Let’s Play DECEPTION: MURDER IN HONG KONG! | Overboard, Episode 10

– Welcome to Overboard,
Polygon’s card and board game show.
Today we’re playing Deception:
Murder in Hong Kong,
a game about deduction,
suspicion, and deception.
The goal is for the players
to find the murderer in their midst,
or if you are the murderer,
to not get caught.
Here’s how it works.
Before the game begins,
one player is chosen
to be the forensic scientist.
That’s me.
They give all the other players a number
of means and clue cards,
which the players put face
up in front of themselves
so everybody can see them.
The number of cards
determines the difficulty,
so you can adjust this
for your play group.
Then the forensic scientist
deals out role cards.
Most players will be investigators.
One player will be a murderer.
The investigators are
trying to solve the crime,
but they don’t know who they can trust,
classic ‘hidden role’ situation.
Once everyone knows their role,
the forensic scientist has
everyone close their eyes.
Then they ask the murderer
to open their eyes.
Then they choose a means and a clue card.
The means card is basically
the murder weapon,
and the clue is just kind of a clue.
Everyone opens their eyes
and the forensic scientist
draws six of these vague boards,
called scene tiles.
Time for some forensic science.
The scientist selects one
detail of each category
for all the players to see.
This is the only way for
the forensic scientist
to give clues and they
can’t offer any verbal hints
or hand signals that could
sway the investigators.
It’s up to the investigators to debate
which pair of clues makes the most sense,
and that means accusing fellow
players of doing the murder.
The investigators can make
pitches with no consequences.
These are their theories
about who did it and how.
But if an investigator believes
they know who the killer is,
they can give up their badge
and make an accusation.
They name one means and one clue card,
and the forensic
scientist will inform them
with a simple yes or no.
If they get it exactly
right the investigators win.
And if they get it wrong,
they’ve burned their one chance.
Players without a badge can continue
pitching their theories
and arguing against others,
but they can’t make another accusation.
The thing is, forensic
scientists can’t elaborate
on their yes or no answer.
That means that investigators won’t know
if they picked the right murderer
but just the wrong cards,
so make your accusation count.
Luckily, the forensic
scientist does get a chance
to give a bit more information.
Between rounds, the forensic
scientist will swap out
one of the orange scene
boards for a new one.
This new information might
just make or break your case,
if the investigators are able
to follow the right clues
and not be misled by the murderer.
The investigators are also
working against the clock.
After three rounds of debate
and two scene board swaps,
the forensic scientist will
ask for any final accusations.
If nobody catches the murderer, they win.
Those are the basics but you
can easily modify the game
by adding a few specialty roles.
Give the murderer a little
help with an accomplice,
who knows the solution
and wins if the murderer
gets away with the crime.
And the witness role
knows which two players
are the murderer and accomplice
but not which is which.
These cards also modify
how the game is won.
If the crime is solved,
but the murderer and accomplice
can identify the witness,
they can still cover up the crime and win.
But enough talk.
It’s time to take a bite out of crime.
Hello, welcome to Overboard,
it’s the board game show
Today we’re playing Deception:
Murder in Hong Kong.
Cause of death is suffocation.
Location: vacation home.
Relationship: lovers.
Personality of the murderer: perverted.
– Nice.
– Weather: dry.
Evidence: artistic.
– Wow.
– I’ll just read off,
arsenic, blender, punch,
mahjong tile, newspaper, hat.
– Okay, stone, whip, bamboo
tip, leather shoe, cigar, cake.
– Pistol, surgery,
chemicals, numbers, badge,
Barack Obama’s signature.
– Knife and fork, scarf, dagger, broom,
necklace, love letter.
– Ohh.
– Overdose, mercury, towel,–
– I know, I-
– Ooh, sorry, it just sunk in.
– Computer mouse, cigarette
ash, needle and thread.
– Okay .
– All right.
– So we all can see, damning evidence.
– Deep–
Deep suspicion.
– Very deep suspicion.
– Because of lovers.
– Lovers and a scarf,
– Yeah.
– like those are the two most–
it’s a perverted lover, who
used the scarf to, this is–
– Well perverted, I thought
maybe our forensic scientist
was making a judgment
against people who use whips.
