Introduction of hotel WiFi solution (Computex 2013)

Welcome to Handlink. We are world’s leading wireless hotspot solution provider. We founded in 1998 and we have 60 employees including 50% Research and Design Engineers. We earn the following awards for Taiwan Excellence. 2013 ISS-7000 / ISS-7000v2 Internet Subscriber Server. 2012 GW-1 Guest-WiFi. 2011 WAP-001 Wall-Access Point. 2010 Kiosk self-service WiFi provider. Today we will introduce our hotspot solution to you. First, this is a hotel Wi-Fi solution. This solution provides the ISS-7000, AG-300W, PoE-2404, WAP-001 and ACS to you. ISS-7000 is an Internet Subscriber Server. It can provide Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and 10 billing profiles to you. ISS-7000 can support from 300 up to 1000 concurrent devices. It can integrate hotel Property Management System just like Micros-Fidelio and support VLAN function. It also support layer 2 isolation, VPN pass-through, iPnP and online payment. AG-300E is a account generator thermal printer. It can instant print out the hotspot account to end user. It also support various summarized report just like daily report, month report. It can print out QR-code that end user just scan the QR-code by their handheld device to do login. PoE-2404 is a PoE layer 2 management giga switch. It provides 24 RJ-45 giga ports and 2 SFP fiber giga ports. It is a full function management switch and fully integrated with ACS. It supports IEEE802.3AT and can provide up to 30W power to each device. WAP-001 is an in-wall access point. It is a mini wall-mounted PoE access point and support MIMO up to 150Mbps. It supports 4 ESSID and VLAN function. It can adjust wireless transmit power to avoid the channel conflict. It is suitable to install in each room to provide better WiFi coverage. It can be managed by ACS. ACS is access controller system that can manage our access point. It can centralized manage access point with friendly user interface. It can increase 90% deployment efficiency. It can decrease 90% connection problems. It can deploy settings massively with a batch through ACS. With PoE-2404 it can support auto restoration and auto recovery. Hotel Wi-Fi solution supports marketing cooperation includes walled garden, portal page, customizable log-in pages, customizable information window, and customizable ticket. This solution for hotel owner can have a completed, easy-manageable Wi-Fi environment. This solution for guest can have a satisfied, stable wireless using experience.

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