Las Vegas Tavern Is About To Go Bust – Bar Rescue, Season 5

In 2105, Brad Stegman
rolled the dice
and left his corporate
management job
at a casino
to open the City Bar.
But he began to realize
it was a gamble
he might soon regret.My name’s Brad Stegman.
I’m the owner of City Bar
in Las Vegas.This bar is something
that I always wanted to do,
but I’m down to
my last few months.When I first
opened the bar,
I was really
just trying to do more of a traditional
neighborhood type tavernwhere people
from the neighborhood
could come in
and get a good drink,
live entertainment
on the weekends.
But as the gaming build
was very slow,I had to cut some costs.It’s killing me
to have to take these
games out today.I have four bartenders here.I have Kim, Belinda,
and a bartender named Megan. My name is Megan Corddry
and I’m a bartender
here at City Bar.I have a gross misdemeanor
on my record.
It’s for a larceny charge,
but I turned it around. I mean, it took me
going to jail and getting in trouble
and almost dying, – but I turned it around.
– Right?Not many people
are willing to trust
a recovering drug addict,so looking for a job
was really hard
because of that.
And then, luckily,
Brad hired me.
I really need
this bar to succeedbecause my daughter
Serenity is 10,
and she relies on me.When I don’t have
a band booked, if I don’t have
a special event,literally,
we can do zero sales.
So we depend
on our bartenders
to create their own events
and do their own parties.Monday nights
we do a jazz night.
Generally on the weekendswe might do
some DJs occasionally.
( dance music playing )Narrator:
Desperate to
improve business,
Brad has allowed
his bartenders
to promote sordid eventsbetter suited
for strip clubs than a pub.
– Time to suffocate!
– We’re in a neighborhood
that is… diverse, so I have
a BDSM munch night. We have pornstars
coming tonight,so who knows
what’s going to go on.
She has no clue
what she’s doing. Narrator:
Overwhelmed by
bossy bartenders,
Brad has lost control
of his bar.
Bartenders can be
very difficult to get along
with each other. This one has been gone
for six months and she’s like,
“(bleep) you, I’m in charge.” You went to another bar
and said you were the manager, but what have you
(bleep) managed? She better not get
in my (bleep) way. Me and Kim
do not get along at all. I don’t like her
as a person. She’s a liar and a thief. ‘Cause she took money
out of this register and told Brad
that I stole it. Grow up
and shut your mouth. It’s very, very stressful
to sit at the barand no one walking
through those doors.
I’m not going to shave
this beard until I get this place
turned around.I’m in about $140,000.This is my personal moneythat is dwindling away
every single month. Narrator:
Now on the brink
of financial collapse
and determined
to salvage his future,
Brad has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”


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