– Hmm.
– Sexual play.
– No, Pat would never judge someone for–
– Okay.
– No.
– I know he can’t talk
and defend himself here,
but I could see that.
– We can just say Pat is a kink-shamer.
– Yeah.
– We can say that, and
he cannot refute it.
– And he can’t say anything about it.
– That’s true.
– But how would suffocation…
– Suffocation would be a
tough one with Allegra’s clues
and would be an easy one
with scarf, which Karen has.
– Yeah.
– Unless–
– Oh!
– The cigar and he’s talking
about long term suffocation.
Death by lung disease.
– [Simone] Or choking on cake.
– [Matt] That could have
also been perverted.
– Or choking on cake.
– Oh, that’s a good one.
– That being said, the scarf is–
– [Matt] Pretty Damning, again.
– Also, you could punch
someone in the throat
and they would choke and die.
– That’s–
– I don’t think of that as suffocation–
so much.
– A really intense right punch.
– In Karen’s defense–
– Yes.
– Evidence left behind is artistic,
there was an option for written.
Why would you not pick written
if it was the love letter.
– Oh, that’s a good point.
– [Brian] That’s fair.
– Before we jump into direct accusations–
– The murderer does get to
chose what their picking
and I feel like choosing
a scarf and a love letter,
is too much of an easy,
romantic murder ideal–
I feel like you could have thrown off
people better than that.
Not to say your bad at games–
– I’m not seeing the
direct connection here.
What is so romantic about the scarf?
– That’s something a pervert would do.
– Brian, what is your–
– Ah, arsenic.
– Oh, arsenic.
That would not be a suffocating.
– No, that’s not a suffocation.
– But it is the lovers’ poison.
– The lovers’ poison.
As we all know it to be.
– I’ll jut pitch,
I’m going to do my choking on cake pitch
with a whip for kinkiness.
– This sounds like a half hearted pitch.
– Mm-kay.
– Well that’s because
I’m not accusing anyone,
I’m just making a pitch.
– Okay, okay.
– Just sayin.
– Is anyone gonna make
an accusation this round?
– We all value our jobs too much.
– Absolutely not.
– No.
– [Matt] Yeah.
– {Brian] I got five
more years on the force–
– Okay, so we’re gonna replace one
of these useless clues with a better one.
– Oh.
– [Brian] They took away the perverted.
– Interesting.
– Progress.
– In progress, what is that?
– Like what was happening
when the murder occurred?
– What was happening–
– Hmm.
– Okay, so it was not mid coitus.
Is what he was taking away.
Have we focused on the
vacation home at all?
Do you think that there’s–
– I mean, I think that just
goes easily into lovers.
I feel like lovers are on
vacation, doing some kinky stuff.
– Vacation home, towel, beach towel.
That’s a stretch.
Bamboo, I think also–
– Maybe vacation there yeah.
– Again the only person here,
who gets off scot free is Patches.
– This is a huge one.
– I often mull over numbers to relax
and copy Barack Obama’s signature as a–
– Oh, you’re trying to forge–
– As a meditation technique.
– -Barack Obama’s signature.
– Oh wait, wait, I have
another towel theory,
for dry, no shit, that’s
the verbiage again.
– No.
– Karen’s not doing a
great job of defending
herself right now.
– [Karen] No, I’m not.
– Karen is waiting for
someone to call her out.
– I mean, if I was gonna, like–
– Galaxy brain, I might say overdosing
with the relaxation from
taking some cool pills.
– Oh.
– That is highly galaxy brain.
– Chilling.
– The reason I don’t
want to accuse Karen yet,
is because yes love letter is possible
but I feel like lovers with a
necklace is definitely doable.
– [Simone] Oh.
– So if someone accuses the wrong one
then there’s a potential
that the other one
is the correct one.
– [Matt] True.
– And I’m afraid that like
Karen would then be like,
look guys, you got me wrong the first time
of course it can’t be me.
– I would.
I feel like Allegra hasn’t said very much.
– Yeah Allegra.
– ’cause I feel like it’s just you
so I’m just waiting for
someone else to say it.
I mean it’s you.
– I mean someone–
– You’re like, I don’t
want to lose my badge,
so someone else has got to–
– Someone pitch me on
taking a plunge here,
making an accusation.
