules card which then forms a complete sentence or scenario.
Which you then can then present to your companions.
Your group then debates who has the most preposterous scenario and a winnner is chosen.
It’s genius in its simplicity.
In order to develop the best scenarios possible we sought out top literary scholars
To custom craft cards that would unite in perfect harmony.
Once we tackled game-play our next task was perfecting design.
Our card measure in at a precise 0.254 mm.
That’s a hundred times thinner than cards that are 25mm thick.
Each card is forged from the finest materials that the lowest bidder had in stock when we called.
Our cards are also made in China.
Home of calligraphy and a culture of rich traditional penmanship.
It’s here where the cards are hand written by laser printing machines in mass quantities.
The cards are then placed into the most advanced storage technology on the market.
A Box.
This is a game for everyone.
We designed it for Millennials.
and their modern Millenial life-style as they Milleniate through the Millenium.
It’s also designed for old people because they have money.
At Rooster Teeth we don’t create products we create memories
and transendental experiences that you can buy for about $25 plus shipping
If you buy two experiences we can give you a little discount.
Million Dollars, But… everytime you hear a child laugh, you must take a shit in the nearest cat litter box.


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