Lansdowne Resort Testimonial

Bringing Noventri on board for us, met an
immediate need, which was to reduce the amount
of what I would call paper signage, and improve
the overall way finding of the resort.
Another way that the system from Noventri has improved
our property is obviously our guests expect
the best in technology coming to a resort
in the DC area. Having the electronic reader
boards outside of each room constantly updating
and changing is obviously a much higher step up
in technology and a much better image to
portray overall. What we also got in the process
was the ability to add marketing content and
also use the door cards themselves as artwork
in a conference center that is a little bit
straight forward in terms of its design. So
rather than having to go out and purchase
hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
artwork, our digital door cards have really
not only become a wonderful way finding, branding
of the meeting space for our customer, but they
are also esthetically very pleasing and then
you can deliver marketing messages and customized
content. So that was an unexpected win, in
terms of the esthetic and the beauty of the
actual product itself. We knew that we had
made the right choice when we picked Noventri
and working with the team during the bid process.
It became evident that there was a very deep
sense of commitment not only to the sales
process, or qualifying our needs, understanding
what it was that would work the best for us
and putting all those nuts and bolts together
but then also bringing the operational team
along with, so that there was an understanding
of the actual infrastructure and how that
implementation would actually look and feel.
I really cannot say enough good about the
installation process with Noventri. It was
very much a concern for us going into the
process because we were facing a very unique
challenge of not being able to do the installation
process all in one go. The installation was
amazingly smooth. Especially compared to a
number of the other renovation projects that
were going on at the time. So we definitely
felt like we pulled the winning straw in terms
of working with a partner. The overall service
level from pre-installation, planning the
system out, planning the install, and providing
the post install support absolutely set Noventri
apart from everybody else. They have stuck
by us. It was not, the lights go on and they
go off. They have been here every step of
the way. And I cannot say enough good about
the support after the fact. Its been just
over a year now that we have had the system
in place and active. This was a crucial decision
maker in deciding to go with Noventri. There
is nothing that we request that is not immediately
responded to with a level of professionalism
and care, which I think is unique. Especially,
you know, we are almost a year after the job
and the relationship is just as strong as
it was when the installation and the initial
bid process was happening. We had a GMs and
sales summit here at the resort where some
of the properties expressed interest in the
system. Some of the other properties were
still using the paper system that we had been
using prior to that and another property had
a Legacy electronic system in place that they
were interested in changing. We would not
hesitate to recommend the Noventri system
to any of our sister properties. We are only
as strong as our partners and our relationships
with vendors so we are very tough on them
but we are very loyal and they earned it,
so I would one hundred percent recommend Noventri
to any resort, any other property, any management
company who is looking for a consistent product
and team to implement this level of technology.

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