– Cake can be dry.
– It’s not.
It’s the weather.
– Does anyone have any pitches?
Any like grand standing to do here?
– I mean its very clearly Karen to me,
but it’s just like the story behind it.
I feel like I understand–
– So why don’t you?
– Cause I don’t want to risk my badge.
But I think it’s like
two lovers go on vacation
and they do some dirty stuff
and now they’re hanging
out after said dirty stuff.
It’s real dry, wherever they are.
They’re on the beach and one of them–
– [Karen] The beach isn’t dry.
– Oh the beach can be dry, Karen.
– This beach is dry.
– Whatever the love letter said
its some probably extremely–
(dramatic music)
You’re over Rod and a terrible writer.
The woman’s like, well that
was all I had going for me.
And then when you’re not looking–
– This is very media specific.
– When you’re not looking,
she ties her scarf
around his neck and so.
– I like this but I have
a different proposal
that will justify the
scarf more, which is that–
– Oh, interesting.
– It only snows when its dry out and–
it could be at a mountain resort.
– Oh, and then they have a scarf there.
– Yeah ’cause you don’t
have a scarf on the beach.
– Someone has to accuse Karen
’cause we’ve already agreed that its her.
And we’re just making up different modes.
– I’m accusing Karen.
I’m accusing Karen.
The scarf and the love letter.
– No.
– Ugh.
– Dang.
– That’s why I didn’t want to do it.
– Patches is fired.
I have no accusations.
– What the–
That was so rude.
I’m still allowed to argue.
I just can’t accuse.
– You just vetoed his badge.
– Wow.
– [Simone] Turn in your badge and gun.
– Whenever you get fired from the force,
they literally just chuck
your badge as far as possible.
It is tainted.
– That’s how we do things at my precinct.
– Dang.
Oh yeah, that’s true.
I’m over there.
– I don’t feel like any of
these are super artistic.
– I think the cake is artistic.
– That seems–
– I like that and needle.
– I’m still allowed to argue, right?
– Yes.
– Okay,
– [Simone] Okay.
– Yeah maybe it is Simone.
Maybe it is needle and thread is artistic
and towel is suffocation.
– That’s true.
– You put it over someone’s head.
I don’t really understand where lovers
– Needle and thread is more working to me.
– You could have–
– My new pitch, here it is.
– You’re standing up for this one?
– I’m leaning over.
– Lean in.
– She’s leaning in.
– An artistic cake, for
a night of kinky fun.
Something goes wrong, Allegra’s lover,
choked with a whip after
insulting her cake.
– That sounds like a
sequel to “Sleep No More.”
You just described an
immersive artistic experience.
– I mean, I guess you could
choke someone with a whip,
but that seems odd to me.
I don’t know.
– Okay, kink shaming.
– Are we making accusations
or just pitching?
– Oh I’m not making accusations.
– Patches.
– This is the halfway
mark of “Police Story”
where Jackie Chan is now on the run.
– Yes.
– He’s been accused by
all his force mates.
– I’m uh–
– No one will believe me.
– You want the glasses?
– Yeah.
– I have no additional pitch.
I’m reeling from my false accusation.
– I’m gonna stick with my pitch.
I’m just not gonna do it yet,
the necklace and scarf and stuff.
– Oh, you’re still on Karen?
– Yeah.
– All right, new clue’s going up.
– New clue, new clue.
– The scientist is like, everyone shut up.
– Oh.
– The head.
– Hat!
– No.
– You guys, how could it, I, uh–
– I actually do have a thought for Brian.
– It’s wrong.
– What if post coitus,
the lovers make something
in the blender, like a smoothie–
a really, really thick smoothie and then–
– As you do–
– Brian’s GF or whoever,
BF, GF, I don’t care
they choke on the smoothie
and Brian’s wearing a hat.
– And you just put a little button on it.
– [Brian] A little flavor text.
– But the hints on the
corpse not on Brian.
– That’s right.
– Okay, well then, he was wearing the hat
and he puts it on the dead body.
– So I mean–
– You drink with your head.
– The cowboy puts the hat on.
– You also drink with your heads.
– [Matt] Can I just say something?
– Yes.
