Let’s Raise The Stakes! | S5 E43 Poker Night in America

– [Chris] From Seminole
Hardrock in Hollywood, Florida, this is Poker Night in America. (jazzy music) Hello, and welcome to
Poker Night in America. We are in Hollywood, Florida
at Seminole Hard Rock. – Hey, I’ve made the biggest
bluff of the night, so far. You can’t make fun of me
for a while, Mustapha. – You make a big bluff, yeah. – You did make a big bluff. – But was easy, bro. – [Chris] Big buy-ins. I like big buy-ins,
and I cannot lie. Blinds tonight are
100 and 200 stapes. This is what we
call high-rollin’. – [Joe] Look at these losers
who just bought in for 50K. Bigger stakes than usual, which means the straddles
are gonna be yuge. Two straddles. $800, just to call. Mustapha Kanit and Bill Perkins have put their money in blind, but Kanit gets to go
last before the flop now. And despite all that action, Matt Berkey still
raising six-four suited. (all players laughing) – [Voiceover] The
hand’s gotta be dead. – Uh oh. It’s Party Poker. It’s comin’ back. (players laughing) – [Voiceover] This is
the new Party Poker. – I don’t know. What could
I possible fold here? I don’t. I. Uh, geez. – Let me see what you
might think about folding. – I gotta fold. – [Players] No. – You really folded that? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Ace-Jack, though? (players laughing) – [Chris] Alright, so
we’ve got three players, already 9K already in the pot. You’re going to see
big pots tonight on Poker Night in America. Flop is six-nine-six. – [Joe] And I guess
Berkey just had a feeling. Trips for him. – [Chris] We’re
in South Florida, and Berkey’s wearing
two shirts and a jacket. I sweat thinking
about that outfit. – [Joe] If Matt Berkey was a
mannequin in a store window, I would just keep
right on walkin’. – [Chris] $4500 was
the bet from Berkey. Kornuth calls. – [Joe] That’s Chance
the Poker Player, not Chance the Rapper. – Three folds. – [Chris] Turns a seven. Open-ended now for Kornuth. – [Joe] That should
be a pretty sweet action-inducing turn card. Berkey’s gonna keep on betting. And it’s going to be
tough for Kornuth to fold when he picked up
equity on the turn. His eights might be good, and he has a straight draw. – [Chris] 10K was the
bet, and the call. So, let’s go to the river. Jack. So no straight for Kornuth,
just the pair of eights. – [Joe] Matt’s gonna to
know, most of the time, he’ll be up against the draw, So the jock’s not a
terrible card for him. Nothing really got there
that wasn’t already there. Now Chance has got a
really tough decision. Eights would sometimes be good, But Matt has taken
a very strong line. – [Chris] Matt Berkey will
win $53K in our first hand of the night here at
Seminole Hard Rock. – You don’t wanna show one? – Nope. – Aw.
– C’mon. – [Joe] No those aren’t Jason
Mercier’s security guards, we are just in South Florida. Now it’s Berky’s turn
with pocket eights. – [Chris] Three
players to the flop. Deuce-Eight-King is the flop. Perkins with the top pair. DiPascale with just
the fives, but Berkey, oh, I love floppin’ sets. I love it. – [Joe] Bill Perkins,
we hardly knew ye. DiPascale doing a
great job of getting Bill Perkins to commit
more money into this pot so Berkey can raise. – Raise. 85. – [Chris] $8500 is the bet. – [Joe] Look what
you started, Joey. – That might work in
poker tournaments, but this is a cash game. (players laughing) – You shoulda told Matt
before this hand started. – I check. – [Joe] Matt really
should keep betting. When Bill calls the flop raise, he’s likely going to
call the turn, too. Bill Perkins drawing
dead, by the way. – All in. – Call. – Oh, he’s got it. Ha ha. – [Joe] Oh no. – [Chris] As soon as you
said it, he’s all in. – No out. – [Joe] Zero point zero. – [Chris] No big
deal, just almost a quarter of a million
dollars exchanging hands here on Poker Night in America. (upbeat music) – [Joe] Ouch. – Jason, I’m gonna have to make
a withdrawal from the bank. (players laughing) – If you’re wondering
how rich Bill Perkins is, yes, he is that rich. – Welcome back to the
Seminole Hard Rock, home of delicious
Kuro sushi restaurant. – Uh, do you know what Shaun
Deeb’s favorite sushi roll is? – Slow roll? – Oh, that’s
actually much better than what I was going to say. – Oh, well, what
were you gonna say? – I don’t want to now. – C’mon. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (players joking and laughing) Poker Night in America
with bigger blinds tonight. A little bit of a high
roller action going on. Blinds are $100 and $200, and everyone’s
putting in a $25 ante. And look at the straddles
go crazy, Stapes. – [Joe] One. Two.
