Oh my gawd, that’s what we’re talking about!
Kula Diamond skin!
*Japanese voiceover*
Waddup, humans? Kurumi here!
And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new?
In this video, we are going to show you our
draw for the King of Fighters Bingo Event!
Mind you, we got Kula Diamond by spending
Nice pun indeed.
Well, anyway, let’s proceed.
In this event, you can acquire different skins
including the limited King of Fighters skin.
These are the skins you can possibly get.
You can also acquire items such as emotes,
Magic Wheel spin, and fragments.
That will all depend on how lucky you are.
When we check out the rules,
it shows the probability on getting the specific skin.
As you can see, the probability on the 1 time
draw is relatively low.
When checking the 10 times draw, the probability
on getting the King of Fighters skins are higher.
Also, when you do a 10 times draw,
there is a sure Epic skin or King of Figters skin to be given away.
That’s not bad, isn’t it?
Just hope you don’t get an epic skin that
you can just buy from the shop.
That would be a waste.
Well, anyway, let’s start the draw!
For the first time purchase of the 10 times
draw, you are given a 30% discount.
So, let’s draw!
We really expect lots of items from our draws.
Oh, wow.
Mecha Dragon.
Too bad we already have this.
But, it’s not bad at all since we got the
Death skin of Aldous.
Whoa, another skin.
But, meh, we already have this skin.
Sadly, the Mecha Dragon skin just turned into
That’s what our 1500 diamonds is worth, unfortunately.
Okay, so the bingo piece will now be randomly
That spot is a lucky spot because you can
hit 3 patterns on that position.
Well, let’s not give up!
We still have diamonds to burn!
Hmmm, wait, I’m really scared we might get
a skin we already have again.
Whatever, let’s just do it.
Oh my gawd.
That’s what we are talking about!
Kula Diamond skin!
That’s how we roll.
We were able to acquire her on our 2nd 10x
draw, which costs around 3800 diamonds.
Not bad, isn’t it?
Wow, we were also give another Aurora skin.
That’s kinda funny.
Like, why?
Anyway, I hope there is another Epic skin.
Wow, a skin.
But we already have this.
This is kinda sad.
Now, the Bingo piece will now be set randomly.
Okay, that’s not bad since we can hopefully
have another Bingo piece below that to make a pattern.
Should we go for another 10 times draw?
Oh, wait, I think we can’t go for another
one since we lack 100 diamonds.
That is quite unfortunate.
Well, let’s just try next month when payroll
crawls in.
If you guys also tried the King of Fighters
Bingo Event, let us know in the comments section!
I know this event is quite expensive, so please
do not sell your stuff at home.
Never ever sell your internal organs as well.
Try to find a job, please.
You can’t find a job if you sell your internal
organs, or your hands.
Do not also sell your mobile phone, that’s
not good at all.
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