– No, let him lose his badge.
– Scarf and necklace, I
didn’t guess necklace,
but necklace I could see
connected to the head.
– To the head, you gotta
put it around the head.
– You have to go around
the head, to put it on.
– To get this, was there neck on here?
– No.
– Same with the scarf.
– There you go.
That’s the closest–
– There’s no neck option.
– Okay then yes, I accuse
that it’s with the scarf
and the necklace, both were
used in the asphyxiation.
Both were a loving gift,
that the lover gave to the other person.
That’s what I say.
– One was left behind.
– No.
– Ugh!
– Well maybe Karen’s innocent.
– I feel like Karen’s innocent.
– I feel like Karen has to be innocent.
– So now I’m really
gravitating towards Simone.
– I told you guys.
– Lovers was a misdirect.
– I don’t think lovers was a misdirect.
– Why would the scientist misdirect us?
– The scientist was just
keeping things spicy.
– The scientist doesn’t want
us to actually solve this.
– I mean lovers, I guess, I’m going back–
– I’m in a quarrel.
– You guys are in cahoots.
– I guess I have to go back to Allegra
with the whip and cake.
– I honestly think it’s the whip and cake.
– No, I–
– A dry cake?
In the end, the cake was dry?
– Yeah.
– Okay, I’m making my accusation.
– Really?
– Oh, fuck.
Towel, needle and thread.
– That’s correct.
– Hold on, hold on.
Murderer reveal yourself.
– Oh.
– Hello.
– Hola.
– Accomplice, reveal yourself.
– Yeah, that’s me.
– [Matt] Ah.
– I thought so.
– [Simone] Oh my loyal
accomplice, you worked so hard.
– I thought that might be the case,
leading me down the path to accuse Karen.
– Murderer, who was the witness?
– I–
– Can we discuss as the
accomplice or is that.
Yeah I can.
– Yes.
– It’s Karen because she was the only one
who had the slight inkling
that it was you for towel,
unlike both Patches and Allegra.
Unless Allegra was playing the long game,
but I don’t think it was Patches
because he bit right into
my juicy morsel of an idea.
– I did follow ya.
– I think Karen is the safer.
– Yeah, I agree.
– Were you the witness?
– You guys should have listened to me.
– Crime pays!
– You should have, it was
like every fucking crime movie
I’ve ever seen where like one person knows
and everybody’s like no, no.
– There were two things on the board
that you could smother somebody with
and you were only capable
of seeing this one.
– But also, like you were the
one who put lovers on when I
had a fucking love letter.
– You did do that.
– I did do that.
– Can we talk about the
biggest clue that you gave,
which was murder personality perverted?
– Yeah.
– Why perverted?
– As soon as you did that
I was like, I’m so fucked.
– Thank you.
– I was worried and with limited options.
– That’s true, that’s true.
– But everybody knows Simone is a pervert.
– It’s true.
– I did not know this.
– So cause of death, loss of blood.
– It’s Patches.
– Looking bad for Patches.
Location of crime, balcony.
Trace at the scene, bruise.
Time of death, noon.
Sudden incident–
– Huh.
– Nothing.
– Nothing.
– And State of the scene, cracked.
– Hmm?
So I’ve got injection,
chainsaw, brick, sculpture,
insect, hair, dust, rat.
– I have smoke, machete, mad dog, axe
and for my clues I have
stuffed toy, express courier,
tattoo and name card.
– I have lighter, wrench,
crutch, blood release–
– Which I don’t think causes bruises.
Cosmetic mask, prescription,
herbal medicine and mirror.
– Oh.
– Okay, I have push, sulfuric
acid, throat slit, ice skates,
confidential letter, briefs,
cigarette butt and wig.
– I’ve got dirty water,
razor blade, bat, cleaver,
cassette tape, dentures
candy and soft drink.
– So the way Patches was
talking about blood release
and how bruising might not come from that,
on a balcony it’s super
easy to push someone,
they will get bruised
and they will also lose
a lot of blood when they hit the ground.
– Mmhmm.
I don’t believe that but–
– I don’t see–
– Not necessarily.
– But also do you think that if you get
a lot of blood drawn you would bruise?
But that being said, I do
think the balcony with push.
