Learn to Play – Blackjack

Hi, and welcome to Crown’s Learn to Play series.
Blackjack Plus is a variant on one of the
world’s most popular casino games.
Just like Blackjack, the object of the game
is to beat the dealer’s hand by getting a
card total not exceeding 21, with 2 or more
All cards are worth their face value, except
the ace, which can count as 1 or 11, and all
picture cards count as 10.
Before you play, you must place a bet.
Up to three players may play within each betting
And you’re also allowed to place a bet in
more than one box at a time.
However, only the person with a bet closest
to the dealer within each box can make decisions
on the hand.
Play begins when the cards are dealt face
You are not allowed to touch the cards at
any time throughout the game.
If you want to receive another card, tap or
scratch the table, like so.
Or if you don’t want another card, move your
hand in a horizontal motion, like so.
You can receive up to 5 cards without going
over 21, otherwise known as “busting”.
If you have 5 cards and the total is less
than 21, or if you get a total of 21 with
less than 5 cards, you will be paid immediately.
At the end of play, if your hand is closer
to 21 than the dealer’s, you win, it’s that
And every time you beat the dealer without
having a blackjack, you’ll be paid even money.
From a $20 bet, you are paid $20.
But if the dealer gets a hand of 22, this
is a tie, called a “standoff”, and no one
wins or loses, unless you have already been
paid or busted.
Everyone loves to score a blackjack, but how
do you get it?
A blackjack occurs when the first 2 cards
dealt to you are a 10-value card, plus an
In this instance, you are paid at odds of
three to two immediately.
So let’s say you bet $10, you’ll be paid $15.
If you think you have a great chance of beating
the dealer, you can double your bet whenever
you have two or three cards in your hand.
For a double, you place an additional bet
up to the value of your original bet and receive
one more card.
If you win, both bets are paid even money.
If you want more flexibility to beat the dealer,
you may split your cards, provided they are
of the same value.
You’ll need to match your original bet to
split and the dealer will move the cards to
make up to three separate hands, except when
you have a pair of aces, which can only be
split once to create two separate hands.
Winning splits are paid even money.
Perfect pairs is an extra bet that you can
make before any cards are dealt.
When placing this bet, you are hoping that
the first two cards dealt to you are a pair.
The bet will be paid if the cards are the
same face value, example, 2 kings, 2 queens,
2 10s, etc.
The odds paid increase if the cards are the
same color, and you get paid even more if
they’re the same suit.
A mixed pair pays six to one.
A $10 bet is paid $60.
A colored pair pays 13 to 1, $10 would give
you $130.
And a perfect pair pays 25 to 1.
A $10 bet will win $250.
All payouts are based on a six-deck shoe.
On some of our tables, we only use four decks
of cards.
The payouts for these tables are 5 to 1 for
a mixed pair, 12 to 1 for a colored pair,
and 30 to 1 for a perfect pair.
If you need any further help, please speak
to a friendly Crown host.
Good luck.

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