Is there enough in this hidden fates Pokeball box to recover our investment?

Hello Poke- collector Poke- investor and
welcome to your Mini Pokemart I’m very
excited because today we’re going to be
opening one of the hidden fates product
that just hit the market in this case
we’re opening the poke ball collection
and more specifically we’ll be opening
the ultra ball one with Metagross as a
promotional card and what we’re going to
do here today is not just opening the
packs but we will be actually analyzing
it and and calculating the expected
value of those boxes to see if we can
get our money back so stay tuned and
let’s open some packs together
my name is Jav from mini the
only place where you can learn, buy,
collect and invest and if you haven’t
checked out our website go ahead and
check it out as I said
because that’s the best way to actually
help this channel so right now I’m going
to go into a different setup here in
mini PokeMart Studio will be opening
those packs and then we’ll we we will be
calculating the expected value of the
cards that we get and the expected value
not just from those cards but as as a
box as a whole okay we’ll be calculating
the price of the cards from the packs
that we open the price of the promo and
the price of that pokeball that comes in
and then we’ll see if we can make our
money back alright so hidden fates
hidden fates you have seen probably from
my previous videos and if you have not
wait until the end of this video to go
and check them out I go and talk in
detail in hidden fates and there invest
ability and why this set is unique so
today after a lot of people were
requesting it I decided to do an opening
video we’ll be opening this ultra ball
collection box that contains a Metagross
from hidden fates it’s the shiny metagross
version as a promo card and we
also have 10 booster packs that come in
this box along with that amazing amazing
ultra ball where you can store all your
cards we’ll be opening this box we’ll be
analyzing hopefully the price on each
card as we come along and then by the
end of the video we’ll make a decision
whether or not we got our money back now
this this box retails for around $50 53
if you go to we do
have them available as a set where
there’s another collection box that came
out that it’s the great ball which
instead of having the Metagross it has
the Zororak GX and it’s also a very
beautiful box so if you’re interested in
this you can buy both of them at
now we’re going to be
trying to get and reach those 50 53
dollars that this box
it retails for and we’ll see if we get
them alright so come along let’s just
open them and see what we can get mm-hmm
all right so without the plastics we can
see that the box is beautiful you can
see the hidden fates and you can see some
description in the back it includes a
full art and includes a full art
featuring shiny metgross GX, 10 pokemon
hidden fates booster bags and booster
packs and ultra ball big enough to hold
their the stack of pokemon TCG cards and
of course the code that I will be
sharing with all of you so I went ahead
and remove the plastics and the box and
this is the content we have it’s
beautiful beautiful box as I said it has
ten booster packs it has that crazy
crazy promo that will be actually
opening right now hopefully Pokemon
company did a great job here in actually
securing them it seems that they did
let’s open them very carefully here’s
the code card for everyone to enjoy
that was close call this beautiful card
look at that I love shiny pokemon
I don’t know what about you but I love
shiny pokemon I collect them and this
Metagross is out of this world I like it
a lot the code if you haven’t seen it
here it is again in terms of centering
this card is a little off-center and
I’ll show what I’m telling you right now
basically if you look at the borders
here it is way more than on this side so
if you were to grade this card probably
it will be an off-center card maybe a
PSA 9 unfortunately very off of center
it’s easier to see it on the back but
regardless of being off center it is a
beautiful card and if you like shiny
pokemons you will enjoy this one as well
let’s put that out of the way let’s keep
unboxing this beautiful box we have now
our Ultra Ball which is uh it has some
and then it’s it just snaps like this
and it allows you to actually store your
cards pretty beautiful box in case
you want to save your cards in something
special I don’t recommend saving cards
in things like this because they
basically damage your cards so remember
always always sleeve your cards never
leave them out of sleeves it’s very
important okay always always use sleeves
is very important all right
so if I’m looking if I’m looking down
from that camera over there it’s because
I’m looking at the card so sorry about
that okay so now here we have all the
booster packs that we will be opening
right now and yeah
wish me luck and let’s see what we can
get and we’ll be analyzing the expected
value by the end of this video let’s
just start with the packs beautiful
packs we have the Moltres Articuno and
Zapdos pack and a lot of people are
scared about hidden fates in terms of
being repacked and yes there’s people
that actual repack the packages but if
you see this it is normal okay so don’t
