Mike Postle CHEATING?

everybody’s on the 30-minute delay
except for Postle he gets the cards at at the same time I
think he just he just sees everything he has different eyesight than we do thank
you for joining me today I know most of you love poker and want to see poker
hands well let’s go over some controversial poker hands that were
played by Mike postel all of these hands take place on the stones gambling hall
livestream Mike has some common frequencies that we will discuss in this
video we will take an objective look at what is possible and what is impossible
let’s talk about double-checking his hole cards in old Limit Texas Hold’em
you are dealt two cards you look at them at the beginning of the hand and it is
easy to remember what two cards you have this isn’t pot limit Omaha you don’t get
four cards you get two cards and a lot of times they’re suited it’s especially
easy to remember what your cards are if they’re suited for instance Queen Jack
of Hearts ace 10 of spades five six of diamonds very easy to remember this
because you’re actively rooting for these cards to come out on the flop Mike
has been playing poker for living for 15 years
just like me his memory should be very good when it comes to remembering what
two cards he holds in a given hand in these videos you will see that this is
not the case Mike has a propensity to check double check and even triple check
his whole cards why would he do this and why does he do it so slowly and seem to
look past the cards and into his lap it is common for people to place their cell
phones on the rail when playing poker for easy access what is not common is
for the player to keep their cell phone on their crotch Mike Postle looks at his
crotch phone at the most important times in a hand especially after the flop Mike
Postle prides himself on live reads why isn’t he looking at his opponents
for information what information is on his crotch phone these are some of the
questions that were gonna address and show some alleged proof of possible
wrongdoing these allegations should not be taken lightly keep an open mind and
form your own opinion based upon your experience as a poker player and what
tendencies are normal many of the Mike postle supporters will
dismiss these claims of cheating and just say he’s a great player and that
people that think he’s cheating are jealous or haters this may be true but
we’re gonna get to the bottom of it sit back relax and enjoy the highlights of
some of the livestream hands that Mike Paschal played in this hand he sees a
flop four ways with the Queen ten of Hearts flop comes Queen High facing a
seedbed he puts in the call the other two players fold knees heads up against
King Jack suited when the turn is a ten he looks visibly disgusted when his
opponent bets he has a reaction before he even puts in the call he can’t
believe what’s going on he’s gonna have to call because it looked too suspicious
if he folded top to in this spot knowing he’s beat he puts in the call the rivers
of brick and facing a $1,000 bet he shows his disgust he knows that he can’t
fold top two on his board he has to make the call is this proof of anything no
it’s just one hand but we’re gonna go over mini hands this is one of the few
times you’ll ever see him make a river call and be wrong this man has been on
69 live streams and played for I believe you said ten thousand hands in all of
the research we might have found five or 10 incorrect River calls in all of this
time it’s incredible stay tuned watch all the hands this is just a small
snippet of what actually took place Queen nine deuce all rainbow soros here
and top pair forget their apostle who spoiler alert got there what how if my
business is only worth 10k that’s grossly undervalued it was a good time
when you go safari guy well thanks man it is worth a little bit more
than 10k and what is that Drac Drac ours Drac ours now following on Twitch thanks
to the follow home space-related dude queen 9 deuce like I said on the flop
there Ted on the turn and that’s disco City for Aussie class
gutshot made whole talk – is it possible that a cooler it has has mic on the back
guaranteed not consider possible / Queen or 10 on the river who wants to bet you
know it’s is it possible it’s possible the possible that a queen or 10s gonna
come on the river guaranteed so now Aussie has fired and mike is deep in
thought is can he find a okay enough of course he cannot fold that’s it that’s
just insane so he does call he’s in position and can
he fill up no I was I was I had a list of obscenities I was gonna yell when he
river between her town I want you guys to know that they were already ready yes
miss the river and I feel like he’s still revered sure that’s a for graphics
