Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Dealer Showing Cards in Blackjack

Its very important for any dealer to know,
if they have a ten showing, be it ten, jack,
queen or king and they have the hole card
or the bottom card, after everything is dealt,
the dealer must take a look or a peek at the
hole card. So for example, ten is up, everything
is dealt, the dealer takes a fast look-see,
to see what the under card is or the hole
card is. If it is an ace, they turn it over,
because they already have a blackjack. So
this means that the betting is ceased, and
the dealer automatically wins. But there is
an exception to this rule; if another player
has a blackjack or players then the dealer
and the player push or call the tie. Let me
show you another example of a ten up. Here’s
a jack up, everything is already bet, the
dealer then looks to see what the hole card
is. Again try to do it so that no one else
can see around the table, take a fast look,
it’s not an ace, so the play continues as
the rules apply. An exception to this rule
is if another player or players also have
a blackjack, this is called a push, or another
name, a tie. The player does not get paid
anything more, but gets to keep their amount
they already bet. But its very important,
again, as I reiterate, if the player has,
excuse me, if the dealer has a ten showing,
the dealer must look to see if they have an
ace underneath, because again, this is a blackjack,
all the cards are then stopped, and the dealer
automatically wins. Another example, here’s
a ten, the dealer takes a fast look-see, in
this instance, the dealer does not have an
ace, so the play continues.

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