I won a poker tournament in Las Vegas!

with 14 players remaining in 11 pay for
seven handed middle position opens to 13
thousand and three thousand five
thousand five thousand he has 200
thousand I’m in the small blind with 155
thousand then he screen offsuit thought
about just ripping it for 30 blinds but
it’s a little bit too much for live we
can three bet decide if he’s if he jams
he’ll be pretty ugly but try to pick up
some towels otherwise leave ourselves a
lot more options with free betting the
screen off here so we make it 40,000 big
blind has about a hundred thousand he
goes in the tank
he eventually settles on a fold original
RAZR who had a timing tell earlier where
he tanked if he ever had a real tough
decision shoves all in in about 10 15
I go in the tank and
after stack is about 150,000 I call and
wind will have about 300,000 and will be
coasting to abuse this money bubble or I
can fold and still have 22 blinds plenty
to work with
we eventually put in the fold 3 bed
folding a screen off 7 handed I asked
him to show the bluff he says no bluff I
say I’ll give you a dollar if you show
he says $2 real negotiator I give them
$2 any shows pocket kings
might have sucked out but I’d be
results-oriented if we were beat we made
the fold and we can live to see another
hand I fold the majority of the hands we
get down to hand for hand the guy
shorter than me busts and we have 70,000
in the money that’s right over $800
locked up combined in a final table of
ten we’re at the final table last hand
of three thousand six thousand six
thousand under the gun plus two opens to
fifteen thousand I have sixty four
thousand in middle position with Ace
King off suit so we’re all in small
blind goes all-in for seventy-five
thousand Oh original razor folds there’s
some dead money out there small blind
shows to red Jack’s flop comes ace nine
seven the turn is a five and the river
is an ace be more than double up and we
immediately go on break now sitting on
one hundred and fifty five thousand nine
handed we have momentum let’s take her
we’re nine handed on the final table
blinds are four thousand eight thousand
eight thousand I’m under the gun with
the pocket eights I think it’s a little
bit too strong to be folding them about
middle of the pack stacked with 200k so
we open to 20,000 folds to the cutoff
who’s a pretty sticky good reg he has
about two hundred and twenty thousand
and he puts in the three batt to 58
thousand he were doing this with a lot
of a sack suited maybe even small pairs
so sometimes just got a man up shove it
in his eye and show him who’s boss who’s
gonna be in control of this final table
we didn’t come here to fold eights yeah
we did
I fold pocket eights and move on to the
next hand what do you think I was just
gonna punt it off no one improved all
about big lay downs reading the
situation pay jumps I see em what are
those things let’s find a better spot
but blinds at four and eight thousand
eight thousand big by Nancy for nine
handed mill position limps cutoff limps
both of these players have preflop
sizing tells limp is this never a trap
means they just got a marginal hand they
want to see a flop with I’m on the
cutoff with East four of clubs in a
hundred and sixty thousand the blinds
have one hundred and twenty thousand and
one hundred thousand lot of money out
there over thirty thousand so I decide
to go for it all in small blind folds
big blind a viewer from Holland or the
other ones no no Denmark that’s it
Denmark he’s Dutch calls off in a big
wine the lepers fold as expected
he shows Ace King off suit the plow
comes queen
turn is 1/8
and the river is a seven we eliminate a
player and we now have three hundred
thousand ships sorry for the bad beat
yes / thanks for watching make sure you
comment below if you see this
currently five handed about 420,000 in
chips going to 10,000 15,000 with a
15,000 ante it’s about 9:30 p.m. great
structure really enjoy the Aria
tournament area tables are nice areas
nice Steelers are good can’t complain
let’s take us down
this field is a lot tougher than I
expected everybody’s very aggressive
I’d rather everybody play ABC and fold a
lot so I can steal the blinds put a lass
who made it to three handed I’m short
stack with four hundred and twenty
thousand blinds are 10,000 20,000 20,000
button opens to 45,000 we’re in the big
blind with Queen ten of diamonds button
is very active definitely good flat here
and see a flop what I’d like to take
away the positional disadvantage in
shove all in defending our big blind
he puts in the call he has his covered
he has about eight hundred thousand and
he shows pocket sevens the flop comes
ace Queen five turn is a six
the river is an 8 we double up we’re now
neck-and-neck with chip lead and the
third guy has about 300k
with blinds at 10,000 20,000 20,000
we’re on the button with 750,000 and
East King offsuit lotta action
three-handed this is about 30 40 minutes
after the Queen’s hand suited hands
raise it up to 50,000 the same guy in
the small blind jams 450,000 we snap
call he shows East 9 of clubs let’s hold
claw comes Queen 6 7 turn is a poor the
river is a deuce and we are now heads up
1.4 million chips versus 700,000 chips
let’s take this home
there is some talk of a deal a chip chop
if you will I tell them no I came here
to play and win this prestigious event
he’s on the button he makes it 45
thousand I look down pocket queens in
the big blind I raised it up to 135,000
he puts in the for bet three hundred and
seventy thousand and he has four hundred
and ten thousand behind the sea of aces
or kings can we get away from Queens
here of course we can’t get away from
Queens we’re all in he snap calls and
shows Ace King off suit let’s hold
and I do believe gotcha Covered
Allen again
try and
just over $11,000 reversed and a
prestigious Aria turning the champion
hat who needs a trophy
shut up to the Aria son of an ECR sign
up under raise your edge I’m back in
fine form for the summer in the zone
it’s going to be huge
stay tuned hit the subscribe button and
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