here so now here we are on the river and what is happening because Mike is in
position and he shoves no he just calls oh he calls oh did you shove into him
and I was like oh he’s mad he lost one pot guys a moment of silence for Mike
pasal in this hand Mike hostile sees a flop three ways with the Queen Jack
offsuit the flop comes queen high with the wheel draw he’s up against queen
jack and ace for facing a bed of 275 and a call if he happened to know their hand
he should definitely shove all in here to die equity a lot of good things can
happen if the ace four folds and the Queen Jack calls it gets to chop up the
ace 4s dead money or ace four could call Queen Jack folds and he’s way ahead so
this is definitely the correct play although most people would probably err
towards the side of just calling with such a marginal hand like Queen Jack in
a raised pot three ways there is some speculation that Mike Postel might have
information as to what the run-outs are in addition to the
whole card information if this is true it really makes you think the reasoning
before behind the jam if you really wanted the ace forward to fold because
as it turns out they run it twice versus the ace four and the ace four scoops
both pots conspiracy-theory not sure we’re just looking at hands hands in a
vacuum but hands all put together will create in paint a bigger picture isn’t
doing again I’m like okay so everybody in the chat what’s going on we got PDX
what’s up buddy we got set girl JB darts and stones live poker up in the
chat everybody that’s just kind of hanging out say what’s up we want to
call you out give you a little bit of attention you know because that’s what
we’d like to do here you’re part of the show except we got a three-way pot and
there’s already approaching 600 bucks in the middle and this is gonna be the
Battle of mic oh gosh unless Harlan wants to get frisky with his wheel draw
so we got ya Mike and Matt looking like they’re gonna chop it somehow
Harlan really has equal equity in this or are we just accounting like run good
equity because this is your show counting the the possible folding on
later streets of my car Matt we’re gonna see if Mike can continue his run good of
recent months he has been famously absolutely clobbering every game we see
him on here on stones live we’ll see if tonight is just February
2nd again and it’s Groundhog Day for Mike and he can’t lose or he will there
will be a return to normalcy one of these nights
JFK poker no spoilers and he’s just been right hold right on you Mike is piling a
Leaning Tower of Pisa into the middle and Harlan is just like Everett Bros in
my game I’m all-in 3-way and he just knows he’s at 35% right he knows he has
the best equity so he’s like course I’m getting it in Mike mixed the perfect
race here and forces out the but forces out the hand that was tying him
I went by Mike P and I told him that whatever software he’s using to tell him
what everyone has every time yeah I know right and how to best
get them to do it’s not even that because he also knows how to make them
miss play their hands every time with remarkable consistency coming down give
me that yeah do you have some sort of like I have be in your ear that’s like
its hacking into the RFID and you just know what they have it’s not even that
he’s got to be hacking straight into their brain yeah yes right because not
only does you know what that like he gets them to make plays we’re like I
think would never make that play if I did it they never ever ever would find
the folds that they find against Mike before even playing Esther everybody
said this guy was the sickest ever aha and after this hand I might be somebody
else just like a pure DJ and gambler or something I’m in the next clip with Mike
pasal with the blinds at five five 10 with a forty five dollar under the gun
dead straddle action folds around to Naga who raises it up with Ace King
Chris Moneymaker three bets and it folds back to pasal facing a seven hundred
dollar bet with what ten dollars invested pretty easy fold for any
winning cash game player but unexplicable he puts in the call why
would he call not closing the action out of position with such a speculative hand
as five for many people postulated that if he had access to the whole cards he
would see that the action would probably end up with the two ace kings getting it
in preflop and he could correctly call it off in a three-way pot with five high
this is due to the removal of Ace King blocking each other its outs and knowing
that King Queen was folded and that no other player was blocking his four or
five outs incredible I know with just over 40% in a three-way pot $11,000 pot
he correctly called it off twice to get it in good with four or five offsuit