Three straddles. It is $1600 just to call. Berkey making it 4K
with seven-five off. He has got the chips to do it. – Call. – [Chris] Kornuth calls. – Fold. – Fold. – [Joe] Folds
around to Calderaro. – I think I saw bottom again. – Did you really? Am I flashing that high? – I saw a two or a three. – Turn it over. – If it’s a three or a two, – Yeah, turn em’ over. I wanna make sure I’m
been not hittin’ them up. – Yeah, it it’s a three
or a two. Red, too. – It’s a five. – Well, it was close. – C’mon guys. He’s a bottom card dealer,
it’s at least a five. – The other one’s a nine,
if ya wanna know the truth. So there ya go. It’s nine-five off. – [Players] No. (players laughing) – Nine-five. Put a nine and a five out there. – Nine-Nine-Five. – No, five-nine-nine. – [Voiceover] Somebody
could have nines that way. – [Voiceover] It’s my
favorite starting hand, – [Chris] Flop is
Jack-King-Three. – I should have played it then. – We call it the da
Flayola in Italy, because of me. – [Joe] Perkin’s
top pair of kings actually the winner
this time, so far. – [Chris] Kornuth
is drawing dead, Berkey does have a gutter ball, – [Voiceover] My first
tournament I made straight flush with nine-five. The guy was the Sicilian guy. He was so serious, was like, – You use both cards? – Yeah. – [Chris] and Kornuth, the
guy with the worst hand, is the one whose betting. – I made flush on the flop, – [Joe] It’s funny
watching a guy who describes
himself as a Italian talk to a guy who’s
actually Italian. – Should we see if
we have a heart? – Oh, la la la. – I already know. Should I check though? Do you want me to double check, to make sure that I
don’t have it wrong? – [Voiceover] I was about 18. – [Voiceover] About
two years ago. – [Voiceover] No, one year ago. – [Joe] Kornuth is
gonna bluff this river. – [Voiceover] You
know better than me. – Ha ha. – You’re trying to say I’m old. – [Chris] 25K is the bet. – Am I really that curious,
when I can just watch it on TV? Is that 20, or 25? – [Voiceover] 25. – [Joe] Perkins
makes a bad lay down. – [Chris] Bill Perkins not
off to the best start here tonight on Poker
Night in America. – It was so – Ha ha ha. – So we’re out of fives. – It was a good
bluff, it was like, if that was 20, it was
going in, and I was like – When you asked,
“Is that 20 or 25?”, I’m like, “25. 25” (players laughing) – Raise. Do you wanna straddle,
– Straddle. Straddle.
– I’ll straddle. – He’ll straddle. There you go.
– Perfect. – [Joe] Double
straddle this hand. – [Voiceover] This
is so much better. Ha ha. – He’s eight, yeah. – The man’s at the window, ya gonna pop his [bleep] when
he’s sittin’ at the window? He doesn’t even
have his chips yet. – [Voiceover] You got
raised, he’s not even here. – He can’t even count his money. – [Voiceover] Who is it? Mustache? (players laughing) – [Voiceover] No,
Chino can play for you. (players laughing) – [Voiceover] Chino. – [Voiceover] Don’t
worry, chance is, well, no, he didn’t
slow it down. – I was tryin’. – Holy ****, that
five was in there. How’d you slip that back out? That was a pretty good move. – Who is it, me? – Kid’s got all the moves, man. – [Joe] DiPascale reloading. – The school of angles. (players laughing) – He’s got more angles
than a protractor. – What is it, 21 total? – [Joe] That’s a good line. Is it one of mine? – See, it’s a family pot. – Yeah, I like this family. Screw the other three. – [Chris] Alright, four
players in the flop. – [Joe] Berkey with
the best of it for now. – [Chris] King-Queen-Ace. – [Joe] Berkey still
with the best of it. – Check. – [Joe] Not too much equity
out there for anybody else. – [Chris] Checks come
around to Bill Perkins. – [Joe] Oh Billy. – [Chris] Who obviously
is the king to the Perkins restaurant chain heir, – [Joe] Ha ha. – [Chris] fortune. I am a big fan of their four,
five, and six dollar meals. – [Joe] Yum. – [Chris] Another king
comes on the turn. As Berkey and Perkins
battle it out. – [Joe] What’s it like to
improve on every street? And Berkey improves yet again. (players laughing) – [Voiceover] I was on
the couch for, like, an hour and a half. – [Joe] I think a lot of
players might go for value here, But Berkey knows his
opponent all too well. – [Chris] He checks and gets
to Perkins to bet $8000. – [Joe] Raise comin’. – Raise. – [Joe] Hence, the
fold from Bill. – Wow, Berkey. You forgot to show. – [Voiceover] Don’t make us
wait 30 minutes for this one. – Don’t make us wait. – You know, the deuce-three. – It’s gotta be. – That’s what I had. (players laughing) That’s what I had.
