IU called the actors of Hotel Del Luna [Happy Together/2019.10.24]

While we were talking about IU, we got a call from IU. Shall we talk to her? Hello. – Hello. / – IU. Hello, have you been well? Yes. Where are you? I am at home. – That makes sense. / – Your voice… Did you wake up just now? Yes, I did. (She is half-asleep.) Donghwan is on the show. We were talking about you. – Donghwan. / – Hello. Isn’t it your first time on a variety show? – It’s his 1st time. / – It’s his 1st time in 50 years. It’s his first time. In 50 years? (Surprised) It’s his first time. I have a feeling this episode will be great. You know, it’s funny. If this is a “Hotel Del Luna” special, why am I here instead of you? Donghwan complimented you a lot. Thank you. He even shed tears. Really? There is a scene in “Hotel Del Luna” where the two of you are in front of a tree. – The two of you part. / – It’s my favorite scene. He shed tears when he watched it. – Really? / – Yes. I also cried when I watched the scene on TV. – I see. / – Yes. Did you know that he agreed to star in the drama without reading the script because of you? Gosh, I am touched. – You didn’t know. / – You didn’t know. No, I didn’t. He agreed to star in the drama without reading the script because of you. Thank you so much. How did you become so close to Donghwan? When I was 21, I starred in the 1st drama of my life, – “You Are the Best!”. / – That’s right. Donghwan made a special appearance in four episodes as my father. During those four episodes, I became so sincere about the relationship. (Teary-eyed) Until the drama ended, I looked at his photo if I needed to cry for a scene. – Donghwan is crying again. / – He is crying right now. – My goodness. / – You are like a separated family. – Really? / – Yes. I continued to contact him afterward. He gave me a lot of advice in terms of acting and invited me to his performances. That’s how the relationship continued. When we talked about his play, we saw your long text. – I see. / – We read the long text you sent him. We enjoyed your words on the meaning of life. (Thank you.) Donghwan isn’t the only one who is here. – Right. / – There’s Kyungeup, Haeseon, Mina, and P.O. Ma’am. Ms. Choi. She sounds stern. Ma’am. We are working hard as if you, Jingoo, Shin Jungeun, and the other cast members are here with us. Please don’t worry. – Thank you. / – We will do a good job. Haeseon, I trust you to share the funniest stories. – Isn’t P.O your age? / – He is my age. I heard that he can’t talk to you casually. (They are awkward around each other.) It would have been easier if he were older than me. I don’t know how to act around people my age. It’s harder. It takes longer for me to grow comfortable. Since you are on the phone, why don’t you have a conversation with him? P.O, try calling her by her name. Cue. What? She must be answering a call. (What?) She must be answering a call. (What is going on?) IU? – Hello? / – I think we are on hold. (It’s the perfect timing.) – IU. / – Hey! She could have just refused. We are on hold, right? – It seems that way. / – Great timing! It’s perfect timing. – P.O. / – When he was about to start… Isn’t this recorded? No, no. I think we are on hold. – Hello? / – Hello? – Hello? / – Yes. P.O was about to talk to you casually. Let’s try again. Why did you do that? What? What… Excuse me? Talk to each other comfortably. What are you doing? Ma’am, I will keep in touch. All right. You know Mina of gugudan, right? – Mina. / – Yes. Before she met you, she was so nervous that she took a calming pill. Really? – Yes. / – You have been her role model. – She respected you as an artist. / – I had no idea. – That’s right. / – Mina. At the read-through, I was so nervous that my manager bought a calming pill for me. Mina debuted through a survival program. She was my favorite back then. (She was IU’s favorite.) – I see. / – Mina, did you know? – I knew. / – I see. I told her about it during a get-together. Why was Mina your favorite? She put in so much effort into the program. – Other contestants did the same, / – That’s right. but her passion stood out the most. I loved that. So I thought to myself, “I hope she succeeds.” What do you do these days now that the drama is over? I am working on my album. – I am excited. / – Seriously. When will it come out? I think it will come out soon. Please visit the show soon. Please visit Happy Together after it’s released. Please invite me. – All right. / – Make sure you come. – Make sure you invite me. / – Okay. Lastly, please say a few words to the viewers who loved “Hotel Del Luna”. It would have been nice if I were on the show myself. Since my beloved cast members of “Hotel Del Luna” visited, I will be sure to watch the episode. I hope the viewers who haven’t let the drama go would watch the “Hotel Del Luna” special. I will watch it when it airs. I hope the preparations for your album goes well. – Okay. / – Thank you. – See you soon. / – Okay. Bye. – Thank you. / – Thank you, IU. Let’s go! Let’s go! My goodness. IU takes good care of the people around her. – She is mature. / – She is incredible. (Let’s meet soon.)


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