Lord of the Rings Card Game PART 03

before playing the Lord of the Rings the card game follow these quick steps in order as with a deck of playing cards shuffle all player decks and the encounter decks separately until they are randomized do not shuffle the quest cards into the encounter deck and do not shuffle the hero cards into the player decks each player places his heroes in front of him adds up the threat cost of the heroes he controls and sets his threat tracker at the same value this value is that player starting threat level for the game place the damage tokens progress tokens and resource tokens in a pile next to the encounter deck all players take tokens from this Bank as needed throughout the game once determined the first player takes the first player token and places it in front of him as reference each player draws six cards from the top of his player deck arrange the quest cards in sequential order based off the numbers on the back of each card stage 1a should be on top with the numbers increasing in sequence moving down the stack place the quest deck near the encounter deck in the center of the play area the back of the first quest card sometimes provides setup instructions for a scenario follow these instructions before flipping the quest card players then begin the game starting with the first game round [Music]


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