– While this is true, yeah, why would you,
if you have a balcony right there,
you might use it to some
effect in your murder.
I don’t know if you would need
to stab someone on a balcony.
But if it’s noon, you probably wouldn’t
push someone off a balcony.
– That’s true, everyone
would see you do that.
– I didn’t mean to imply
that you’re the murder of course, Allegra.
– That’s fine.
– And nothing happened.
There was no scream or there was no,
there was nothing really happened–
– And it wasn’t sudden.
– during the–
– I was gonna say, all these
clues, they aren’t giving me,
its a very dry scene at the moment.
– [Karen] Yeah.
– Where like–
– But still a lot of blood.
– Cracked is a weird state of scene.
– Makes me again think
like balcony, crack,
falling off of the balcony.
– Right.
– Cracking–
– But that’s like, yeah–
– Blood coming out, I uh–
– Falling off a balcony also
feels very sudden to me.
A mirror could also crack.
– So could this sculpture.
It is literally cracked.
– As in the poem, the mirror
cracked from side to side
from which Agatha Christie
borrowed the title
of one of the novels.
Sorry Patrick.
– Again, blood loss and
bruising makes me think
it’s blunt force as
opposed to like slicing.
– Yeah.
– Do you think the crack is the weapon?
Is it a clue or is it the body?
Because as you said there’s a sculpture.
– And you can use that to–
– In play.
Could crack.
I don’t think a rat would crack,
if you hit a person with it.
– Allow me to paint the
portrait where you are–
– This a pitch?
– No.
– [Brian] Can I not allow
you to paint this portrait?
– You’re on a balcony sipping some soda
and sucking on a lollipop,
and then you crack someone over
the head with a cricket bat?
– Mmm.
– Just a bat.
– Oh no.
– Oh sorry.
– We call it a normal bat, a baseball bat.
– First he uses a cricket
bat, he used the cricket bat,
it didn’t really do much, so
he switched to a baseball bat.
It’s okay.
– [Simone] Sorry.
– I really think, going out onto a balcony
for a cigarette–
pushing someone off the balcony,
letting them fall to their death.
– That’s–
– Lose a lot of blood–
– That’s a strong pitch.
– But allow me to
deposit, that the dentures
are the crack in the face.
– That’s how my dentist describes it.
Can you please open
the crack in your face?
– This is my face crack.
– I’d like to veto this
right now, I don’t like this.
– Or the bat, he beat
the person in the mouth
and they have dentures.
– Eww.
– Cracking their teeth.
– But where’s the balcony at?
– Oh.
– I think there is strong
evidence to suggest
Allegra pushed someone off a balcony.
– No thanks.
– I don’t know if it’s with cigarette–
– I mean that makes more sense.
– I like that one,
but I’m also really
fixated on the sculpture.
– It’s definitely not–
– ’cause sculptures, what’s on balconies?
– But do you think anything else suggests-
– That’s all over the
balcony, just sculptures.
– Where are sculptures on balconies?
– You just have statues around.
– Yeah, if your in your mansion,
you keep statues out on the
open air during the noon hour.
– The sculpture are
either inside the house
or on the edges of the roof.
– This is a sematic issue.
– Okay.
– A murder’s defense of statues–
– If you played devil’s advocate,
the brick and the sculpture both
make blood come out of somebody.
Although let’s talk about a chainsaw.
– Yeah but this crack–
– A chainsaw will leave a bruise.
– I’m really–
– I’m struggling to piece
together why the cause of death
was loss of blood as
opposed to severe injury,
if its a falling off a balcony injury.
Obviously, you would lose blood
but it seems like a choice,
obviously by mentioning this
I’m putting myself in a
position to accuse myself.
– I think I did it.
– Matt, blood release, Patches.
– So maybe I should back up here,
but I’m thinking more
like blunt force trauma,
I’m gonna have to put
Simone in contention here
with the brick and sculpture.
Her own proposal, for the death.
It could happen on a balcony,
there could be falling but I think–
– Unfortunately I can’t argue–
– Something there takes it
to the loss of blood level
as opposed to just
severe injury of pushing
off the balcony even though, you’re right,
I like the cigarette as well–
(dramatic music)
– Insects are outside.
– The noon hour.