after I witnessed this hand I went into the booth and talked to some of the
commentators and expressed my astonishment or concern for the
situation I couldn’t put it together I’ve never
seen anything like it in all of my years of poker so it definitely set off alarm
bells to me in the moment that was four months ago here we are now and Nagas
waking up with Ace King gonna make it what 2:45 like 600 bucks 700 bucks pasal
is thinking thoughts with the 5/4 puzzle does call yep
yeah he does rip your moneymaker is gonna call here and what does pasal do I
think this is crazy apostle called as well three-way all-in
ace king ace king 5 for 11 point 2 K pot and we’re figuring out what the hell is
going on throughout this video I’d like you to pay close attention to the
frequency in which Mike Postel checks his whole cards in the manner that he
does it like I said before this is not normal in this hand he raises with ace
deuce suited faces a three bet and a cold for butt and he puts in the cold
call this is not standard by any means I don’t think any winning cash game player
ever does this unless they have some additional information to make the
future streets a lot easier to decipher in this case he’s up against ace queen
and they see a flop King seven deuce calls a flop bet with bottom pair when
he checks the turn he shoves all in for value or a bluff not sure unless you can
see the other guys or cards sizing do you think if your if your Vic you know
six inches especially oh we’re gonna size up there so often you’re for bet
sizing is gonna be significantly smaller six players that they’re full button
just it’s just broke you know it’s not working back it used to we’re definitely
gonna want to size up on our Bluffs and even size up on our value hands as well
just because like Ava these guys are gonna call them size up I think an even
smaller bait to relax I mean it’s gonna be hard for Mike to really peel here
there’s 1355 in the pot here Rick and Barstow what’s going on
glad to see you Mike jams whole cartographic errors are common on stones
live stream but they seem to be far more common when Mike postle is involved in
the pots there’s many many videos out there that I can’t even begin to cover
so I can only make this vlog so long in this hand the graphics card reader only
picks up two cards for each player even though they’re playing pot limit Omaha
which you have four cards his actual holding is Jack for 10x so that might
make the action seem a little bit weird he flops two pair and he turns a boat
and the action goes as planned the important thing to notice is in the
beginning of the hand the way he spreads his cards over the RFID reader it’s
almost as if he’s signaling in the back hey guys we’re only picking up two cards
here it’s a problem you can tell how his demeanor is different on future streets
when he plays heads-up he doesn’t know what to do even though he has a boat I
mean a boats are more common in Omaha but you can see his frustration as he
only has to call the riverbed of $600 with a boat as opposed to put his
opponent it all in and getting Max value this is one of the most damning things
if you can really just gauge by his body language he later goes into the booth
and says hey what did he have in that hand would it only showed two cards how
does Mike know the graphics only showed two cards flush draw it’s because he has
two overs and clubs has the highest equity in the hand at the moment is he C
bets out he’s gonna get rid of three oh wow yeah Mike puts 80 and Steve
instantly clicks up to 230 Wow and that’s probably gonna fold around the
mic if if we stay consistent at this table for what we’ve done I can’t call
with bottom pair here oh yeah oh yeah Mike might see one more card
ah make me Alya like when Steve when Steve spread his cards out it looked
like he had four cards is this is this a PLO or but I think this is a PLO orbit
but the the game in the system didn’t get changed so it’s only picking up two
of their cards yeah I think they both have four cards because it’s hijack and
cut off the buttons and one there at hijack and cut off right now so we’re
missing two of their cards I’m pretty sure this is a PLO hand so we might have
to wait to get the cards turned face up to know what’s happening here Mike Bettes again and Steve raises again
whatever Steve has behind he might have a 10 with his eight six a club he might
already have trips he might already have a boat
we don’t even know Mike Mike yes II see there’s there’s there’s four cards there
yes the world is very solid so this is either an epic Bluff but Mike not go out
okay I can’t wait to see these cards I hope yeah I hope we get to see them Mike
is betting and getting raised on every street and Steve is a tough player Wow