– That I believe. Poker Night is brought
to you by Sit & Go 2.0. – Call there. Eh, eh, eh? – [Voiceover] Like ’em? – Ha ha ha. Chino made me promise to
give you one of those. – He’s such a ***. – ha ha ha. – Chino, I know
you’re back there behind that curtain somewhere,
– The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
– you’re not that far away. – [Voiceover] This doesn’t
look too good, does it. – Raise. – [Joe] Mustapha Kanit tryin’
to take control of this pot. Three betting, with ace-nine. – You’re not payin’ this hand, I folded two aces. – I can’t leave
my children alone. – [Chris] Perkins, who
apparently just wants to play every hand
tonight, makes the call. – [Joe] Mustapha Danger Kanit, Italian Austin Powers. – I’m gonna check. – [Joe] Kanit starts
with the best hand and flops the best hand, but it’s top pair versus
pair and a flush draw, which is such a classic tale, Disney probably owns
the right to it. – How much more do ya got? – I start with 60, so I have – Let’s get it in, Leroy Jenkins style. – All in? – Yeah. – That was like three
different things he said, I still didn’t know
if he was all in. (players laughing) – Leroy Jenkins style? – Yeah, Leroy Jenkins style. – [Joe] Ha ha ha. – Lost in translation. (players laughing) – He doesn’t speak
that language. Got ’em on one, ha ha. I forgot my Leroy Jenkins card, I have, like, a
– I’m in, bro. – Let’s go, let’s get it goin’. Gamble, gamble. You’ve got a ace, right? – I have an ace. – Good, let’s gamble. – Let’s gamble. Once? Twice? Once? – You wanna do twice? Whatever you want. You choose your own fate. – No, you. – I want you to
choose your fate. You’re in the lead. – I don’t like to
choose my fate. – Why not? – Montel, say a number please. – [Voiceover] Two. – OK. – Twice is good. (players laughing) – [Chris] Alright, so we’re
gonna see two turns and rivers. – [Voiceover] I feel like he’s
gonna win the first board. – [Voiceover] That
looks like you. – That, I like. – You like that. It’s always good to
win the first one. Looks good to you again. – Wow.
You win. – [Kanit] It’s my day. – It is your day.
