Learn how hotels can generate incremental business with Dayuse.com

Dayuse allows
hotels to sell
their rooms twice,
room that otherwise sit
empty during the day.
Dayuse is here to help
generate incremental revenue
in a simple and efficient way
whilst providing a newfound
freedom to guests.
How do we build the offers
with our partners?
What is important
to know is that
each hotel’s internal
and operations is respected.
Each offer is tailormade
for every hotel.
How do we do that?
To generate up to
10% of revenue,
Dayuse follows the
housekeeping schedule
to provide the best
for both hotels and guests.
We offer 3 main time slots:
the traditional Dayuse,
the Dayuse classic,
between 9 am and
5 pm for example
the most in demand time,
an earlier break,
an offer
starting from 7 am
and late breaks until 10PM.
Based on the overnight rates
we advertise the best
discounted rates
for each offer to our guests.
There are also different
room types:
a Standard room,
an Executive room
and even superior
rooms and suites.
According to each hotel’s
operational capacity
we determine the most
manageable inventory
per day, for example
2 rooms per day.
Each hotel has a dedicated
Account Manager to improve
and optimise sales
on a day-to-day basis,
in order to drive
additional revenue.
Dayuse is a solution for
an evermore
mobile and connected clientele.
The business clientele,
looking for a temporary
office between two meetings.
The leisure clientele,
willing to enjoy
a luxury getaway
for a day,
and transit travellers,
with a cancelled
or delayed flight or train.
Today, we have a strong
network of 5,000 hotels
in the world
with a double digit growth
in both bookings and
revenue generated.
Since its creation,
Dayuse has generated
1.500 000
for more than
150 million dollars
generated by
our hotel partners.
So we can say
that today
there is a real market
that we were able to
digitize and go global with.

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