so it’s showing the check mark for Steve but that’s for only two of his cards we
only know two of the four cards in each player’s hand so he’s got at least ten
yeah we do not know the outcome here it’s a check to Steve Steve is looks
like he’s thinking about sticking some more chips in for a bet and I really
hope we get to see these par 1 point 4 K uh uh he’s grabbing a bad eye and just
from Mike’s body language I just don’t think he’s gonna call whatever happens
here Steve is such a rock-solid player he’s being so meticulous about stacking
up a come-hither bet 1.4 k pot and he’s gonna make this really small get some of
that uh Thin Mint value where’s our Thin Mints
there it is he’s going to value town they’re looking for the Finn meant value
here on stones live well we bet 600 guys still get bad 1,400 I’m sorry I’m
surprised he left himself with like 100 yeah they just need to only leave that
little behind right why not go all in there Oh Mike is Mike sticks a call in
let’s see what we’re working with here Mike tables 10 10 what is it a 10-8 did
he make a full house Steve does not look happy in this hand they play a $50 bomb
pot what that means is everybody puts in $50 preflop 8 players and then they see
a flop and play it from there $400 in the pot and he has the 10 3 offsuit on a
10 8 8 2 hardboard not the strongest holding when you’re up against seven
other players but when faced with a bet from Queen Jack it’s time to isolate he
raises it up to 275 good read Mike and he gets the call when the turn comes the
King of Hearts he decides to go for more value when checked you very very thin
what does he put his opponent on that he can possibly go in for value is he
bluffing what better hands will fold here he
faces a jam just over a minute he bet and he calls it off he does lose both
run outs and the announcers have some very interesting things to say about
what he put his opponent on and how he could have put him out exactly Queen
Jack take a listen we had a bomb pot here so $50 bottom plot for in the pot
10 8 8 to hards Mike flops the best of it with his pair of tens Vic’s got a
gutter to overs and a backdoor heart draw that’s actually no good at Derek’s
pack four hearts if he can see it turn card
didn’t you know plenty of pom-pom pot so hopefully he’s still in Safari guy 5 hey all right so PD AK so Mike so Vic let out and Mike raise
them with ten three King of Hearts very good turn card for Vic improves to
open-ended and picks up his heart draw and mark Mike with the emergency low
it’s very likely for Mike to be raising the flop multi-way here with a flush
draw with just a flush draw there’s no reason being it that with the
board being paired if someone got an eight you’re just like gonna get blown
off which sucks we don’t want to keep blowing off our flush draw yep multi way
like that Mike Witts 375 and Vic right now I was thinking god I wish I had
position on Mike he’s like I’ve already had the sea change button another
graphic here I think Vic already added added on off
it’s because it shows he’s only got 515 back we can see he’s got much more than
that he’s back to eight maybe nine hundred more than five about 900 bucks and he’s gonna stuff it check jam by Vic and I don’t know if you’re Mike and you
can call off your did might call already first one second ones Vic scoop that was
a pretty quick call off a mic so does he you just kind of put him on that big
kind of combo draw yeah I mean you’re you’re interesting there you’re you’re
really isolating Vic down are narrowing down to just Queen Jack or I’m because I
mean we wouldn’t expect to be doing that with like a hand like ten nine ten eight
which now and I mean the King on on the term you know Mike’s not chopping with
all the better tanks right so those three kickers not an issue right but
what is he really putting Vic on there to just be like up we we just go with it
you got a specifically think that he’s the Vic is only that he’s leading multi
way on a paired board with a hamlet Queen Jack with a heart right and is
then check raising turn with it I mean but that’s thing so is he doing that I
mean I mean is he calling I mean to call her I mean we’re we know that our
opponent can have that hand but we’re narrowing our opponents range down to
only bad hand yet so and I don’t even think that hands too often in the line
of lead out multi way call a raise check raise turn you know that’s not
that’s a lot of hands are not that hand Mike pasal looks down at pocket queens
there’s an open there’s a three bet in the actions to him and what does he do
he takes a long hard look and his phone why would he look at his phone in this
situation does he have a sweat on a college basketball game is he getting an
important text I don’t know I can only speculate he eventually puts in the cold
