It’s MINE, a thieves card game. Overview and review. (ESP SUBT.)

it’s mine a very scarred game is in one-on-one game in which the players have to recruit a versatile Dave’s team in order to control occasions of a famous city and steal jewels money antiques and works of art to be the most prestigious in this stylish white color thief of all time well or not so white color choose a city Paris Rome or London and take its five specific cards marks with the pertinent icon each of these cards has an emblematic location of the chosen city on it shuffle them in the regular locations day which has locations you could find in any city besides its location illustration each card has a gray box with an in-game ability and/or a final scoring benefit place three random locations cards in a row and landscape to the view of the players there must be a mix of specific and regular locations return the remaining locations to the box at one end of the city row plays the guide card take the three specific Leafs cards for the chosen city and shuffle them in the regular leaves deck these cards have a cream color box with one or two abilities take the sixth specific action cards for the chosen City and shuffle them in the regular action stick option cards have a box in the face with one color green yellow blue or red for the regular action card and brown for Rome action cards light blue for Paris action cards and purple for London action cards place these two decks and the mana pool within reach the game runs through six phases alternating drafting diffs and drafting actions phases as you can see in the guide card in the first phase for the IFS cards are dealt to each player the player at the sight of the clock begins drafting one card from his hand and replacing it as his sight by a desired location executes any immediate action then the other player does the same after drafting the card players swap their hands and repeat this procedure until they have two cards in their hands then a last card is drafted and the last card in hand is discarded at the pertinent place marked on the guide card players may assign up to three dips to each location in later diffs phases one less fifth card will be dealed waves work for you in one or two special waves getting money to spend in the actions phase influence to get control over their locations attacking the opponent protecting you from the opponent’s attacks increasing the value of your art collections recovering cards from the discard pile and or providing him with prestige points in every actions face six action cards are deal to each player and they are chosen in the same draft and swap way as the thief’s cards the action cards are assigned to any deep deployed on your side of the city placing them as they are draft covering partially the previous cards to keep the abilities boxes visible execute any immediate action some of these actions have a cost indicated in the left upper corner each deed may have up to three actions assigned to him these actions give you similar builds as the Leafs cards plus pieces of art jewelry and ticks the paintings also a right color combination of them may provide you with a powerful combo to increase your influence and prestige once the six drafting phases are done turn the guide card you will find an item scoring order and a scoring track for each player take two markers per player to keep track of it first declare the most influential leaf of each location according to the masks obtained by the players to do so count all the masks given by the abilities of the played cards plus one mask for every deep card with three action cards played on it the winner of allocation turns the location card towards him and gets the reward it gives in case of its eye no one gets the location secondly add the prestige points given by the thieves of your game then at the points of the action cards add the value of your art collections one piece one point two different pieces three points a complete collection with three different pieces seven points each piece may only count for one collection of the pieces of your site of the city challenge for collections no matter if they are in different locations and lastly add one prestige point to the player with the most money the player with the most prestige wins if you want to squeeze all your gank potential you must know what your guys can do so let’s take a look to the symbols earn prestige points take the shown amount of money masks for the influencer gang fight for locations collection pieces a wild art piece that will fit as any other piece in your collection arrows indicate at which side of the location the fact that triggers the ability must take place not just the divots played on but all the location for example if you control the cappella Sistina you get six prestige points plus one point for every green card the opponent played in this location get the specified profit of every set indicated in the car in this one you get an influencer mask for every action cards trio of any color at your site of the location it it’s played only remember not just on its deep for every red card you play at your side of the location the opponent will have to pay an extra coin to play any action cards on his side fire allows you to burn an opponent’s card of the indicated kind that objective card shouldn’t have a card plate on it turn that target card face down it will count for the three actions limit and so for the extra mask but the owner will not be able to use its ability fire with a prohibition sign protects the indicated type of card at your side of the current location from being burnt the cross allows you to recover a discarded card from the indicated piled at the end of the last proper phase you can play it without cost and breaking the three cards limit a nice last strike and so on there are a lot of actions more to create those combos that will stay your team as the most prestigious white-collar or not so white-collar gang in town be sharp be stilted the meticulous but mostly be elegant and there will be no precious object you cannot and this is how to play its mind if scab game for two players as you have seen it pretty fast back and forth 20 minutes per game when you get used to the game this is a prototype so these are not the coins you are going to find in the final product but I found this at home and they are just like the icon of the cat so this is what I’m going to use when I have my final copy several mechanisms that don’t fit together usually in any other game but they do in this one captain swap majority is set collection several ways to get points the shuttle swap gets pretty curious because when you give your hand you know that one card is not going to be back so you try to make your strategy towards the future if you’re lucky okay and this is a game where you have always your view of the cops your opponent plays and the cops that he could play you know so it’s pretty deep in a strategy it’s pretty tense all of them would love this game Belov pretty much mmm it has a Mediacom there is a good amount of icons and that could be the stone your shoe they are not so complex as in other games like race for the galaxy but you have to get used to them to squeeze the potential of the game you see how it’s not that hard as the mat just go by this game has another strong point and it is its replay value in every match you are going to use all the action crafts and all the thieves cards but only three from this day allocations day so imagine how many combinations are possible with these amount of gods and maybe someday there would be an expansion so even more in the description below there are a few links you can check out if you would like to know more about this game or even support that project if it is catchy to you as it is to us and this is it thanks for watching any constructive opinion will be more than welcome so send us an email to fanatic channel at follow us on twitter facebook Instagram and most of our videos are English subtitles so you can enjoy them on YouTube share comments and remember that with like a subscription we are a little bit happier fanatic Channel


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