freak out if you see these kind of
imperfections for some strange reason
all hidden fates have these kind of
burn marks and it’s probably how the
machine actually just seals them so
don’t be scared about that you should
look for glue or if the pack is actually
not sealed very well if you see that
this is kind of loose then it’s a
concern otherwise you’re golden but I’m
pretty certain this is not resealed at
all because it comes from my distributor
and I’m pretty sure this is in great
great sealed condition alright okay
remember all hidden fates have actually
white codes and I’ll be sharing some of
them with you and the other ones will be
shared through our Instagram so if you
don’t follow us on Instagram make sure
to follow us on Instagram as well
who have misty’s cerulean gym we have
we have Giovanni’s exile we have ekans
we have charmander we have psyduck
magikarp staryu and the first
pack we got it ho-oh GX! ah awesome
stuff look at that beautiful card it’s
an amazing amazing shiny pokemon and the
next one is a Zapdos
so let’s take a look a little bit of the
condition of this card because I think
the condition on hidden fates is pretty
no white marks at all that I can see
look at that shiny shiny pokemon card
it’s beautiful how it shines a little
bit off Center as well but not too bad
very beautiful card we’ll put it here
along with a Metagross and as I said you
should have some sleeves I don’t have
them here with me but I’ll sleeve this
little guys once we’re done with the
video all right so as I said some of the
codes I will share here the other ones
will be shared through our Instagram
page I like to share them through
stories so if you haven’t followed us
follow us there we have Caterpie paras
charmander slopoke, a reverse holo
arbok and another Zapdos all right
it’s a very similar very similar
I love this Zapdos though look at those
those Holograms so in terms of actually
hidden fates as I said in my previous
videos I think it’s a great set to start
collecting I don’t know the growth it’s
going to be a tricky thing to know but
based that it’s a very limited kind of
release alright sorry I got a problem
with my camera so I needed to rerecord
this pack but in the end I what I was
saying is hidden fates is a very very
nice set the fact that we have a lot of
shiny pokémons the fact that it’s a kind
of unlimited release where there’s no
booster boxes makes it a very very high
desirable collectible item and maybe
maybe in the future it will be a great
great investment it’s hard to predict
the future but if we look at historical
data usually sets that actually are this
way like dragon majesty or actually
shining legends they usually tend to
grow more and and the the actual fact
that we have shining pokemon in here it
just makes it a very appealing set all
right so let’s keep going
energy kogas trap rocks pewter city
search slowpoke voltorb a pikachu i love
this pikachu artwork what do you
think about this pikachu if you like it
let me know in the comment section
because i love that
pikachu we have a reverse holo
Kangaskhan which I love this artwork as
well I think he’s and fates have very
very amazing artworks and then our rare
it’s just a golem all right
Charizard bring us some luck can we pull
a Charizard out of this Charizard that
would be sick let’s see what we can get
here we have another pack to open so I
love to do their card trick
it just makes these openings more
exciting we have Jinx Graveller
Farfetch’d slowpoke Pikachu again a
Charmander my favorite starter
Koffing and we got gold here we have a
Wooper shiny card look at this little
guy and I like it a lot it’s very
beautiful the texture everything just
these shiny pokemons are beautiful okay
we’ll put it to the side and then we
have our clefable, Mewtwo mewtwo is
the best Pokemon out there that’s my
favorite pokémon of all time
I collect mewtwo if you let me know
in the comment section what are what is
your favorite Pokemon of all time
what’s the Pokemon that you actually
the most here’s the code card for
everyone and let’s see what we have in
this pack all right so we have a water
energy charmeleon jinx graveler voltorb
Geodude an eevee look at that beautiful
Eevee Clefairy a Caterpie and another
shiny pokemon full art
lycanroc GX this lycanroc card
I love it I love this form of lycanroc
the most rather than the other one
and that this shiny card is no exception
look at that beautiful card centering
again we’re not hitting gold in terms of
centering unfortunately it’s off-center
a little bit on the top and the bottom
left to right since a little bit okay
it’s a little off-center as well but not
that bad as up and bottom but the rest
of the card looks in pretty good shape
very beautiful card look at those
sparkles I love it all right so that’s
that and then we have an electrode which
we don’t care anymore because we got
that amazing amazing shiny pokemon
again it’s Mewtwo right Mewtwo is the
best pokemon out there sorry
so that’s why we got so lucky with that
one anyway all right so let’s just see
if we get something else in here
dark energy pokémon center lady sabrina
suggestion misty’s determination
Clefairy psyduck Eakins just watching
the rainbow oops
Caterpie Paras a reverse holo
lieutenant surges strategy and eevee!
