Kijoon purchased clocks for ’Um Yu Min Pub’ team? [Happy Together/2018.12.20]

(“This Is the Moment” by Um Yu Min Pub) (This is the moment, when all I’ve done) (All of the dreaming) (and scheming and screaming) (become one) (Becomes mine) (For all these years) (I’ve faced the world alone) (And now the time has come to prove) (to them I’ve made it on my own) (This is the moment) (My final test) (I never reckoned second best) (I won’t look down) (I must not fall) (Moment for moment) (This is the moment) (The sweetest moment of them all) (The highlight of the quartet) (This day or never) (I sit forever with the almighty) (When I look back) (I will always recall) (Moment for moment) (This was the moment) (The greatest moment of them all) (Bravo) (Bringing joy to our ears) Why is this play not sold out yet? This isn’t widely known yet. – They need to know. / – Only a few know. This isn’t widely known yet. Just hide the 2000 seats and open up more. If all goes well, we’ll open up the 2000 seats… Exactly. – Just open them up. / – Also I’d like to thank Sohyun – for giving me details. / – What details? When Publae was singing, “He studied music in Kyung Hee University.” When Youngki was singing, “He studied music in Hanyang University.” (When everyone was drawn into the song) Music major in Hanyang University. (After scanning) Music major in Kyung Hee University. (Sharing information) Why would you share that? He looked taken aback. I did some research prior to this, but I couldn’t use them yet. So I shared them with Saeho instead. She was like a museum’s digital curator. Telling me the details. All the useful information. I thought Junsang was stressed because he started screaming. (Screaming) Gosh. (All my stress) (Go away.) (We are sorry.) That is why – I sing the high notes. / – Is that so? – That’s cool. / – Charming voices. – You’re all charming. / – I was taken aback. Um Kijoon showing a playful side today, but he is usually known to play the villain. He often plays the bad character. He played a murderer in “Innocent Defendant” too. I heard that you couldn’t act anymore after that. – I thought I couldn’t. / – Why? The role I played had such a scary image. I thought I’d only get even scarier roles. I assumed that I won’t get innocent roles. You once said that evil roles are easier. I feel like evil roles suit me more than innocent roles. Is it your natural character? – Does it feel natural? / – But this is… I like it because I get vicarious satisfaction. – I can’t usually do that. / – You can do things you normally can’t. Yes, you can’t normally kill someone. The way you smile is very frightening like an evil character. – Like “American Psycho”. / – Yes, similar to that. You can digest that role unbelievably well. Yes, you’re right. I don’t know about that. But we know. (But we do.) You should stop. – We can’t lose like that. / – You can do that. – Don’t do that. / – I’m not trying to fight. – You can’t fight. / – I can talk back though. Can you show us a cold attitude of a villain? – You can act instantly. / – Yes, he’s good at that. (I’ll get you back.) Look at his eyes. They’re driving me mad. How would you express “you’re done”? (You’re done.) (He gives them the chills.) – His eyes are scary. / – My gosh. How do you act instantly? I heard that you had a kiss scene in ten years while filming “Innocent Defendant”. Your co-star Oh Yeonah complained about the smell of your mouthwash. You used it so much that your cheek smelled too. – Is that possible? / – Yes. Were you being considerate? Of course, I first met her on the day we filmed the kiss scene. – That’s not easy to do. / – Yes. We first met and filmed that and the murder scene. Yes. I got scared. – He said it so easily. / – Yes, he did. I got so scared. We did do that though because of our schedule. We did it all in one day. The scenes were for the later part of the show, but you filmed those on the same day. I guess you used more mouthwash out of pity. You’re right. Like you mentioned before, you have a chatroom without Junsang. – Yes. / – “Um, Min, and Pub”. Yes, we have a separate chatroom. A lot is going on between them. There are only four of you. You already have three chatrooms. There’s a reason behind it. During our performance, we have to test Kijoon’s character. But we started testing Junsang because his reactions are funny when he undergoes something. – When he’s taken aback. / – He’s the best. He is the best. The audience loves his reaction too. – That idea… / – Their conversation is very funny and Kijoon is very active. – What’s that? / – Did you prepare that? – What is it? / – Let’s have a look. Publae said, “Let’s think of the mother’s name”. “I’ll go with Esmeralda. Like Sophie, Isabelle…” “Think of names”. Kijoon said, “We should ask Atos’ mother’s name.” “When Junsang gets confused,” “we should confuse him even more” “and his head will explode.” Junsang didn’t know. Right, Junsang? Why do you seem so enthusiastic here? You’re the only active one. There are people who don’t normally talk much but are very active online. Can you continue reading? Publae suggested this too. – This is the worst. / – “5 times 73 is 365.” “125 times 8 is 1000.” “These are the rhyming words.” “Must rhymes with” “bust, rust, gust” “dust, trust, and thrust.” “Let’s go with those.” “After, let’s