– Oh the rat, on the balcony.
– [Allegra] There’s a rat on the balcony.
– I also think its you, sorry.
– Okay.
– I love you very much, but–
– Here’s–
– You committed a murder.
– That’s fair.
My pitch is, so I think
the balcony is a bad clue.
I think, Patches, not
the blood but the mirror
cracked from side to side
and somebody with a cracked bone also,
were killed, slashed up
with a broken mirror.
That is my–
– Hmm.
– Where do you factor the bruises in?
– Loose, very rough pitch.
– Let’s all just agree that,
that pitch is better than face crack.
– Is anyone making an accusation?
– No, absolutely not.
– No badges on the line, okay.
– I think, we’re gonna need a new clue.
– Rotate a new clue in.
Noticed by bystander, sudden sound.
– Oh.
– I mean if it was outside
during noon on a balcony–
– At a balcony of a baseball game.
– Wait, oh, okay.
– What?
– Balcony of a baseball,
in those balconies.
– You know what they call the top seats.
– Aren’t those the suites?
– Nope, they call them balconies.
– The balcony.
– Simone knows a lot about
baseball terminology.
– Siri, set a murder
timer for five minutes.
– I feel like it has to be
a weapon that makes a sound.
– Or like, again I feel
like the blunt force object, just crack.
– The victim would probably make a sound.
– Yeah.
– Of the screaming nature.
– Not necessarily.
– You don’t know how
good we are at murder.
– Pushed off a balcony,
they might potentially
scream, I would say.
– But that might be a prolonged
sound because your falling.
– That sounds more like a prolonged sound.
– Although, yes, one of
the options was scream,
of the last clue.
– Oh.
– Right.
– And he didn’t pick scream,
but now we’re hearing sudden sound.
– Yeah.
– And scream is definitely prolonged,
I think it has to be the crack.
– Yeah.
– The crack of the weapon.
– I’m starting to think
the balcony pushing theory
might not be the right one.
– Yeah I agree.
– Sometimes if you don’t moisturize well–
– [Matt] I like where this is going.
– your face gets cracks,
perhaps they might need a face mask–
– Whoa.
– in order to handle that crack.
The sudden noise of me going
“ah, what a lovely face I have now.”
And at the same time someone
has put leeches on me
and releasing my blood.
– I like your theory but
I’m going to say balcony
is an outdoor murder, I have
a complete alibi defense here.
– When I put on a face mask,
I go out and enjoy the sun,
the rays out on the balcony.
– Doesn’t that dry up your mask?
Doesn’t it dry up your cake?
– I really feel like
it’s the baseball bat.
– Well put your badge on it.
– Yeah, put your badge on the line.
– Is Karen off the table?
– I don’t think Karen’s off the table.
– There’s a lot of things on Karen’s table
and none of them speak
to me in this direction.
– Yeah, all gratuitous murder devices,
this is a subtle crime.
– Oh yeah.
– I think it’s unlikely that Karen did it
but I do think maybe the machete–
– The sudden sound was my dog.
– Yeah.
– Mad dog.
– Yeah.
– That you keep on the
balcony so he doesn’t escape.
– Do we want to think about Simone again?
’cause now I’m thinking
about that sculpture.
That crack in that sculpture.
– Why the sculpture and not–
– Not the brick?
– The chainsaw?
– The chainsaw would be
really loud and prolonged.
– I don’t see the chainsaw as a bruise.
– What about a scream when
somebody sees the rat?
– But we didn’t get scream.
– We didn’t have scream.
– Oh God damn it, I keep forgetting.
– And you are accusing yourself.
– I must make a case against myself.
– I feel like Simone
might have taken a bust,
like a small sculpture, like that, right,
and cracked it over someone’s head.
– I don’t think so ’cause I can’t see
the sculpture being on the balcony.
– I feel like we’re really–
– I mean maybe–
– But that’s what busts
are, they’re just around.
– There just all over the place Simone.
– Bust, you keep those on
pedestals at your house.
– But that is also a sculpture.
– Or outside.
– You could have brought
it out to the balcony.
– We’re not talking like–
– That’s true.
– It’s fine.
If it’s Simone, what is
the clue that we found?
– Bug, again.
– Bug.
