Island Hotel & Fan MEET-UP in Singapore

I love this, look at this Have some fatty pork there, some pork sausage, grilled fish Pork galore. There’s tons of pork, and some curry on roti, and then they make you fresh eggs here You know soup This is a fantastic breakfast Beats your typical bacon and eggs any day Well, goodbye to the best hotel room I have ever stayed in. My one regret is I didn’t get to use the bathtub I’m really sad to leave, but uh, we’re going to another really awesome hotel. Let’s go. Let’s go. Are we heading towards Cinderella’s castle? Here we are. Our next hotel, the W. So this hotel is situated on this island,resort island. A segway rental right in front of the hotel. This is great. Yeah, I never tried before You know, uh, hoverboard Hover board, yeah. I see. Wow This is, this is a resort! Oh like hanging hammocky tree thingies This is gorgeous. Check-in I really want to sit on one of these things All right, you know after what I experienced at the St. Regis, I don’t know if I can ever you know, just stand up and check in. But first up is the bar area where I’ll be feasting on something. I don’t know, probably sparkling water. So I told them I didn’t drink, and they got me this. Sprite maybe? Ginger ale. Wooow Whoa whoa, whoa.. Wow I love snacks First impression… Wait, TV’s on. [chuckles] this is really something weird to walk into. but first impressions, check… oh…. Check that out. That…. Oh my goodness… That is beautiful. And that’s a gorgeous pool! I don’t know what that is exactly But I want to be inside that. And look at those hammock thingies. This, this is insane. This is truly insane. And you know what they told me about the pool that, that’s unbelievable to me – it’s open 24 hours a day. I never heard of something like that before and typically I don’t go swimming, but I think I’m going swimming. Okay, wait wait a second. What is this? I’m really not sure what this is. I mean, it looks like it looks like a lion, slash mermaid, slash shrimp. This is like a little jigsaw puzzle, and out comes your TV. This is so nice. Also, I got a little jigsaw puzzle.. hmm, closet here. [gasp] oh, I love that! Little mini bar, and the top shelf item is… Ramen and popcorn! My kind of top shelf item. Hey. Hey bro. How you doing? I would start freaking out right now if this thing unclenches. Now, the bathroom… wow. Beautiful. Beautiful bathtub, just like at the St. Regis’. Look at it, it’s just like, water everywhere I love this whole shower thing – you can shower and then go right next door And you can poop. Wh-what is this? There you go Be free my friends. Hello Mike
Welcome to Singapore – also known as one of Asia’s Food Paradises! I totally agree. Wish you a fabulous stay with us… uh be sure to eat [laugh] yes! Yes, I think I will. Thank you so much Andrea, Xavier, Jackson. Let me show you something. This… check it out. This is just adorable Strictly Dumpling versus the W Singapore. This is Hana Awaka sparkling sake What? [chuckles] I mean, what is this… Whoa! Let me see what happens when I scan this Whoa! No… way… You guys… what? Welcome to Singapore
Thank you. You must be thirsty
I am. Open the Apple
Okay. Ooh, ice. Fill it with ice Inject the syringe into the cup Unscrew the bourbon [chuckle] Place the bottle, swiftly upside down into the cup Top up with sparkling sake I just want to say, you guys at the W Hotel you guys are the sweetest people in the world! This is really above and beyond. You did not need to do this, but thank you! Man, you guys are so sweet. Ice Then put it here Inject the syringes So I guess you put this into the cup for now I’m sorry, I don’t drink so this is really confusing for me, but I’m gonna make this work. Unscrew the… this is the bourbon right?
So like that, I guess. Pouring the sake – this, this looks like it would smell really good. Hmmm. Smells like this sake Kit Kat that I had. I know that’s my only reference That’s kind of sad, but still, that’s kind of what it reminded me of And just top it off with the sake And the last touch, a swirly straw yeah That’s so pretty Although I don’t drink alcohol this will not go to waste I promise you, so thank you guys so much for having me.
The room is fantastic, the view is fantastic I can’t wait to explore a little. I can’t wait for the seafood buffet And this is the tail end of my trip so after this day, I am heading back to New York, but so far I love everything about Singapore especially, especially the people. And I’m not just talking about the people at the hotels But everybody, everybody that I’ve met Except this one place that wouldn’t allow me to film and then screamed at me They were a little mean, but you know what, it happens But I’ve enjoyed this trip so much out of all the places I’ve been to so far Japan and Singapore, top of the list. If I could someday live here, I would. If you can somehow get rid of that humidity. I will move here. I will move here tomorrow. All right, I think now is a good time for a nap and then let’s get our eat on Apparently this hotel has an awesome all-you-can-eat seafood buffet and that’s what I’m going to be feasting on today Of course, I love seafood and I love buffets, so cannot wait and… oh man, I’m kinda distracted – look how pretty Hi, good morning This is very sad; it’s my last full day in Singapore Because for some reason, I thought I still had a couple more days here But I didn’t, um, I’m leaving tomorrow I just, my days are all foggy. So today’s my last chance to go to a bunch of food places And then I’m gonna try to have a meet-up tonight. I… I say try because I just announced it like 30 minutes ago So if you’re watching and you’re in Singapore, I’m sorry I just [sigh] I need a… I need a better calendar system that’s not an iPhone Just finished filming my last food video in Singapore and I organized the last-minute meetup Which I think nobody will come to so I’m gonna go to that. I’m really late actually. This is Vivo City, a ginormous shopping centre And my meetup is, I just said food court. I’ve never been here before So I ran into these two guys. You guys, what’s your names? Jeff and Josh Jeff – you guys are visiting Singapore just for the food? [nods] from Canada
Toronto Toronto?
Toronto, Ontario Just for the food? [nods]
They’re my type of guys. Watching his channel, getting some advice. I’m lost I’ve no idea where the food court is but I did run into like, a few people But they weren’t here for the Meetup. I keep running into people who watch the videos I didn’t know somebody watch in Singapore! And I’m going to the basement. I hope that’s where the food court is. Okay I’m really stupid. It’s not in the basement, it’s Level 3. And I’m late. Not that I don’t expect anyone to be there Heey people shown up?! How you doing? Good, good, good. Hi, hi hi! Woow people actually came?! How you doing? Everybody wave to the camera All right, people actually came to the meetup yay! Whooo! This is ding-ding candy. He breaks these off, and it makes that thing ding ding sound That’s cool. It’s like breaking apart rocks That tastes like a taffy. Like a really chewy taffy. It’s pretty good. Sticking to my teeth it’s a teeth trap.

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