Marshmello x SOB X RBE – Roll The Dice (Official Music Video)

And they don’t need to come up You see a solid nigga plated in them shoes. Don’t turn No, you’re saying we fear they comfortable being broke cuz they hate ready. Don’t get it fucked Seeing all my niggas built dumb shit worried about no fuck nigga or no dumb face. Yo know me bitch, nigga Fuck y’all some shit and this us against the world. Fuck who you wrote. It was the prime bow All right zippers tucked in I can get a foot alone nigga cuz I’m plugged in. Mr Trower how you move you make the puppets take a plane around my wife this way. Come one bitch Can we go drop a nigga got some feelings got some demons gonna subside as ready Once you hit this type these bitches wanna stop a nigga and if I ever go back broken I’m Robin if you wanna get the winter life throw two dice be I bet I’m a cat with Lizzy what sorry if we walk J.M☺☺☺


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