Man Bets $4 On Penny Slots And Wins 3.59 Million Dollars

Is this real life right now imagine going
into a casino and coming out winning thousands,
wait no imagine winning millions of dollars.
That would be totally life changing.
This is the excitement everyone gets while
gambling there is always a possibility that
you can win a lot of money.
Over in Memphis a man spent just $4 on a casino
machine and guess what he won 3.59 million
The person who won wants to remain anonymous
but now his life has totally changed.
How’s it going Youtube I am Landon dowlatsingh
and this is where I talk about the news or
anything else trending in the world.
Make sure you guys stay tune till the end
of this video because I will reply to your
I have a ton of big, breaking news stories
for you today.
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So from there lets talk about The biggest
story being talked about right now is about
NBA star Sterling Brown who plays for Milwaukee
He was arrested in late January but things
escalated very quickly during an altercation
with police officers that I think could have
been avoided.
Sterling Brown was all of a sudden surrounded
by many police officers and he was tasered
to the ground.
This whole event was captured from the body-cam
on the police officer.
And it’s a good thing that they now have
to wear them so we really can see what went
Because usually everyone takes the words of
the officers but now we can see the truth.
So let me tell you guys what lead to this.
Sterling Brown was seen approaching his car
when a police officer went in his way to tell
him that he is parking across a few handicap
The police officer asked Sterling Brown for
his driver’s license while getting very
close to Sterling’s face.
The officer went right up to Sterling and
then told him to back up.
Sterling felt like he didn’t need to back
up because the officer came into his face.
Repeatedly Sterling told the officer to not
touch him.
When Sterling seemed to be cooperating with
the officers, the officer called for backup.
When the officer asked for backup it appears
that like 10 officers showed up.
The whole situation escalated to a level that
it shouldn’t have.
The only thing that should have happened was
Sterling Brown should have been ticketed for
parking in a few handicap spots.
The ticket was only $200 so Why did this lead
to this.
This story became really big because Sterling
is an NBA star.
I can’t imagine how often this happens to
innocent civilians.
Because now Sterling Brown has a criminal
record he probably spent the night in jail.
He probably had a bigger fine.
Well the Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales
apologized to the Milwaukee Bucks guard for
the officer’s inappropriate actions.
I am sure now Sterling Brown can sue the Milwakee
police department for taking the wrong actions
against him.
I mean the police officers assaulted him with
a taser.
Also breaking news, its has been confirmed
that President Donald Trump has cancelled
his planned summit with North Korea that was
suppose to change the world and bring world
Ok maybe not world peace but it least peace
America and the rocket man.
The UN Chief says he is and I quote “Deeply
concerned” by the cancellation of the planned
summit that was on June 12.
What is your opinion on the whole tensions
between America & North Korea?
Do you think that President Donald Trump and
the Rocket man will ever meet face to face?
One good thing from North Korea thought is
Kim Jong Un made good on his promise to demolish
his countrys nuclear test site.
The test sites were located deep in the mountains.
It has been comfirmed that the test site is
destroyed and North Korea held a closing ceremony
afterwards with officials from its nuclear
arms program in attendance.
One person that is making it clear he hates
President Donald Trump is Robert De Niro.
He has just announced that he has banned the
president from all of his Nobu Restaurants.
De Niro has been in the film industry for
55 yrs and he has been in the restaurant business
for 25 yrs and he doesn’t plan on retiring.
Lets just hope President Donald Trump doesn’t
try and ban Robert De Niro from America.
Also in the news Stormy Daniels was just given
the keys to the city of west Hollywood.
Is this real life right now a porn star just
got the keys to the city.
And may 24th is apparently Stormy Daniels
Clearly the city of west Hollywood hates Donald
Trump because why would you make a Stormy
Daniels day and give her the keys to the city.
I wonder if they are giving out any keys to
Unfortunately I have more Trump news.
Appearently he is being sued for sexual harassment
that was brought on by former Apprentice contestant
Summer Zervos.
She is suing Trump for unwanted groping and
President Donald Trumps response to this is
I don’t have time for this he actually just
want to have this thrown out.
Well because hes the president.
He is asking New Yorks court of appeals to
freeze a defamation lawsuit filed against
This is new yorks highest court, and Trump
wants them to get rid of this cause because
he is the president.
He also stated he is will to just postpone
it until after his presidency.
I don’t know how this stuff works but I
am pretty sure even the president can’t
get away with not being sued.
I think its just not fair I think everyone
should have the right to be sued.
And that for sure was a joke, it just seems
like everyone wants to sue everyone these
Well it really seems like a huge problem in
I just don’t get how money makes problems
go away.
Like if Summer Zervos gets 500,000 dollars
as a settlement does she feel better about
being gropped by the president now?
Shouldn’t she just try to put him in jail
without getting money because than she will
be stopping trump from doing this to other
Its like ok well it least I got my money now
I don’t care what he does to other people.
I guess this next story is on trend.
A New York Judge orders a 30 yr old Michael
Rotondo to move out of his family home after
his parents sued him.
Michael in court represented himself and he
argued that he was entitled to six more months
of living with his family but the Judge thought
I think this is a pretty funny story and see
everyone seems
to be sueing everyone for anything.
Is there a time where parents should be allowed
to legally kick you out of there home?
Also in the news here is a very interesting
Its time to get excited for people who live
in Vancouver Canada and especially for people
who uses transportation.
Morgan Freeman is going to voice transit announcements
on buses and the skytains.
Alright so I don’t know how long Morgan
Freeman will be voicing for the transit system
because this news just came in literally just
minutes ago as I am filming.
Morgan Freeman has just been accused of sexual
harassment and inappropriate behavior on movie
sets and in other professional setting by
8 women.
This is the information at the time of this
What is going on with all of these sexual
harassment or sexual assault cases.
One of the women claims that back in 2015
Morgan Freeman lifted up her skirt to see
if she was wearing underwear.
Morgan Freeman has apologized after being
accused of sexual harassment.
In a statement he said I apologize to anyone
who felt uncomfortable or disrespected that
was never my intent.
I will try and follow this story and see what
Apple has been working with BMW and Mercedes-
Benz to develop an all-electric self-driving
I am honestly excited to see self- driving
cars everywhere.
I am still very afraid of them.
Because I always think there is a chance
the car malfunctioning.


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