Indonesia Vlog #1 | Mt. Bromo, Resort Room Tour, & Local Foods 馃構

Joan: Made it to Jakarta!
And I was not ready for the heat.
I thought this would be enough, but no.
I definitely wished I packed some summery clothes in my carry-on.
But that’s okay.
I am waiting on my flight to Surabaya now.
And so, I’m just gonna look around the airport.
I’m gonna buy so many of these coffees.
I just love them, so later,
This is what my suitcase is going to be filled with.
I love coffee from here.
So thank you Sunny for introducing.
But look at all the options!
This airport is so pretty.
Alright, I have to walk all the way over to 24.
Good morning from Surabaya!
I apologize of the noise.
It actually woke me up this morning.
I think they’re gardening and building something.
But yes! We made it to Surabaya.
Last night, we arrived around midnight to the resort.
Because when we arrived in Surabaya, the airport,
We have to drive like, four more hours to get here.
So, I didn’t really vlog the process,
Because I was super exhausted.
And then, now I am up.
And I thought I would give you guys a tour of my room,
Because it is just so, so nice.
So this is what you see when you first enter.
I put my suitcase over here and my shoes.
And then this little area,
I am just using it as a charging station.
Because this is so heavy,
I have like, this little DIY water bottle and Pringles to help me charge my laptop.
And then, my camera.
My carry-on.
I think I’m gonna do a video on what’s in my carry-on.
And more chargers.
My new bag that I got from duty-free.
My tri-pod, because I do wanna flim here,
Because look at how beautiful this space is.
And some bags I brought,
So a backpack and my LPA crossbody.
I do wanna film a video sitting here with this background.
And then we have like, a little dining table.
And some snacks.
I actually brought all of these snacks,
Because I like to snack.
Healthier snacks, this was featured in my February favorites.
And then, next to a bunch of unhealthy snacks.
But here we have my suitcase!
By the table, we have this really nice view.
It’s just so green and the skies are actually,
It was blue earlier today but,
I think it’s supposed to rain later.
But yeah, it’s so nice and green.
And then, moving over to my room.
We have two chairs.
A really big bed.
It’s just too big for me but,
It’s very comfortable.
And then, my vanity.
So these are just some products that I brought along with me.
Mosquito spray, hair products,
Pimple patches – these are a must.
My contour, cushion, concealer, cream.
Some more skincare and,
Makeup that you guys have definitely seen on my main channel.
And then next to my bed, I also brought some eye masks,
Because these help me sleep.
And then, leg patches.
Because my legs might get sore from a lot of the hiking, I think.
Or we’re gonna do a lot of physical activities,
So, that’s why I brought this.
And then the bathroom.
Here we have –
I should not turn on the fan.
Okay so,
This is the shower room.
It’s really nice and big.
And then…
We have the sink.
But yeah! That’s it for my room tour.
Let’s walk out a little bit.
It’s so loud, I’m so sorry.
I didn’t explain why I’m here.
I’m here for a business trip.
But I cannot share the info yet.
But you guys will find out.
I will make sure to update you all.
But yeah, that’s why I’m in Surabaya.
And then, we’re gonna end with a meet up.
Because I didn’t wanna just come to –
It’s actually not that hot here.
When I got out of the airport,
It was just like a sauna.
And it was very, very humid.
But here, it’s a lot colder.
That’s why I’m wearing a sweater and like, jeans.
Anyways, I will try my best to vlog here and there.
And yeah, I have a meeting very, very soon.
And then, I think we’re gonna eat lunch.
[mumbles] I think I’ll wear…
This jacket.
Yep! Much better.
For shoes, I think I’m gonna go ahead and wear my converse.
Alright, lemme show you guys what it looks like outside.
Woah, it is so beautiful…
When it’s bright.
Oh my goodness.
Look at the sky!
We just ended our meeting.
That was a long meeting, but now,
I’m gonna eat lunch at this restaurant right here.
What shall we eat..
There’s so many options!
While I wait for my food,
I’m just getting some videos ready because,
I have three more uploads going up.
I did upload my –
Joan: Hi Jenny! [chuckles]
Jenny: Hey!
Joan: She’s here with me, but yes.
I did upload my February Favorites,
So if you haven’t watched, click up there.
And I finally edited all the description,
Because, Wifi wasn’t working last night.
So I had to do it this morning,
So, sorry about the lag.
But we did it.
Alright, fried rice is here.
And the noodles!
I’m excited about this actually.
(Waiter): This is a chicken.
Joan: Mhmm.
(Waiter): And this is lamb.
Joan: Mhmm.
(Waiter): This fish and this is beef.
Joan: Okay. Thank you!
(Waiter): You’re welcome.
Joan: Alright, it’s been a long day.
It’s currently, I think it’s 7 o’clock – ish.
And we’re gonna eat dinner now.
And instead of going to a cafe or a restaurant,
We’re gonna call room service,
Because it is raining outside.
Joan: Shall we get the noodles again?
Joan: This is my favorite.
Jenny: Yeah.
