Is Spaghetti Bolognese Even Italian?! | First Dates Hotel

It will show up as snow I love Italian
let me try again sighs go on guess it’s
the pasta is this backbone yeah actually
one of my favorites I just want to give
you like a couple of suggestion about
the menu
should we UPS backpack full of shit yeah
spag bol why did you think respect
that’s backbone
so guys you know what that can mean well
I got you this so as about vibes and
them so far as per you up thank you
anyway about to your order my little bit
confused you are there like us to forget
people a nice
in this Rajanna we don’t eat spaghetti
bolognese with the spaghetti with ragu
sauce don’t worry we take care of you
for you we do the best volunteer to
change his salutis that solution
okay no it’s really banging love it
the last time we serve a balloon isn’t
here is it just for you thank you very
on Appetit what other to play put on the
t’s so Cuban ours as well to Texas its
proper one day feel lucky I’ll do um
Panem have you been single for about
seven months no what about you if you’re
I was with him for like six years
see so I’ve only had one boyfriend the
ones I’ve had a phone call and it’s like
this girl shows up right I’m having I’m
having his baby basically so I was like
what yeah like how do you fake that
she told me they’d been having this
affair and then she told me she was Jew
in two weeks time to have their baby she
sent me for a scanned picture I was
crazy as an ant it’s scary
he’s very very hard it was really hard
after six years of loving someone being
in a relationship where you think
everything’s okay what do you do you
have no choice but to walk away I do
think God is there something wrong with
me it makes me question myself
it was hard yeah
I do find out really I’m saying I do for
because that’s not me I’ve never even
grow up to be to do anything like that
to anyone I’m half Turkish off English I
live there for nine years
no way compared to a lot of people here
is completely different it’s very family
orientated yes my dad is own
hairdressers my mum was apprentice and
that’s how they met the way that they’ve
built their futures together absolutely
what I want I want to find someone you
know I can build an empire with that’s
what it’s about is it should be exciting
you should be not a challenge excitement
I definitely will be moving abroad
because I want to get into property
development oh yeah and I’ll be speaking
about the bio and I’ll be thinking am I
going to buy but what are you thinking
about then in the buy that that would
have a great take okay what kind of egos
I love a curve
oh my god this is a scene from the Lady
and the Tramp
he’s a very good-looking Tramp but he’s
gonna have to be him yeah you gotta find
a long spaghetti that’s it and if you
make it you’ve got to make your wish
come here friends
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serving of love and romance

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