Kroon Casino Blackjack Basic Strategy Part 3 Splitting a Hand

Welcome to part three of Kroon Casino’s
Blackjack basic strategy series. In this
video we will learn about splitting a
hand. If you have a pair of cards of the
same value, for example two eights or two
tens you have the option to split the
hands into two separate games. If you wish
to split simply signal to the dealer
verbally that you’d like to split.
They will then direct you to match your
existing bet, and will split the cards
for you. By splitting hands you can now
play two games, if you split two eights
for example your original hand would
have been 16 but you now have two hands
of eight and a card can be drawn on both.
Once you have a card on both hands you
then continue to make choices on both
hands individually. Let’s say you split
the eights the dealer then may give you
a ten on one hand and a 6 on the other
hand leaving you with 18 and 14, you can
then choose whether to take another card
or stand on each hand independently. As a
general rule you should always split
aces and eights but never split a pair
of tens. If you had a pair of nines split
them against the dealer’s two to nine
but stand if the dealer has a seven.
There is a general rule for most hands
in splitting if you wish to memorize
them. There are three main reasons to
consider splitting a hand. The bold
strategy, this is when you will win more
money on average, this means you’re
already the favorite to win money on the
hand, but by splitting your win more
money. The defensive strategy, this means
you will lose less money on average. It
means betting more to cover your losses
and can be confusing for players.
Although you will lose money in the long
run you would lose more money if you
didn’t split. The opportunist strategy,
the simplest logic by splitting your
cards you may be able to turn a losing
hand into a winning hand, maybe even two.
Thank you for watching our guide to
splitting a hand, next time we’ll look at
doubling down

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