Joan: Please order for us.
Jenny: Okay!
Joan: [chuckles] And then, I’m also gonna make ramyeon.
Because Jenny really wants ramyeon.
So the drinks are here first.
Joan: Thank you!
(Waiter): You’re welcome.
Joan: How do you say thank you?
(Waiter): Terima kasih
Joan: Teri –
(Waiter): Terima kasih.
Joan: Terima kasih?
(Waiter): Yeah. Terima kasih
Joan: Terima kasih~
I’m gonna make my ramyeon as well.
So excited for this.
So the duck,
And we ordered this again, because I just absolutely loved it.
Selamat pagi everyone!
You wouldn’t believe where I’m starting my vlog.
But I’m currently on a pony!
And we are going up to Mount Bromo.
Today is a day full of filming.
And I cannot share you guys the details of it.
But I said, again, that I will share –
Sorry, I had to catch my breath there.
But yeah! I am really excited about the shoot because it’s so beautiful.
I have been up since 4 o’ clock in the morning,
And it is currently 8 o’ clock.
So I have been filming for some time now.
But we are going to film a few more clips, and then,
Yeah, we’re gonna do indoor shooting after that.
But yeah, it’s been really, really fun.
Look at how beautiful it is outside today.
This is all I can show you guys for now.
No teaser.
Alright guys, that’s a wrap for the outdoor shooting.
It’s currently 10:30,
So I’ve been out for like, six hours.
But yes! We are now going to take this Jeep,
And then, head over to get something to eat, I believe.
Having some local food now!
Now we are gonna shoot in this location.
So nice…
It’s so peaceful!
Joan: Cheeki(?), say hi to my vlog!
Cheeki(?): Hi!
J: Cheeki(?) has done my hair, fixed my makeup throughout the photoshoot,
J: Look at how – look at his outfit.
C: Hi i’m Cheeki from Indonesia. Nice to meet you
C: [laughs]
J: So cute. [laughs]
Joan: I already got burnt here,
But, gonna do my makeup again – Cheeki(?), thank you.
Joan: Time to redo my hair.
There’s Cheeki(?). You guys all met him before.
But I also wanna introduce you guys to Ryan.
Ryan: Hi guys~
Joan: He did my makeup! [chuckles]
Joan: They’re gonna transform me,
For the next shoot.
It’s been a very busy day…
But so far, they sprayed this on my hair.
Joan: This is an Indonesian brand, you said?
Ryan: Yes, yes.
J: It smells so good. Lemme focus that for you guys.
R: This is a travel size,
J: Yeah!
R: They have a big one
J: I think –
J: I’m gonna try to pick this up while I’m here.
Joan: Alright so, he’s removing my makeup using this.
Ryan: Micellar water from Maybelline.
Joan: Mhmm. Maybelline.
J: Guys, he has his own Maybelline cushion.
R: [chuckles]
J: Can we show them later? [chuckles]
J: Oh, you have it.
J: I’m gonna show you guys. Look. This.
J: Hello.
J: He’s on the cushion!
R: [laughs]
J: Oh? Thank you!
R: It’s the menu!
J: Menu for lunch.
J: Ooh, what do I want?
J: I had so much mi goreng (fried noodles) today.
R: Oh yeah? [chuckles]
J: It’s my favorite.
J: So this,
I’m gonna buy this.
Joan: This is the translucent powder, right?
Ryan: Yeah.
J: He used it on me all throughout today,
And it was so good, so I’m gonna pick that up while I’m in America.
But yes, this is something I’ll have to pick up,
Because there’s UV protection for your hair as well.
Ryan: You said this is Natural (shade)?
Joan: Oh, yeah.
Ryan: What about, (shade) Fair also?
J: So he’s using the Gigi Hadid Cushion,
J: And the coverage is amazing.
J: Wow.
J: Blend, blend, blend.
R: [chuckles]
J: This is amazing.
J: Maybelline cushion?
R: Maybelline cushion is a amazing.
J: Yeah!
Joan: Ryan is actually using a lot of Maybelline products.
Ryan: Yes.
J: And it’s looking really good on my skin!
R: It’s nice, right?
J: Yeah! It’s like, very flawless and,
J: The palette is so pretty.
J: Not sponsored by the way.
R: Yeah, not sponsored.
J: [laughs] Not sponsored.
J: Also I got burned.
We’re using this on my burnt spot.
Joan: Ryan’s a pro. He’s actually the best makeup artist in Jakarta.
Ryan: Wow, thank you so much. [laughs]
Joan: [laughs]
J: So I’m honored.
J: He’s touched like, GongYoo’s face,
R: Yes.
J: And he’s met G-dragon.
J: That’s when you know, that’s when you know. [laughs]
That’s a wrap.
I am now in a Jeep to go back to the resort.
It’s been a long day.
We were shooting for twelve to thirteen hours.
And now, I’m just gonna go home and rest.
And tomorrow will be a new day.
A new day of shooting.
So, I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog.
Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here.
And I’ll see you all in the next one.
Have a joanday! Bye ♥


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