London’s Drinks Scene (Outside the Pub)

A lot of you have said that I should
just get an avocado tattoo since I love avocados so much, so I want to show you
guys something …. So this actually isn’t what today’s video is about. Today’s video is about the incredible drink scene here in London and not just
alcoholic drink, I’m talking the coffee culture, I’m talking kombucha cocktails,
and, yeah, there’s some alcohol, wine! An urban winery! London continues to impress me. Alright, now let me show you guys a little something about the awesome drink
scene here in London. Enjoy! So you’re in Bethnal Green. Walk under the Train and turn left down an alley with a bunch of secondhand furniture for sale, and
you’ll find Renegade London Wine. We’re Renegade London Wine, we’re an urban winery in East London and we basically make wines in London from UK and
European-sourced grapes. I think the UK, the English wine market is booming
at the moment. I think London now is is one of the best places on
earth to find fantastic food and fantastic drinks. You know, today we’re
bottling our sparkling wines that we’ve Watling our traditional methods bar for
one so it’s the same method they use in champagne. So we make a base wine first and then we do a secondary fermentation in bottle so it goes bubbly and fizzy
inside the bottle. It’s the only sparkling wine made in this method
ever, ever made in London. -But that’s not the only variety they have here! No no no,
they do Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc…and they have fun with
it, as you can see! They even have a mascot named Pez! The best thing about it is that you don’t have to play by the rules of traditional European winemaking.
So the idea is: buy brilliant fruit and make interesting wines. Josh leads our wine-making side of the business. -I love the
challenge that the urban winery brings. It’s a real labor of love and it’s great
to be really hands-on with the winemaking. East London’s first winery; a
mix of old and new. I’m a big fan of these guys and their wine. Now follow me
even further east. So you’re walking along Regent’s Canal in East London.
Walk past Crate Brewery and take a left to a warehouse called Mick’s Garage and
you’ll find Jarr Kombucha’s Jarr Bar, where they shake up tasty kombucha cocktails.
But first, what is kombucha? I’ve done a video about it before which I’ll link to
here, but it’s basically an effervescent tea said to have many health properties.
I brew it at home with a SCOBY from Happy Kombucha, and I’m not the only home brewer. -There’s a lot of people that brew at home, it’s quite trendy at the moment.
And so the interest in kombucha and also fermented foods in general is very much
as kind of spiked. It’s quite a versatile product. -Let’s make one! -150
milliliters mezcal. -You’ve got some rhubarb and ginger conserve. -You’ll put in a
tablespoon of that. A handful of dried hibiscus flowers, just a bit of agave
syrup, two slices lemon juice, add ice and shake! You’re gonna use the ginger kombucha by Jarr. And you’ve got your kombucha cocktail! -There you have it! Ginger Rhubarb Mezcal Twister cocktail with Jarr kombucha. -I really love kombucha so no surprise I love kombucha cocktails, too. So you’re on Leather Lane. Walk down the
street past all the food vendors feeding the weekday office workers. Take a left
at the falafel spot and you’ll find Prufrock Coffee, just one of many third
wave coffee shops in London. Third wave coffee shops are the ones popping up all
over Brooklyn and other cities, with a focus on origin and artisan methods of
production. Here’s a quick breakdown of this coffee terminology. First wave is
the coffee that grew coffee consumption exponentially. Second wave is defined as
enjoyment of specialty coffee and then you have third wave characterized by
coffee lovers interested in the character of the coffee itself, and that
includes espresso, espresso drinks and latte art. Statistics show that British people drink more coffee than tea now! So if we’re all about the taste here, why is the art aspect important? It’s definitely more
tasty for people when they can see that it’s beautiful. Key point is the
steamed milk, like that you get the perfect micro foam. So if you steam it
correctly, even if it doesn’t have a perfect latte art. Yeah, so that’s pretty
much the milk you would like to have. It’s nice and shiny, little bit like a wet paint. For milk texture, you want bubbles so small you can’t even see they’re bubbles. It’s called
micro foam. Fill up the cup halfway…she increases her flow rate at the end then
slows down again to make the final design. With the latte art, it’s practicing,
practicing, practicing, and loads of, like, muscle memory. The coffee scene London is huge! In conclusion, there are a lot of delicious
things to drink here in London and cool cultures and communities around each
thing. As always, guys, keep it quirky! Peace!

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