Learn Excel from MrExcel – “Roulette Analysis”: Podcast #1661

MrExcel podcast is sponsored by Easy-XL. Learn Excel from MrExcel podcast, episode 1661. Roulette Analysis. All right! Conrad sends in today’s question. He says, you know, “Hey! With the Roulette tables, it’s not completely random.” That some numbers are more popular than others, can we take a look at the last 1,000 Roulette results and see which numbers are hot and which numbers are not hot. So, we’re going to have our list here. We’re going to insert a pivot table and I’m just going to put it here in C2, click [ok]. All right! And we have our pivot table field list over here. I’m going to take the last 1,000 and put it in Row Labels, which gives me the numbers from 0 to 36. And then I’m also going to take the last 1,000 and put it in Values. I see but it wants to sum, and that’s not what I want because I don’t want to give 8 more credit than a 1. Let’s say, so I’m going to move the field list out of the way, and I’m going to choose here, click on field settings and said I want to do a Count, click [ok], alright! And to find the hot numbers. The numbers that are coming up frequently will sort descending. Alright, so 7, 17, 11, 21, 10 are the hot numbers. Now, let’s see if we can show just the top 5. So, Value Filters, just down, out of your sight is something called Top 10 dot dot dot and I want to show the top 5. Items based on a count of last 1000, so there are hot numbers. Now, what if we were looking for the numbers that haven’t come up in a long time? The numbers, let’s assume that it really is random, the numbers that are overdue. Then we go back to Value Filters, Top 10 and we can ask for the bottom 5 items based on count of last 1000 and there are the numbers that have that kind of that are, let’s say overdue. They have not been coming up more frequently. So, a simple little pivot table using a count of each number can show us, you know the trend of last 1000. All right! I want to thank Conrad for sending that question in and I want to thank you for stopping by. See you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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