Today is your day. – Today is my day. Hey, it’s my day. – [Joe] Every day is your day when you’re the
Italian Austin Powers. Behave, baby. – [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America, with Joe Stapleton,
I am Chris Hanson. We are, tonight, high
rolling it here in Seminole Hard Rock. Blinds are $100 and $200
tonight, with a $25 ante. – $1600. – $1600. – I fold. – [Chris] Perkins
right back at it, you can’t blame him for
not trying, I guess. – [Joe] Solid hand. – [Chris] Berkey has
ace-ten of spades. How much you wanna
bet he makes that the winner over Perkin’s
ace-10 of clubs? (Mercler whistling) – [Joe] Berkey is in position. – Raise. – [Joe] Perkins tryin’ to
take control of this pot with the betting lead. This should be a really
interesting hand, Perkins with the betting
lead, Berkey in position. They’ve both got the
same hand, I love it. – [Chris] And they both
hit that 10 on the flop. – 12. – $12,000 – [Joe] This is why being
in position is so great, Berkey can just check-call
the whole way down now if he wants. – [Chris] Berkey picks
up the flush draw. – [Joe] Such a
great card for him, just turned himself a card
to win this hand outright. Now he could even
if he wanted to. – Check. – Check. – [Chris] Ace-ten of
spades becomes the winner with the nut flush on the river. – [Joe] Perkey versus Berkey: One of them has the nuts,
the other one, a turkey. Matt Berkey, a huge pain in
the side for Bill Perkins. Berkey wins another massive
pot off Bill Perkins. – [Chris] Perhaps, I could
interest you in doing something other than playing
poker right now, Bill. (announcers laughing) Because, clearly, things are
not going in your direction. I don’t know if you play
tennis, or anything else, but, boy. – [Joe] Poker night is brought
to you by Kimo Sabe mezcal. – Yeah, my four is out. – I think everybody’s
thrown the four in on that. – [Voiceover] I’m out. – [Voiceover] Just discuss. – Bill’s stuck. – [Joe] Can we get an
order of tilt juice to seat six, please? That’s tilt juice, seat six. – [Voiceover] I’m done. – I’m raising. – [Joe] Yup. – Just ’cause. – [Chris] Berkey with
ace-jack, Kornuth with kings. – Raise. – [Joe] From $1900 to
$10,000, that is a big raise, but he really only wants
to play this pot heads up. Unfortunately it’s
gonna be against the ace-jack of Matt Berkey, and not the three-deuce
of Bill Perkins. – [Chris] Matt Berkey playing
some solid poker here tonight on Poker Night in America. Flop is four-eight-four, with a couple of
diamonds for Berkey. – [Joe] Such a good feeling that he didn’t
flop a draw there. – $12,000 – Raise. – [Joe] Yeah, $12,000
just turned into $35,000. There really aren’t
a lot of made hands Matt could be raising with. This is gonna be a flush
draw a lot of the time. – [Chris] And a call, we’re
at $92,000 after the flop. OK, Berkey now pairs his jack
to go with the flush draw, and the over card. There could be a strong
possibility that we get another $100,000 in,
easily, right here. – [Joe] Well, Berky’s
slowing down now that he has shown to have value. Kornuth is more than
likely going to attempt to charge Berkey to draw. – [Chris] Bet is $20,000. – [Joe] That is not a huge bet relative to the
size of this pot. He could be trying
to induce a raise. Unfortunately, he’s just giving
Berkey a sick price to draw. – Is this the same hand? – A little bit faster. – They like to look
at each other’s soul. (players laughing) – [Chris] Alright,
so, just call. Oh. – [Joe] Was there
ever any doubt? – [Chris] My gosh. – All in. – All in. – [Joe] This is such a
horrible spot for Chance, This is the perfect bluff card, but it is a horrible
card overall. What was Berkey
raising the flop with, if not an over-pair, a full
house, or a diamond draw? I don’t think he’s
turning up here with an airball very often, But I also don’t know
nearly anything about Matt Berkey’s game,
the game of poker, or the world in general. – Call. – [Joe] From Chance
Kornuth to Chance Pornuth. – Good hand. – He can’t be stopped. – [Joe] That is a
nearly $300K pot getting shipped Matt
Berkey’s direction. – [Chris] I think it’s safe
to say that Matt Berkey has had a good night
at the table here at Poker Night in America, huh. – [Joe] Man, if he really
wanted to make everyone mad, he could just leave. – [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America, Where, tonight, Matt Berkey just absolutely killed
hopes and dreams. I mean, this entire
table got crushed. Every other player, other
than Mustapha Kanit, Is eastbound and down. Chance Kornuth, with
Berkey on his right, still loses $135 grand. Bill Perkins lost, like,
0.0001% of his net worth, so I hope he’s going to be okay. – [Joe] Away from the
table, they call Bill the Wireless Color Inkjet
3800 because he prints money, but on the table he’s
basically Heath Ledger with a lighter
and some gasoline. – [Chris] If you want more
Poker Night in America, we have a brand-new,
free, social poker app that you can download and
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our social media accounts, including YouTube and Twitch, where are you can see full
episodes, live streams, and exclusive content. For everyone here at
Poker Night in America, He’s Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson, thanks for watching. – I’m so good, I’m glad of myself. Proud. I’m proud.
– Everything. I’m also glad. – Are you glad of yourself,
or proud of yourself? – Both.
– He’s everything. All of it. – Both of my thoughts, you know. Ha ha. – [Chris] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by Kimo Sabe mezcal,
and Sit & Go 2.0.

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