– Bug.
– I still think that baseball bat–
– Only our during noon.
– Moon?
– Noon.
– Noon.
– Noon day of the baseball game.
Oh sorry, I just crunched your finger.
– No, no, no, you’re good.
– Oh my God.
I am the murder.
– I don’t know what’s happening.
It feels to me like Allegra
has been bandwagoning
on the first thing that
people have started to–
– [Matt] I noticed that too.
– As soon as bug was mentioned,
that really great clue for Simone.
– Bug.
– Allegra was like, “bug, yeah, bug.”
– So what would you,
what clue would you accuse if you were–
– I–
– What’s your pitch here?
– I still think it’s, the
one that makes the most sense
to me is cigarette butt and a push
but also potentially you go outside
in your briefs on the balcony
’cause no one can see you,
if you’re way high up.
I don’t see wig or confidential letter.
I think the potentials would
be cigarette butt or briefs.
I’m still leaning towards
push, cigarette butt.
– My devil’s advocate to that
is that Brian who has a
literally baseball bat–
– Yeah.
– Is misdirecting from himself.
– I was just about to say,
because Allegra was okay
everyone’s right about Simone,
Brian was like, this is my opportunity
to misdirect to Allegra.
– Well then Brian should
accuse because he’s bold.
– Yeah.
– It’s time for end of this round,
which means we need
pitches or accusations.
– Okay.
– No, I’m cutting you off, I’m accusing,
I think it’s Allegra.
I think it’s push and cigarette butt.
– No.
– Mmm.
– I liked the briefs idea though.
– Yeah.
– That was really good.
– Yeah.
– I love being on the
balcony in my briefs.
– In my briefs.
– I think it is Brian at
noon at the baseball game,
taking a baseball bat and
cracking someone’s teeth in.
And there’s the sudden sound
of the, I’m sorry, I know.
– I’m with you, Simone.
– I uhhhh!
I think it might be Brian
but I also really just want to double down
on my sculpture bug theory.
– You can.
– That’s my pitch.
– Can we have a hashtag sculpture bug?
– Hashtag sculpture bug.
– The only thing with Simone
right now, is if it’s Simone,
I don’t know if it’s sculpture or brick,
’cause nothing is necessarily–
– Yeah, it’s gotta be sculpture.
It’s gotta be sculpture.
– [Karen] It’s gotta be.
– I am pretty, I have
the same idea as Brian
about Allegra chiming
in at the slightest–
– But that’s also been
her tactic for both games.
– I’m just a band wagoner, I don’t know,
I don’t have original ideas.
– I don’t want to make a
character assessment here.
I just wanna–
– That’s fair.
– My pitch is, I’ll go
with push and briefs,
the outdoor relaxation murder.
– Pitch?
– Oh, I think it’s Brian with
the bat and the dentures.
– I’m gonna say victims
identity middle aged.
– Hmm?
– Down the middle clues.
– These clues suck ass.
– Middle aged.
Okay, well I think that
eliminates any denture theories.
– It eliminates the denture theory
but the baseball bat is
still very much in play.
– It certainly rules out the stuffed toy,
that no one was talking about.
– Only middle aged people
listen to cassette tapes.
– Um, I listen to cassette
tapes all the time.
– [Simone} And you are middle Aged.
– [Allegra] That’s true.
– Middle aged could be briefs.
– I kinda think middle
aged implies, you know,
you’re made it, right, you made it.
– You’ve made it?
– You’ve been working a long time.
You got a nice house.
You got two balconies even.
You’ve got sculptures on both balconies.
– [Simone] That is true.
– And if you see a rat
on your pristine balcony
you get F’d up.
And then, you know, Simone
uses that opportunity
to beat you with your sculpture.
– Maybe the rat was the victim.
– [Allegra] The middle aged rat.
– I still think it’s Allegra.
I’m 100% behind Allegra,
but you guys don’t believe my briefs.
– Now here’s the thing, if it’s briefs,
why don’t we know that the victim is male,
we only know middle age.
– I feel like–
– Winning as an inspector.
– [Karen] Yeah.
– You feel passionate
about getting the murderer.
– Nobody said anything
she could agree with.
– I know, I don’t care.
