Justice Department Appeals Wire Act Decision

Hey friends, how you doin’?
J.Todd coming to you Fremont Street, and here’s
what’s happening This Week in Gambling!
Hello friends, and thank you for streaming
another edition of This Week in Gambling.
Our friends at the US Department of Justice
are back in the news…
but hey, we all knew this day would come.
And that is this week’s big story.
Back in January the DOJ decided to change
their opinion on the Federal Wire Act.
After years of claiming that the Act only
applied to sports betting, suddenly they wanted
to use it as a weapon against
Internet casinos and poker.
However, New Hampshire called bullshit and
sued the Justice Department.
And in April, a US District Court ruled that,
in fact, the Wire Act only applies to sports bets…
Not internet casinos… not internet poker.
The DOJ’s opinion be damned.
At the time of that ruling I came on this
program and said that eventually this case
will most likely have to be settled by the
US Supreme Court…
just like the sports betting case was the
year before that…
And now it looks as if we’ve taken step toward
that showdown.
A few days ago the DOJ officially appealed
the New Hampshire case.
It seems they don’t take rejection very well…
sort of like a drunk frat boy at a kegger.
they just can’t get it through their heads!
Now I’m sure that some of you watching this
program may have concerns that the Department
of Justice could really screw things up for
sports betting and the online gambling industry
here in America.
So let me take just a moment to put
your minds at ease.
First of all the Wire Act is a federal law
which means it only applies to bets placed
across state lines.
It can do nothing to stop sports betting that’s
being regulated within a state…
just like it can’t do anything to stop online
gambling that’s being regulated within a state…
So even if the DOJ fights this all the way…
and even if the DOJ somehow wins the day…
it won’t hurt anything except cross border
play between states,
which I know would suck for online poker.
But other than that the Wire Act won’t stop
or change or undo anything!
You’re not gonna believe me when I tell you
this, but I swear on stack of bibles: I almost
wore the same outfit tonight!
Pasties and everything!
We could have done a “who wore it better”!
That’s true!
I’m actually am wearing the pasties under
this, you just can’t see it.
I still think I woulda won…
Yeah, probably.
As I mentioned before the break the Wire Act
can do nothing to stop online gambling or
sports betting that’s regulated completely
within state borders…
it doesn’t matter what the DOJ’s opinion is
or what they file or fight or want.
And I think the states know this!
For example, six casinos in Iowa just started
accepting sports bets a few days ago.
And within a month, residents there will be
able to place those bets on their mobile devices!
Also, online gambling finally went live in
the state of Pennsylvania last month…
and now the revenue numbers are in!
In just the last two weeks of July, residents
in the state wagered nearly fifty million dollars!
And that, my friends, put over 800 grand in
the pockets of the state!
Finally this week, any of you
remember 10… 15 years ago
when the US government wanted
to ban online gambling under the pretense
that somehow it was funneling money offshore
to our enemies and terrorist groups?
Well then, you’re gonna love this!
Cambodia… that mecca of wealth and technology
has decided to ban online gambling under the
pretense that somehow it’s funneling money
offshore to foreign criminals!
Now this ban has not so surprisingly or coincidentally
spurred new investment in the country from
Cambodia’s closest ally…
And if China is their closest ally, then I
suppose their foreign criminals are…
The fishnet hose…
I just think it goes with the outfit.
It does.
You could have a fishnet top?
But then I’d have to wear a top.
Yeah, you know I think all women
should be tops optional.
I agree!
You and I are gonna get along very well.
Bears! Beets! Battlestar Galactica!

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