Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Dealing Cards for Blackjack

Now, I’m going to show you about dealing
the cards, we’re going to always start from
the left, going to the right player. So here,
this is how it goes. Let’s put a few hands
out, here’s one, another player’s two,
another player’s three. Now I’m going
to deal to myself, I’m going to put this
card down, to the dealer. The next card is
up, what I do is put it toward the right of
the card, why? Because you can see both cards
easily, the numerical value, it’s easy to
read for the dealer and the player. We’ll
put the next card up, the next card up, and
the dealer’s card up. Again, dealing goes
left to right and this order. And then I get
my last card. Another way you can do this,
just a simple, slight, difference would be
this. Again, dealing up, up, up, dealer card
up, up, up, up and in this case, the next
card I put is down or called the hole card,
and again, slide into the table so nobody
can see and put it under. It’s just a slight
difference but you might be able to do it
that way too.


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