I was thinking about how, I was thinking,
I was not listening to any of you
because I was thinking about
how Brian sacrificed himself
very early on ’cause a
murderer does not need a badge.
They’re not actually on the force.
– [Karen] That’s true.
– And he’s continuously misdirecting.
– No.
– He’s continuously misdirecting.
I’m not even listening to you.
Brian has been the most active.
– You know what, I’m gonna,
I’m accusing Allegra here, push, briefs.
– Wrong.
– Let’s just get it out.
– Okay, that’s off the table.
It’s one of you two.
– I think Brian were the murderer
he would want to keep a guess.
Here’s my–
– I think it’s more Simone,
than Brian right now.
– I think Patches hasn’t, we
haven’t really examined him
and also he’s been very good at–
– Yeah.
– Talking up other people.
– You’re gonna switch gears
to me, in this final moment.
– Do we want to throw,
well I was going to say
more wrenches, but that
might make us think
about Patches and how he has a wrench.
– Oh no.
– Hey oh!
– All three of these things, I think work.
All three of these.
– I think they do too.
– But what of these?
– Mirror cracked.
Yeah, I gotta go with Simone.
– I don’t want you to
waste an accusation on me.
That’s what I’m most worried about.
– Well we have four and there’s
four people we think it is.
So I don’t think we will waste one
if we can get a right clue.
– I don’t think its Patches.
I feel like his clues
just don’t add up at all.
And I think, blood release
is just too obvious.
The loss of blood.
– Or convenient.
– Yeah.
– True but also–
– If he was the person,
I would 100% put loss of
blood as the cause of death.
– I mean, yes.
– Come on.
– I’m torn between Simone and Brian,
but I lean very heavily toward Brian.
– Go, do it.
– Now, I’m kinda like
maybe it’s a soft drink,
they’re at a baseball
game, got a little Pepsi.
Brian was upset, he cracked it open,
Brian was upset because
he was pro Coca-Cola
and they only had Pepsi,
I would do that too.
They only had Pepsi, he
brought his own baseball bat
because he’s a very big Mets
fan, also offensive to me.
So he beat his friend with a Pepsi
over the head with a baseball bat.
– Are they really called
balconies at baseball games?
– Yeah.
– No.
– Up on those upper
levels, that’s a balcony.
– I think it is.
– No that’s a balcony in a theater.
– I was going to say like,
I don’t go to many baseball games,
you don’t talk about the balcony,
you talk about the nosebleed seats.
– Seated in the balcony
of the baseball game.
– The question is does Pat know and also–
– I think those are balconies.
– Baseball facts.
– Why are you so–
– He can’t talk.
Pat is not allowed to talk.
Why are you so insistent,
that a literal balcony is not a balcony?
– I just feel like, if you were gonna call
someone out for a baseball game–
– I mean also there are balconies.
– [Karen] There are no clues that work.
– There aren’t that many good
clues other than storeroom.
– All right, that’s five minutes up.
So I need to hear some accusations.
– Yeah.
– And some theories.
– I’m gonna go.
– Kay.
– I’m gonna do it.
I think it’s Brian getting very fanatical
about bat and soft drink.
– No.
– It’s time.
The moment has come.
For the sculptured bug theory.
– Sculpture bug!
– Yes.
– What!
– No.
– Hashtag sculpture bug.
– Sculpture bug.
– I mean it is noon.
When are the bugs out?
There out at noon.
– What’s the only location
in here you see a bug?
A balcony!
What’s cracked?
– That sculpture is cracked!
– Oh my god.
– Whoo!
– I am extremely upset that the brick rat
misdirect is not happening.
– Simone, it was very
obvious and very poorly done.
The moment she mentioned
bug you’re like “oh a rat!”
– Sorry, I didn’t believe it.
– I’m so sorry I didn’t believe it.
I should have band wagoned.
I look like a really fool
now when they go back
to that part of me calling out Allegra
for saying bug was a good option.
As soon as bug was mentioned,
that really great clue for Simone.
– Bug!
– Thank you for joining
us for another OverBoard.
This has been Deception:
Murder in Hong Kong.
Sculpture bug!
– Sculpture bug!
Sculpture bug!
Sculpture bug!
Sculpture bug!
(upbeat music)

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