look at this this card it’s one of my
favorite Eevee cards of all time look at
that a hologram look how beautiful the
artwork is and even it is not a shiny
I bet this card is going to be very
valuable in the future just because it is
so beautiful right when you’re
collecting and when you’re investing
sometimes when you’re a speculating the
best bet is to go with
beautiful cards because people will
always want them right people will
always want beautiful card just like art
people always want beautiful art pieces
and that’s my take on it if it’s
beautiful it’s probably going to hold
its value or at least it’s going to grow
or at least hold its value right I don’t
think it’s going to go down in value so
that’s why I think it’s important to
when you’re speculating at least go with
with beautiful cards or speculate with
cards are popular always like Charizard
or popular Pokemon like mewtwo
evolutions are always very good any
starter is also very good and then we
have Jessie and James a holographic card
as well I don’t know about you but I
have a lot of nostalgia with holographic
cards that are this way because they
look like Wizards of the coast cards and
I just love them now that those
holographic cards are not the
super-secret rare ones anymore now we
have all the other full arts and Rainbow
cards hyper rare cards and I love them
too but I’m old school okay so I’m old
school here’s another code for everyone
to enjoy and let’s see if we can get the
Charizard that would be awesome right I want
to get that Charizard
let’s see Charmeleon Brock’s grit farfetch’d
psyduck Clefairy Magikarp
Ekans scyther and another full art card
Giovanni’s exile and it’s kind of
strange looking card actually it has
like a very strange texture I don’t know
if you can see it through the camera it
looks like if it was wet but it is not
that I haven’t seen that before that’s
pretty cool or maybe it’s a it
it’s a printing mistake he looks very
weird actually
I don’t know you can pick it up on the
camera but look at here you can see it
clearly it’s like wet but it is not
wet it is interesting anyway nice card
here love it
again this one seems a little off in the
centers also but not that bad this could
go for PSA 10 probably so pretty good
card I love it look at that so so far
we’ve been very lucky this our last pack
let’s see if we can get some last pack
magic right there
and after that we’ll do the deep
analysis I’ll go over everything that we
got in terms of great pulls and then
we’ll discuss the expected value all
right so we have a metal energy
mistys cerulean magmar Charmeleon again
hey the Paras Ekans Psyduck staryu
Clefairy a reverse holo Geodude and a
mew look at this beautiful mew it’s a
nice card it’s not a shiny or anything
card but I like this artwork it’s a very
beautiful mew what do you think do you
like it
alright so that’s everything that’s all
the packs no Charizard unfortunately but
we got amazing pulls let’s go through
them very quickly we have a mew which is
a fantastic card we have this Giovanni’s
exile which I like we got our Jessie and
James we got our Eevee very beautiful
card then we got this sick lycanroc card we got our Wooper very
beautiful card as well then we have a
reverse energy our ho-oh
which made our appearance very early on
and our promo card whoo all right that
was super exhausting it was ten packs we
got a bunch of good product that came
out of those packs and I really enjoyed
opening them hopefully you enjoy it as
well if you did make sure to hit that
thumbs up because that lets me know that
you like this type of content alright so
now let’s go into the numbers right we
got very very
cards let me take out my notes here
we’ve got that metagross of course
that Metagross promo card that goes out
that goes for at about $19 in today’s
market then we got ho-oh for $14 which
was our first card
it was amazing we got that reverse holo
energy for two dollars then we’ve got a
Wooper for eight then we’ve got the
lycanroc for 10 bucks the eevee that
it’s a card that I like it’s not
expensive it’s around $2 but it’s a card
that I’d expect to grow up in value
because it’s just a beautiful card and
then we have the Giovanni’s exile which
is was around five six dollars and then
the Jessie and James which I like
because it remembers me of Wizards of
the coast era and that’s just one dollar
so if we sum all of that together we
actually managed to recover our
investment just by those cards because
it goes all the way to sixty two dollars
more or less which is great because now
we recover our investment and the rest
is just profit right we can now sell
that pocket ball for around ten bucks
and that gives you ten more dollars and
then we can buy we can just sell the
whole bulk and the codes for another
maybe ten dollars or something like that
so you will get around ninety five
dollars out of this box in terms of
expected value which is great it’s a
great great value for what you paid for
and that’s why it’s very important for
you to pay the minimum suggested retail
price and don’t go and overpay for
product like this when you’re doing an
investment in Pokemon products now let’s
say you want to go on the sealed route
if we do look at the expected value of
these boxes on the sealed route you will
get even more return or similar as well
we get this 10 booster packs each
booster pack and go around for 6.50 in a
good day so that’s let’s say $65 then we
have that pocket ball for 10 that’s $75
and then the $20 for that promo
that’s $95 so it’s almost the same now
the good thing about opening packs or
the bad thing actually is that it’s a
gamble right you can get great pulls or
terrible pulls in our case we got