throw in difficult words” “and confuse Atos even more.” There are double or triple casts with plays but with these casts, the audience miss their last train. – The ending gets delayed. / – I can see why. – That’s funny. / – Did you know about this? I only knew afterward. Kijoon talks the most in the chat. In our dressing room, we sit together and those two sit on the opposite. If I go to their side, Junsang follows me straight away. He tries to find out what we’re up to. Before our play, I’m given a different test. I revise that test. Once, I studied father’s names. But they start testing me on mother’s name. It drives me mad. Junsang must be stressed out. – I’ve gone through a lot. / – You must be stressed. You’re like the clueless cartoon character. I shouldn’t have started all of this. They might be naughty around you, but they gifted you with expensive watch and bag. All of you are wearing the same watch. – It’s from Kijoon. / – Kijoon gave it to us. Did Kijoon do that? Kijoon really has his own charm. Did you purchase four clocks? Kijoon looks pessimistic and picky, – but he loves… / – I know. – them so much. / – It’s amazing. But since he’s not good at expressing it, he made a pledge. – What was it? / – When he was in “Innocent Defendant”, if the rating reaches 20 percent, he’ll buy watches for us. He made a pledge. The max rating was over 30 percent. (The max rating reached 28.3 percent.) Then he took us to a department store. Did you think it’d go over 20 percent? I expected it. Really? You were planning to buy them? It was very high. He only says what he has to say and never lies. He also always keeps what he says. That’s amazing. Wonderful. If you look at the photo, they’re all wearing watches. It’s like a cuff. Watch and a smartwatch. I thought that was a health bracelet. The four of us are still working on it. We’re betting on who walks more. – It’s a sports watch. / – We’re betting. – It’s a challenge. / – I even got shingles because of it. – He’s super competitive. / – Right. He’s putting so much effort. The male writer would’ve loved this story. But then he was talking down on me. Stop it now. Then I lost it. I wasn’t sure if I should talk about it, then I decided to talk about it later. I suddenly couldn’t remember it. I’m talking about it now. The four of you were betting on who walks more, then you ended up getting shingles. They all walk 15,000 steps a day. That’s amazing. I wanted to win. When I’m 20 minutes away from my house, I tell my manager, I’ll hop off here. And I walk home. I don’t sync it until 57 minutes. Then I take the first place. It was so fun that I walked 20,000 steps a day. Why do you wear yourself out? (It’s tiring to think about it.) Then I got shingles. (Then I got shingles.) In fact, it was on my face. – That must be painful. / – It was dangerous. I got so upset that I stopped walking afterwards. Junsang’s passion explodes for his wife. I heard you can tell whether your wife’s in the venue or not right away. – To watch your show. / – Yes. Sohyun figured it out. I figured it out. Do you know? Of course I know. One day he was singing just until his pressure goes up. He was singing crazy. I wondered why he was so enthusiastic, and it turned out his wife was there. He’s most enthusiastic – when she visits. / – When Eunhee visits. Do you admit it? I can’t admit it. It still makes sense because my wife is very strict with me. – She barely approves. / – She barely does. It got me to practice more. But I try to show her something, but it ends in backfire. (Laughing) You only wanted her to approve you. I was only trying to make her approve me. But he’s really enthusiastic. It was nice to see. What do you think, Kijoon? It totally shows. – How does it show? / – Really? It totally shows. – How does it show? / – Really? – It’s evident. / – Really? He tries so hard. It’s too much. (It’s too much.) (Too much passion) Is it too much? It’s kind of too much. Do you get in trouble if she doesn’t like it? – No. / – “What were you doing?” That’s not it. She doesn’t say much. “You should try harder.” Oh, my. That’s scary. That’s all. It makes me stutter. “Wasn’t it okay?” – “You should try harder.” / – “Try harder.” (He’s stimulated by what his wife says.) Again. (Screaming) I go over the script. (Laughing) She complimented recently for the first time. She compliments me more than before. How does she compliment you? “Now that you’re old,” “you should maintain it if you want to keep going.” Your children are also getting tired of you? (He must be way too passionate.) We talked about it before when Hong Eunhee was here. As soon as they get up, he tells them to say hello. I regret it now. As they grow up, they come to me first when I’m sleeping. “Dad.” “What?” “Bye.” (He wakes his dad up to say bye.) “Hey, I got home in the morning.” He still has to say hi. “You told me to say hi.” “Okay.” I go back to sleep, and my second son comes in. “Dad.” I’m like, “What?” “Bye.” “It’s you now?” “Why didn’t you say bye with your brother?” “He leaves first.” – They keep doing that. / – I’m sure they have a group chat of their own. – Now I say… / – “Go in now.” they don’t need to say bye to me. “Just leave.” This might become a Junsang Game. It might become a game. You should be careful.

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