Lytham Hotels Mode (Comfy Room) surely the best of hotels in Lytham

At the Mode Hotel Lytham we know you may want the option of more space and the choice of twin or super king-sized beds.
The “Comfy Rooms” have a view of either Clifton Square, Henry Street or the Ribble Estuary.
Some Mode “Comfy Rooms” can be booked as two adjoining rooms for families.
You won’t be skimping on comfort in a Mode “Comfy Room” as they all cosset you with a SleepEezee bed in a modern design.
Despite the central location at number
1 Clifton Square you will be insulated from external noise with the latest
building innovations, including triple glazing.
You will enjoy good proportions in
the Mode Hotel Lytham “Comfy Rooms” which have an average size of 15 square metres.
In winter months you’ll be kept warm and toasty with Genius hub controlled by
your presence in your room.
The Mode Hotel Lytham “Comfy Rooms” include all of the usual conveniences you would expect including a 49 inch smart TV and complimentary
high-speed Internet.
USB sockets enable you to charge your devices and they’re
powered 24/7.
As you would expect every room boasts the finest tea and coffee making
The vanity areas are well lit, with the inclusion of handy hair dryers.
Your bathroom includes a modern shower and heated towel rail.
Hot water is provided by the latest thermodynamic system, so that you can be confident that your environmental impact is minimal.
And of course you’ll find quality linens and
The central Lytham location gives you the choice of many local eateries to suit all budgets.
The reception staff will be pleased to offer you discount cards for participating restaurants.
The cost conscious traveler will book direct with the Mode Lytham and find a complimentary breakfast in a bag to greet them at daylight.
Whether for business or pleasure the Mode really is the place to
stay in Lytham!

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