for but and stacks his opponent that happened to have a lesser hand nice and
Mike now here’s a little bit different situation here David in with
rakatans raises it to 80 dave-o on the button so in a different position we saw
David Edwin fold the sixes from the small blind
dave-o though he decides to three bet with his sixes from the button here
makes sense is a better position and he’s going to force his opponents to a
decision now is David M Oh Mike B wakes up with some honey’s battle of the
Queen’s here are we the four bet for bet incoming I bet you I bet you were gonna
see a four-bed Mike pasta allegedly gets dealt ten for offsuit in this hand and
has to recheck his hand many many times eventually he takes down the pot with a
thin river value bet which turns out to be incorrect because the graphics were
wrong once again and he really had a better hand and beat his opponents Jack
nine if that’s even correct not sure the border is correct and the announcers
have some suspicions when the hand is completed net life don’t do it don’t do
it chicks dig long ball not the NIT ball they push the pot to Mike something was
awry there obviously mike is so good even the graphics can’t keep up
he just bluffed the ground nice in this pot limit Omaha hand I played versus
Mike postel I flopped the second set and turn a flush draw and have a straight
draw is back up and I decided to go with it
check raising his $200 bet to $995 committing myself and his reaction is
less than happy he seems confused he’s not happy with the second nuts
he’s afraid I have deuce 4 for some reason and for a second he looks off
into the distance looking for something confirmation approval he looks for
something we’ll never know what that is a nice tax me and takes 1,600 of my
dollars nice hand Mike 5 on the turn boesky needs to hit what does he need to
hit here and parcels Lhasa is 3.3 k-pot against mr. dev both you Oh painful I’m
assuming that most of you don’t know what bone conduction technology is but
if you give it a quick google search you can learn a little more about it it’s a
device that you can put into your hat that sits right against your temple that
sends sound waves effectively into your ear without needing an ear piece many
people have alleged that mic pasal has some sort of device in his hat which
gives it an unusual bulge allegedly you can see the before and after pics and it
seems pretty suspicious to me of course he’s always looking down into
his phone on his lap which is protected with his left hand so it’s possible that
he’s getting information from various sources in this hand he plays the old
seven six in a very precarious manner getting to the river versus two people
with seven high and open shelving into each of them he’s pretty lucky that
nobody had a hand that they could call after taking this very unusual line
takes it down with seven high played it perfectly
very nice hand Mike who do I want to go with Russ says Harlan at 4.5 K I’m gonna
go with Cameron okay going with Cameron Cameron also picking
up a straight draw to go along with his nut flush draw and how big are we saying
for Cameron 3.2 3.2 so the board pairs on the river here brings another three
does not complete the flush or any straights and so look look at Mike P
finding an all-in on this river which is gonna work 100% of the time basically
ace high is best right now Cameron’s ace high Mike found this board to shove on also pay attention to how often he
touches his hat and how he really presses on it to make good contact with
his head for some reason maybe he’s got some itchy dry scalp or another reason
but the movements the body language just doesn’t seem natural when he does these
things I’m not a body language expert but like I said I’ve been playing poker
for 15 years so I know a thing or two about getting reeds getting tells in
this hand he picks up the 95 off suit and somehow puts in $1,000 preflop he’s
up against East Queen in 6 for the flop comes Jack nine three and he shoves
$3,000 in the middle into an uncapped range somehow knowing that he has the
best hand when the ACE Queen folds a seven briefly comes on the turn after
mike says I have a huge hand or you’re almost drawing dead or something along
those lines why would he say oh shit when a7 comes how would he know that’s a
bad card he gave his opponent four outs as opposed to almost zero that’s how he
knew it was a bad card they run it twice he doesn’t say uh-oh when a king comes
on the turn maybe just a coincidence he wins the pot boss the player proudly
shows his 9/5 off suit and celebrates Mike pasal might have some supernatural
powers or he might be the best player I’ve ever seen you be the judge so Mike