very lucky and we got good pulls but you
could get
worst pokemon cards and not make that
much money that’s why sealed product is
always a better and safer way of
investing in Pokemon products now let’s
analyze hidden fates as a whole in terms
of long-term investment as I said in my
previous videos and if you haven’t
checked it out go and look for them and
they i bubble or in the description
I’ll leave a link there but don’t go yet
to just finish this video and you can go
on and watch all those videos where I
analyze the market on hidden fates but
as I said it not in the other videos
it’s important to keep this product
sealed if you want to invest in it
because number one it has that unknown
factor sealed product grows over time more
than cards themselves because they have
that unknown file factor especially in
sets like this ones where there’s chase
cards like that shiny shiny Charizard
then people in the future will like to
buy the the packs because they will like
to take that gamble whether or not they
will have that charizard or not in those
packs so that a known factor bumps up
the growth on sealed product product
rather than just the cards themselves
now it’s important to keep it sealed
because I can’t confirm this but it
seems that hidden fates because all the
codes are white that there’s a
possibility that you can weight those
packs so in the future if actual people
manage to weight them keeping the
product seal like this boxes that we
open today it’s going to give better
confidence in the future for people to
buy out from you in case you want to
sell your assets when we talk about
long-term ok when we talk about keeping
this product for long term you can now
today flip it for $95 right so we want
to know hey Jav when can we actually
have this product return those $95 that
I can get today by just flipping it my
expectations is based on how I’m seeing
this growing and the amount of people
that likes this set is that in about
five years you’ll be able to get those
$95 more or less so you will double your
in five to six years but that you might
need to wait longer
now here’s important once a seaed product
in Pokemon once the sealed product stops
growing it starts growing a little bit
exponentially so your return will be
higher as time passes right remember
people that invested in Wizards of the
coast didn’t make the money they have
today just by selling it right away they
waited they stayed with the product for
long they bought it in 2011-2012 when
the market was down and then they waited
until today to actually get the prices
that they’re getting right so they
waited seven eight years to actually
claim those returns so you need to be
very conscious about that and the key to
success in Pokemon investments is
patience and that’s what the message I
wanted to send today don’t overreact to
the market
be very patient save your sealed product and
eventually that sealed product will have a
great return on your investments
especially on sets like this ones where
there’s no booster boxes and every
single pack is just contained in those
special promotional materials the elite
trainer boxes this ball collection the
pin boxes the premium box that is coming
out which I’ll have a video around that
one also which it’s my favorite of all
by the way that right was a box limited
availability limited allocation and
rayquaza shiny rayquaza right so it
has a lot of things to love but today
we’re talking about the ball collection
so my message is be patient
save some seal product and keep
monitoring your investments over time
every two or three years look at how the
market is doing how much they’re selling
for and then make decisions whether or
not you keep it more or not so that’s
hidden fates that’s the expected value
of this boxes in the end as you see it’s
a very good expected value you’ll get a
lot of bang for your buck and you can
either recover your investment right
away or just keep it sealed which will
bring even more value in the future by
just selling it sealed or even opening
in the future and selling them as well
right now this is all speculation this
that’s my disclaimer as always I don’t
know and I cannot predict the future my
assumptions my predictions is that most
likely because of their set availability
and the limited release that this set is
going to grow in value over time just
like Dragon Majesty is doing but just as
always I want to be very clear it’s very
difficult to speculate in the modern
pokemon products because tomorrow a
Pokemon company can come back and say
hey I’m reprinting all of this and I’m
going to allocate thousands of thousands
of more boxes like this one to other
stores flooding the market and if that
happens then a dent towards our investment will
happen and the growth will slow for sure
making it hard and harder to get to
those levels that you can get today by
just flipping it that’s my unbiased kind
of analysis on hidden fates especially
these boxes today hopefully you liked it
hopefully you enjoyed this analysis if
you did make sure to hit that thumbs up
if you really like this series and you
like what I’m doing here in this youtube
channel make sure to hit that subscribe
button and let me know as well in the
comment section what I’m doing good and
what I’m doing wrong because it’s the
only way I can improve this channel for
you in the end this challenge for you to
make sure that you have all the
information that you need and also to
entertain people out there right
hopefully you’re you’re having a blast
watching these videos and having a blast
with me anyway that’s everything I have
for today until next time remember god I
collect them all


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