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– What is this place? – Sun City West, it’s
a retirement community, it’s one of the best retirement communities in all of America. – Ah. – It’s basically like a boarding school– – Okay. – But with less teachers
and high blood pressure. Do you remember when we
went around Marlborough? – Yes. – I was a little kid–
– Yes. – You were– – And you were desperate, you were that. – You were perspective parents. – Yeah. – Well, today, I guess
I’m a perspective child. – I do not want to stay
in a retirement community. – I didn’t want to go to boarding school. I wanted to stay with
my friends in London. – Yeah. – But when I actually got
there, I really enjoyed it. I just want you to have an open mind, and just entertain the possibility that this could be somewhere
that you would move to. – All right.
– Open mind. Ready?
– Should we move on, yeah? – Just north of Phoenix is Sun City West, one of the largest self-sufficient retirement communities in the world. If I managed to persuade
Michael to buy one of the 18,000 houses here, he’ll
join an army of 25,000 senior citizens to enjoy swimming pools, golf courses, a hospital,
and Arizona’s low taxation. Resident Lynne is giving us the tour. – So what’s the split,
men and women, here? – Probably about 75% women and maybe 40% men, but when a woman dies–
– Yes– – Okay, and the husband is left alone, then all the women who are single, they come out.
– Oh! – Oh, come out to play. – Single, looking to mingle. – They are, I sorta call
it the piranha group. – Sounds like it’d suit you, Jack. Jack goes for the older woman. – No, I do not. – It’s a sort of mother complex. – A mother complex! – I appreciate all different types– – They would love you! – of women. – It’s almost like a mother
that you can have sex with. That’s the way he operates. – Please! – I think the only reason
you brought me here is because you like the look of it for doing your stuff
with the older ladies. – That is not true, it’s not true. But what did you say the
youngest kind of lady is here? – 55. We call here is a nurse with a purse. – A nurse with a purse? – Yes, that’s an older woman
who takes care of a man and pays for everything. – That would save Jack down to the ground. – See? That would be– – I could find a very old one, so that it wouldn’t have to, you know– – Well– – do it for that long. I need a nurse with a purse
that’s not long for the hurst. – Friday night is BINGO night, and it’s the hottest ticket in town, as racy as it gets for this elderly and extremely conservative crowd. – [Woman Over Speaker] Welcome
tonight’s special guest, we’ve got a guest caller,
Mr. Jack Whitehall. Please welcome Jack to the stage! (audience cheers) – Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, what
up, what up Sun City West in the house, can I get a yeah! (crowd cheers “Yeah”) Put your zippers in the air! Thank you very much for having me here. This is a slightly more mature audience than I am used to, I’m not gonna lie, I look out, I see an ocean of gray hair. (audience laughs) 50 shades of gray. But don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no effing
and jeffing from me, I have been told that I
must be on best behavior, so let’s shuffle the balls, good luck. We’re playing for 100 dollars, and my dad has agreed to up that to 1,000 dollars! It’s a 1,000 dollar game! – I have not! – Michael Whitehall–
– Nothing of the sort! – is topping up the prize
pot from 100 measly dollars to a grand, thank you very
much to Michael Whitehall. (audience cheering) Let’s play balls. Okay, Nexflix and chill, 69. Nexflix and chill, 69. Daddy’s bedtime, just gone six. Daddy’s bedtime, it’s just gone six. Legal in France, 15. One-Five. Up the bum, number one. (crowd gasps) The number of miles between my family home and the boarding school that
my father sent me to, 68. 68 miles. Just let that sink in. 68.
– BINGO! – No–
– Yes. – I don’t believe you.
– There, look. It’s four.
– You’ve not got a BINGO. – I have.
– You haven’t. – I have.
– A junicator! Where’s the security? No.
– Yup. Full house, that. – He can’t have a full house. – No, full house.
– He’s cheating. Have this man taken out,
excuse me, security, he’s ruining the game,
gentleman over there, with the flag, can you please? You’re cheating at the
game and you’ll be– – I am not!
– assisted out. Boo, from the ladies and gentlemen, boo! Boo! (crowd boos) Ruin these decent, honest people, trying to cheat them out
of their BINGO winnings, Boo! Boo! Locked in the loo, 62. (crowd laughs) We have a winner! Oh, phew. (crowd claps) Ladies and gentlemen, thank
you so much for allowing me to come here and call
one of your BINGO games, it was an absolute honor. One final announcement,
I will be hosting a small after party once we’re done here with some of the ladies
from the Tap Society, so any of the real shesh monkeys
that want to come join me, we will be raving through
’til the sun comes out. And remember the golden rule, what happens in Sun City West, – [Crowd] stays in Sun City West. – Thank you very much, peace out! Love you guys. One of the most intimidating audiences I’ve ever performed in front of. I’ve played to like
20,000 people at the O2, definitely that was scarier. They definitely didn’t like
“Up the bum, number one.” (laughs) I mean, that was like a tumbleweed moment. – Yeah. – Know your crowd. I think we should get out of here, before it kicks off.


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