opens 9/5 off to 60 Derek a flat 60 porter on the button flat 60 brian is in
the straddle and tanking to get funky or the six horse fades because he’s Brian
he’s going for the Altos squeeze okay because mike has a lot of hands Derek
just flatted so kind of we kind of cap his range sending the quarter Mike flats
to 60 it doesn’t it doesn’t matter like
earlier it was you know for Betty and he had I believe the six seven of Spades
seven seven eight of Spades and I mean he called that six hundred so I don’t
know what sizing we actually go with I mean whatever you think it goes yeah I’m
probably on the same because open six he fought call CT flat sixty I’m living
like three forty years yeah maybe even larger I mean probably well yeah I think
three twenty three forty so in that window just good-looking I mean he does
Eric sticky and my feet Derek sticky with somewhat more reasonable hands mics
sticky like with two cards flypaper yeah I mean just like oh we got science Derek
now after flatty mics open to sixty one output at the back raised might calls to
sixty Derek now back raises to 950 insane hand back over to Brian who’s
like what floodgates did I open up Brian ships ships go ships have hurt he
actually had about a little over eleven hundred if I recall a little over a text
yeah yeah he has like eleven hundred and change I think’s 1195 when I’m mistaken
for 1195 oh my god like the lights went out on me man the lights go out
Wow only ace Queen is definitely not winning this hand that’s all I have to
say Mike yeah so it’s gonna be then it’s definitely gonna be the ninety five the
action actions not though cetera can’t raise Derek’s caught between a rock and
a hard place that’s so sick right and obviously Mike knows that right
otherwise he’s not because Derek could just ship over the top
Mike’s three K – we got an eye we got a nine ball for Mike how many times are
they gonna run it and like jam Mike instant jams ship it all there’s he does
no money and if you feel like he does this on like so many birds is what
you’re like problems I mean doesn’t matter if there are things you could be
ahead lasting Mike and we showed up with blinds ads $5 $10 is a raise to $30
there’s a three-bet to 110 dollars and then there’s the cold for but to 375
dollars and Mike Postel wakes up on the button with this six three of Hearts
what a dream spot he does what every one of us would do and puts in the flat call
375 dollars thirty seven and a half blinds flat call against a bunch of
uncapped arranges six three on the button it ends up going heads up versus
the Ace King of Spades the flop comes nine eight three with two spades he
correctly calls the flop bet facing a turn bet when the nine comes he goes for
max value to deny equity and jams all in with his two pair after about five
minutes a table talk his opponent calls it off they agree to run it twice and
Mike pasal scoops the huge pot with the six three of Hearts sometimes you’re
just in the zone and you’re playing above the rim this was one of those
times where Ross wakes up behind him with a monster an ace queen gonna get
itself into some trouble here potentially that’s a four bet back to
Ross and Ross is not messing around he’s just I know let’s just put the money in
boys if you want to play Wow Wow yes possible cold calls from the
button with 6-3 yards so this is so annoying for frost like he’s now gonna
have to play out of position against Mike yes but now at Lee which is another
reason why XE and i fossil out flopson but yeah flopson but look at the equity
advantage for us he’s lost to overseas so this is I mean you know for Ross
makes a four bet and also makes a mistake by calling it like you know Mike
is very capable of them that looked like a string bet but he might have announced
snap call from Mike Wow and look out man Wow depending on the turn it did get
weird quick though it is a hit bloated up all the way to 2.7 K all in Wow what
a sick show in essence he’s gonna make for us the rest of it Mike just thinks
he’s good and he’s like if we want to go let’s go
and he’s not wrong he is good was sick show he is 53% to win and they can
always run a more than one time since three to rub it in unbelievable Mike
allegedly over the course of 69 livestream sessions Mike pasal has one
close to 250,000 dollars the win rates he has achieved our statistical
anomalies some might say they’re impossible to achieve but he did it so
maybe I’m a hater maybe I’m jealous or maybe there’s something else going on
you decide let me know in the comments below your thoughts and there might be a
part two there’s a ton of videos to go over this is just a very small sample
thanks for watching hit the like and subscribe buttons
to you guys next time


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